September 18, 2013

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,


The minutes from the September 12 meeting are below, with links to the presentations. See the other sections, too.  Our next meeting will be October 24.


                                             Boston Green Tourism Meeting       


September 12, 2013



: Seaport Boston Hotel

Edwin Medrano, Marc Cohn and Lauri Howe



Present: Michael Duffy, Edwin Medrano, Marc Cohn, Mitchell Dolgin, Geraldine Galvis Marcella MacKenzie, Tedd Saunders, Scot Hopps, Fabienne Eliacin, Mui Huang, Ray Burger, Steve Burrington, Sonia DeMarta, Alex Alexandrovich, Rob Guillemin, Karen Weber, Manuel Rivera, Heather Billings, Jack Fellman, Dick Fay, Holly Fowler, John Harris, Jeff Patterson, Tom Wallace, Dan Ruben. I missed one or two people.  



Sustainability Insights & Opportunities for Innovation

Holly Fowler, Independent Consultant; Formerly Senior Director of Sustainability & CSR for Sodexo North America


Ms. Fowler discussed her experience with advancing the green program for 6500 Sodexo sites. Her insights into food waste (slide 8) are timely for Massachusetts hotels.


Pillow Renovation and Sustainability

John Harris, President, Harris Pillow


Mr. Harris told us how pillow renovation is much cheaper than buying new pillows, and eliminates the need to throw pillows away. He restored a pillow in four minutes as we watched. New pillow renovation machines cost $4,450. Most hotels save that amount of money in less than a year by using them. Some hotel groups buy one machine for several hotels, or have their pillows restored by an outside service.


I recommend Mr. Harris's presentation and the associated video


A Brief Introduction to Window Film

Jeff Patterson, Dealer Development Representative at Solutia Inc., a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company  

Tom Wallace, Owner, Showroom Glass Coating.


Mr. Patterson discussed a new window product that is appealing for hotels, because it both insulates windows and keeps out ultraviolet rays. Thus, it cuts energy bills in both winter and summer. It also reduces fading caused by sunlight. Several hotels and many other buildings have already installed it. The average ROI is 2.75 years.  


The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ranked Boston as the most energy efficient of the 34 most populous U.S. cities. It scored particularly well for its building and utility-based energy efficiency programs.  

ACEEE ranked Massachusetts at the best state for energy efficiency in 2011 and 2012.   

Clearly, the hotel sector has responded well to the city and state programs by sharply reducing its energy use. 

A Boston Globe story on Boston and Massachusetts' achievements in renewable energy and energy efficiency is here.    

Seaport Hotel Serves Beer Made from its Own Honey: Seaport   

Honey Ginger IPA  

The Seaport is collaborating with Long Trail Brewing Company on this beer that is served at Seaport's TAMO bar. The prized ingredient is 300 pounds of honey harvested last month from the Seaport's 11 rooftop beehives.


Several years ago, the Seaport's Matt Moore wondered whether the hotel's first hive of 90,000 bees would survive in their windy, urban location. Now we know that bees thrive in this habitat. They also prosper because of the care provided by the Seaport's Executive Steward and beekeeper, Edwin Medrano, The Seaport's bee population has surged to over a million! 


Nominations Sought for MassRecycle's 18th Annual Recycling Awards  

MassRecycle recognizes excellent recycling and waste reduction programs by businesses, as well as individuals, public servants, municipalities and organizations. InterContinental Boston was honored by MassRecycle several years ago. (The hotel's waste management program is described here.)


Hotels can nominate themselves or be nominated. The application form must be submitted by September 26. If you want my support with the application, please contact me. 


The awards ceremony will be held at the Hanover Theater in Worcester, on November 5, from 6:00 to 9:00pm. 

Do You Need Help Calculating Your Property's Portfolio Manager Score?

Some hotels are calculating their Energy Star Portfolio Manager scores for the first time so they can comply with Boston's Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO). Many hotels make one or two mistakes on their first try, and get incorrect results.


If you need help calculating your Energy Star score, whether or not you are new to it, please contact me. I know two experts who provide free troubleshooting assistance to building managers.


The Boston ordinance requires that all commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet report their 2013 calculation by March 15, 2014. The 2013 scores will not appear on-line. However, the 2014 scores will be posted in 2015.


Glenn Hasek, Green Lodging News, September 5.


This article is a good update on the status of these regulations, and provides resources for hoteliers seeking assistance.

Xavier Font, greenhotelier, July 3. 


"Accommodation owners make great efforts to be more sustainable, but often fail to communicate it to their customers in a way that clearly shows how their experience will be superior. This is a great missed opportunity..." 


This article discusses the who, what, why and how to tell your property's message. 


October 24:

December 5: Renaissance Boston Waterfront   


I hope to see you on October 24! I will announce the location soon.