December 26, 2012

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,


The Greater Boston Energy Efficient Hotels Conference included a dozen fine presentations from hoteliers, engineering firm leaders and other experts about best practices and emerging technology. Conference participants came away with great ideas for cutting energy bills at their facilities. The PowerPoint versions of the presentations are available below. I encourage you to review them!    


In January, I will announce our 2013 meeting schedule. In the meantime, good luck with finishing your 2012 projects. Happy New Year!




The Greater Boston Energy Efficient Hotels Conference


December 6, 2012


Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20

Jeff Hanulec, Director of Engineering, Sheraton Boston


Hyatt Regency Boston's Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%

Brian Gorski, Director of Engineering, Hyatt Regency Boston


The Hidden Energy: Electric Motor Savings in Hotels

Michael Rosenkranz, Energy Solutions Specialist, GEXPRO


Improved Chilled Water Plant Performance with a New Energy Valve

Dick Hubbell, District Sales Manager, Belimo


The Low-Voltage Transformer Opportunity: Reduce Losses by 70-80%

Chris Wheeler, Director of Sales and Business Development, PowerSmiths International


Advances in Energy Efficient Lighting for Hotels

Carlos Alonso Niemeyer, Program Manager - Energy Efficiency Services, NSTAR

Edward Bartholomew, Commercial Lighting Program Manager, National Grid


High Impact Hotel Energy Projects

Jesse Stallions, Senior Energy Engineer, Sebesta Blomberg


Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Hotels

Michael Pace, Senior Energy Engineer, Horizon Energy Services

Fred McKiernan, Senior Energy Engineer, Horizon Energy Services


Water Issues and Innovative Water Efficiency Opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants

Dan Cook, President, Conservation Solutions Corporation


Benefits and Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

Richard Kazariian, Manager, Energy Efficiency Sales & Business Development for Northeast Utilities  


Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Hotels

Sneha Sachar, Program Strategy Lead, National Grid  


The Bottom Line of Green Is Black 

Tedd Saunders, President, EcoLogical Solutions & Chief Sustainability Officer, The Saunders Hotel Group


MassDEP to Issue Rules Banning Food Waste from Landfills and Incinerators  

As anticipated, the MA Department of Environmental Protection announced that it will require businesses to divert food waste from landfills and incinerators. Instead, businesses can send their food waste to compost facilities or use onsite decomposition machines. The regulations will apply to businesses that generate at least a ton of food in any give week.


The DEP will issue draft regulations and guidance for comment in early 2013 and write the final regulations in summer 2013, with a summer 2014 effective date.


Green Key Launches a Meetings Certification    

Green Key Global, which offers a popular hotel certification program, unveiled its new hotel green meetings certification program. The program will help meeting planners assess hotels' ability to produce environmentally-friendly meetings.                      


The Green Key website doesn't provide information about the cost of getting certified, or how hotels will be reviewed. However, it does include a terrific Green Key Meetings Self-Assessment Overview. Whether or not your hotel aspires to achieve the Green Key meetings certification, you would benefit by reviewing this document for ideas that you can incorporate. 


National Sustainable Lodging Network                                                           

It's been a little more than a year since the National Sustainable Lodging Network  

was launched.There are now over 470 network members representing lodging  

facilities, government agencies, academia, consultants and vendors. 


Within the network, there are groups of stakeholders that interact with each other, including one for lodging professionals. There are also groups for more specific topics relevant to hoteliers, such as Curbing Food Waste. I encourage you to join the network and these Groups, so you can share ideas and learn from one another. 


How do Single Stream Recyclables get Sorted at Material Recovery Facilities?  

This 3-minute video shows how it's done.

Toxic Chemicals in Furniture Linked to Cancer and Other Health Risks
Sustainable Furnishings Council, November 28.
A recent study found that, "85% of couches contained toxic or untested flame-retardants, some of which are linked to cancer."

Greener Bathroom Tissue Options Plentiful Thanks to Supplier Innovations
Glenn Hasek, Green Lodging News, August 21.
I willl announce the 2013 schedule soon.