July 31, 2012

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,   


Our next Boston Green Tourism meeting will be Thursday at Hotel Marlowe in Alexis A, floor 2, from 2:30 to 4:00.       


Thank you Michal Penek for hosting us!    



Boston Green Tourism Meeting Agenda


August 2, 2012


Location: Hotel Marlowe: www.hotelmarlowe.com/mapDirections.html.


Host: Michal Penek.


2:30 to 2:40     Introductions


2:40 to 2:45     Update  

                        Dan Ruben  


2:45 to 3:20     Natural Gas Savings for the Hospitality Industry 

                         Scott Parisi, President, EcoGreenHotel


3:20 to 3:40     How Hotels can Recycle Mattresses and other Hard Goods

                         Greg Conigliaro, Owner, Conigliaro Industries, Inc.


3:40 to 3:55     Introduction to Boston Green Ribbon Commission's Commercial  Real

                         Estate and Hospitality Working Group 

                         Andrew Belden, State and City Programs Director, Meister Consultants Group  

Brasserie Jo Pioneers Green Dining in Boston Hotels       

by Charlotte Maher, Green Restaurant Association.


Brasserie Jo has challenged the typically enormous environmental footprint of restaurants. This uniquely French hot spot within the Colonnade Hotel recognizes that restaurants can make green changes to prevent excess use of water, energy and landfill space. With the help of the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), Brasserie Jo has drastically reduced its environmental impact, and has become the first Boston hotel to become a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®.


Brasserie Jo has exceeded the GRA's rigorous environmental standards to become a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® by earning over 183 GreenPoints in the categories of energy, water, waste, disposables, chemicals, food, and building materials. Over half of these GreenPoints™ were earned by taking steps to minimize waste and conserve energy across the restaurant's operations.


While the average restaurant sends the weight of 10 elephants to landfills each year, Brasserie Jo has implemented a full-scale recycling and composting program to become a Near-Zero Waste Restaurant™. Brasserie Jo diverts nearly all of its waste from landfills by recycling as much as possible (from plastics, glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard, to grease, lamps and batteries). In addition, organic materials are composted, including both scraps from the kitchen and leftovers from meals. By taking 10 environmental steps to eliminate waste, Brasserie Jo has earned 54 GreenPoints™ towards their Certification.


Brasserie Jo has also made energy conservation a priority, and has earned over 69 GreenPoints™ in the process. Realizing that certain kitchen appliances alone can use more resources than an entire household, Brasserie Jo opted to upgrade their ice machines and fryers to more efficient models that save the restaurant thousands of kilowatt-hours and gallons of water each year. Further, the restaurant houses an electric car in its garage, and saves tremendously with this technology.


Brasserie Jo, a long-term staple in Boston's restaurant scene, is now reaching a continuously expanding audience of consumers that truly care about dining green; after all, research shows that 79% of diners are more likely to visit a Certified Green Restaurant® over one that's not. By taking the steps to green their practices, Brasserie Jo has proven that restaurants can become more sustainable without sacrificing quality.


Brasserie Jo's Top Environmental Steps




Recycling: Full-Scale Program


Composting: Pre-Consumer Waste


Composting: Post-Consumer Waste


High-Efficiency Fryer


High-Efficiency Ice Machines


Renewable Energy Credits


GreenPoints™ Earned


Hubway Expands to Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline and More of Boston

Eric Moskowitz, The Boston Globe, July 29.


The very successful Hubway bicycle rental program is installing new stations in these communities starting this week. Fifty-one stations will be added to the 61 already in place. Now, hotel guests and staff will have even more options for traveling by bicycle.  


Does your hotel guide its guests and staff to use Hubway?  


Green IT, Green Hotelier, February 27, 2011.

Computers are a significant source of energy and waste in hotels, and environmental toxins. This article illustrates how hotels can benefit by using smarter data center management, purchasing, computer management and disposal practices. The authors used examples from Marriott, Fairmont and IHG.                             


Five Steps to Choosing Healthier, Greener Furniture, GreenSpec, June 20.  

This article helps purchasers evaluate furniture for health, safety and environmental  




EPA Webinar: Greening the Food Services Sector

"The Greening the Food Services Sector webinar will demonstrate how [restaurants] can improve efficiency, reduce pollution and save money by implementing sustainable and best practices. The case studies presented...will focus on restaurants that have 'gone green' and the benefits they received from making these changes."  


Ask Your Peers  

Do you have questions that you want to ask your peers, anonymously or not? If so, contact me. I can post the questions in this newsletter, research them or put you in touch with your peers who can answer your questions.


Also, if you want me to address particular topics in this newsletter, or in our meetings, please contact me.    


August 2: Hotel Marlowe 

September 20: Boston Marriott Copley Place  

November 1: Hostelling International Boston

December 6 

See you Thursday at Hotel Marlowe!