July 25, 2012

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,   


Our next Boston Green Tourism meeting will be Thursday August 2 at Hotel Marlowe in Alexis A, floor 2, from 2:30 to 4:00.   


The hotel has an attractive and interesting green page   


Thank you Michal Penek for hosting us!    




Scott Parisi, President, EcoGreenHotel will speak about several technologies that  

reduce natural gas use in hotels. He will review hot water demand circulation technologies that reduce the energy needed to pump water in the hotel. The return-on-investment for these products is very attractive.  


Scott will also discuss Boiler and Furnace Energy Economizers, liquid pool covers, solar thermal and on demand hot water. Lastly, Scott will review Massachusetts incentives for natural gas products.


Greg Conigliaro, Owner, Conigliaro Industries, Inc., will describe how his

company's subsidiary,  Nationwide Mattress Recycling recycles mattresses and box springs from Boston area hotels and other businesses.  


He will also discuss how hotels recycle furniture, carpet, ceiling tiles, and C & D waste.         


Andrew Belden, State and City Programs Director, Meister Consultants Group, will discuss the Boston Green Ribbon Commission and its efforts to assist the City of Boston with the roll-out of an energy benchmarking and disclosure program for hotels and other commercial buildings. The City will probably require hotels to use EPA Energy Star's Portfolio Manager to attain their scores. Hoteliers will have an opportunity for input into this program.     


The Green Ribbon Commission is comprised of the City's largest property owners who are working with the Menino administration to assist with the implementation of the Boston Climate Action Plan. 


Greenovate Boston!

Mayor Menino recently announced that "Greenovate Boston"  will be the City's  

new sustainability brand.


Greenovate Boston "is a collective movement to ensure a greener, healthier, and more prosperous future for the city by meeting Mayor Menino's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020."  Individuals and organizations are encouraged to sign up (page 3 of the link above) to get news and participate in the coalition of interested parties that will help achieve Boston's goals. 


The public launch of Greenovate Boston will be in spring 2013.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard 

ISO 50001, published in June 2011, is a 12-page "voluntary International Standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide organizations an internationally recognized framework to manage and improve their energy performance."


Hotels can apply for ISO 50001 certification, but I don't think that it's well-recognized by consumers. However, I do think that hotels benefit from using ISO 50001 to incorporate its procedures, statements and record-keeping practices. It helps hotels achieve optimal daily energy management systems, make the best use of their energy consuming equipment, create more illuminating reports about energy use and better analyze new projects and technologies.


You can learn more by going to the website, linked above, and the FAQ's .



Do Hotels Charge Customers who use their Electric Car Charging Stations?:

Recently, a hotelier asked me to find out whether hotels charge electric car customers for "filling up" at their charging stations. So, I did a non-scientific survey of 25 hotels.


The most common practice is to offer a free fill-up to customers (overnight guests and sometimes diners, too), and to have everyone else pay for the electricity. However, some hotels charge everybody for the electricity, and others offer free fill-ups to everyone, including non-customers.


Here is an interesting article on the subject: Hotels charge you (for free), Green Traveler Guides, May 15.  



[Do you have a question that you want me to research? It's a free BGT service--just contact me.]


GE Lighting Revolution Tour, Hosted by NSTAR   

This 47-city tour will come to NSTAR headquarters in Westwood on August 16, from 8:00 am to noon. GE will feature its newest lighting products for the commercial sector. It's an open house, so you can stop by any time that morning.  


While you're there, I encourage you to attend the NSTAR Energy Efficiency Team's Hospitality breakout session from 9:30 to 10:00. See this flyer for more information and to RSVP.


Green Practices Winning Corporate Travelers, Scott Parisi, EcoGreenHotel.

The author, who will speak at our upcoming meeting, lists frequently asked questions about sustainability on corporate RFP's. He also characterizes the trend for corporate RFP's to include more questions about green practices.  


Landscape Irrigation Controllers
, WaterSense, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We have all seen sprinklers working during rainstorms. However, modern technology makes it easy to stop wasting water for outdoor plants, and give them just the amount of water that they need. Smart landscape irrigation technology that carries the EPA WaterSense label turns sprinklers on and off based on soil conditions and the local weather.  


250,000 Bees atop New York City's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Springwise, July 3.  

This article includes an interesting video (at the bottom of the article) about hotel beekeeping. It notes that, "Bees are swarming hotel rooftops all over the world." If you're thinking about putting a hive on your roof, this brief video is worth seeing.         


If you want a referral to a beekeeper who can train you and get you started, please contact me.  


August 2: Hotel Marlowe 

September 20: Boston Marriott Copley Place  

November 1: Hostelling International Boston

December 6