June 15, 2012

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,


The minutes from the June 7 BGT meeting are below, with links to the presentations. See the other  sections, too.


Boston Green Tourism Meeting

June 7, 2012



Location: The Colonnade Hotel

Hosts: Keith Alexander, Dan Buker, David Colella


Present: Keith Alexander, Dan Buker, Tedd Saunders, Megan Falkenberry, Sharon Campbell, Al Vaughn, Marc Cohn, Michael Duffy, Todd Sankey, Erica Mattison, Kevin Lubinger, Tom Ostberg, Larry Whitman, Gerri Weiner, Bill Scherer, Chris Westlund, David Hughes, Robert Guillemin, Gerard Kiley, Jack Fellman, John Sowden, Jason Sowden, Dave Foley, Michelle Souza, Michael Oshman, David Reed, Susan Hartman, Patrick Lucci, Dan Ruben. I missed a couple people.  



Schneider Electric: My Energy University; Energy Solutions for Hotels

Susan Hartman, Manager, Global Customer Education Programs

David Reed, Director, Energy Services, Schneider Electric    


I encourage you to use My Energy University as a free learning tool and reference; and to think of Schneider Electric for the myriad of services that they provide.


Greening Hotel Restaurants

Michael Oshman, President, Green Restaurant Association


The Green Restaurant Association has certified many hotel restaurants, including those at The Colonnade and InterContinental Boston. In addition, the GRA has the best list of green restaurant standards in the industry. I encourage you to review them for ideas about cutting energy, water, waste and toxins; and green products.


Electrolyzed Water: Why it is Good for You

Patrick Lucci, Managing Director, Lynnfield Green Technology


One of the things that strikes me about these cleaning products is that some hotels use them for almost every purpose. Besides being safe, they eliminate the need to transport cleaning supplies to your building, and they eradicate waste.


Mayor Menino Announces that Boston will have a Building Energy Disclosure Ordinance   


In a June 4 press release, the mayor announced that the City will, "create the 'Next Generation Green Building Policy,' that will include a Building Energy Disclosure Ordinance that will have all large commercial and residential buildings (above 50,000 square feet) report energy use annually, with the results published online. In the coming summer months, City staff and key sector leaders and stakeholders will work draft an ordinance to be reviewed by Mayor Menino in the fall."


Several cities, including New York, have pioneered energy disclosure ordinances.Their purpose is to provide information to building owners about their facilities' comparative energy use; and to prospective customers who want to conduct business with green companies. Some meeting planners, for example, use this data as a criterion for selecting hotels.


The City will use EPA Energy Star's Portfolio Manager as the measurement for buildings. As many of you know, Portfolio Manager gives facilities a score on a 1-100 scale, based on energy use per square foot. Modifications are made for climate, and whether hotels have parking garages, restaurants, laundry and other services. Many BGT hotels know their score already, and most of them are impressive.


How should your hotel prepare? First, if you do not know your facility's score, I suggest that you log-in to Portfolio Manager and calculate it. If you find the worksheets difficult to complete, or if you get peculiar results, consider calling me and I will find someone to help you. If you are unhappy with your score, and want the public to see a higher one, then develop a plan of improvement. I can help by making a presentation on how U.S. hotels reduce their energy use. It provides many ideas for improvement.


I will keep you informed about the progress Boston makes with this ordinance.


LED Desk Lamps

Next time your hotel redesigns its rooms, consider incorporating LED desk lamps. I have looked at several that use only 3 to 5 watts! I attached information about a beautiful 4-watt lamp sold by Pineapple Hospitality.  


Contact Ray Burger (636-922-2285, Ray@PineappleHospitality.net) for more information about it.


People, Planet, Profit - How to Benefit from Sustainable Initiatives in



This webinar (September 18, 12:00 to 1:00) will help hoteliers "market sustainability initiatives in a welcoming, local experience and involvement way."


The featured speaker is Rauni Kew, Public Relations and Green Manager, Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Rauni is a national authority on green hotel marketing. She made a great presentation at a BGT meeting last year.


The webinar flyer has more information. You can register here.


The Inn by the Sea's green web page is a model of green marketing, and describes the facility's many interesting initiatives.  


August 2

September 20: Boston Marriott Copley Place  

November 1: Hostelling International Boston

December 6