March 1, 2012

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,


Our next Boston Green Tourism meeting will be Thursday March 8 at The Lenox Hotel in their City Table restaurant on floor 1 from 2:30 to 4:00.


Thank you Tedd Saunders, Scot Hopps and Ashley Grupillion for hosting us!      


Tedd Saunders, President, EcoLogical Solutions Inc. and Chief Sustainability Officer, The Saunders Hotel Group (SHG), and Scot Hopps, Environmental Program Manager, Saunders Hotel Group & EcoLogical Solutions, Inc. will discuss how to get green into the mainstream of one's business.  


Please bring a challenge that your hotel or business has yet to overcome; or a project that you want to do, but are not sure how to accomplish. When you arrive, we'll ask you to write it down anonymously. Tedd and Scot will lead us in a discussion about how to overcome such challenges. 


First, they will tell us how they go about it at SHG. For example, they will tell us how they design incentives for managers, how they make the business case for green initiatives, how they incorporate SHG's green achievements into their marketing plans, how they build their green initiatives into SHG's budget and their sustainable purchasing policy.   


The Environment Page for The Lenox describes the hotel's green mission, practices and awards.  


Mike Burke, Vice President and Owner of the New England Division of Boylan Marble & Terrazzo Restoration, Boylan Marble & Terrazzo Restoration will discuss green, sustainable restoration of natural stone and terrazzo as well as naturally polished hard surface floors (natural stone, terrazzo, and concrete).


Jerry Perkins, President, Hatch-Jennings, Inc., will speak on energy efficiency other sustainability trends in food service equipment. His company represents many kitchen equipment manufacturers. Jerry will tell us what hoteliers need to know about this topic, and which products exemplify cutting edge green attributes.


Noah Thompson, Business Development Manager for Munro Distributing will discuss the Mass Save 2012 LED stairwell lighting campaign. The incentives are compelling.


Members of the NSTAR Energy Efficiency Team  will discuss the overall Mass Save energy efficiency incentives for 2012.




Video: The New Boston Hostel, Opening Soon! includes Building's Green Features: This YouTube piece is worth watching for any hotelier, marketer and youth hostel enthusiast. The green building section begins at 3:18.       


Saunders Hotel Group is a Finalist for the World Travel & Tourism Council's Community Benefit Award: There are only 12 finalists for the WTTC's 4 award categories. SHG is 1 of 2 American finalists.      


The WTTC recognizes SHG for its environmental leadership in Boston and internationally. I know much about that. The success of The Lenox Hotel as a green property helped me realize that there was potential for founding Boston Green Tourism. SHG has been an important partner from the beginning. 


The Colonnade Hotel and Saunders Hotels Now Powered by Wind Energy: Recently, I wrote that the price of wind energy is much higher than the price of non-renewable energy. The Colonnade Hotel and the Saunders Hotel Group have proved me wrong.


The Colonnade recently purchased a one-year contract with Constellation New Energy to buy all of its electricity from wind turbines. They have acquired roughly 2700 REC's (renewable energy certificates), meaning that they will obtain 2,700 MWh's of electricity generated from wind power.


Since 2007, The Colonnade has cut their electricity use from 4100 MWh's to 2700 MWh's--a reduction of over 37%--despite a double-digit increase in occupancy. Now that they buy wind power, they have effectively eliminated their pollution from using electricity. Very impressive!


The Colonnade's Director Property Operations, Keith Alexander said that the hotel paid a premium of only several percent for wind power. He secured a great price by working closely with Constellation New Energy, by monitoring energy prices for several months and timing their purchase well.  


The Saunders Hotel Group, which includes The Lenox Hotel, the Comfort Inn and three other hotels, purchases wind power for all of their electricity use Scot Hopps said the hotels pay a premium of slightly less than 1%. Two companies help them make these purchases: Three Degrees and Renwable Choice Energy.

SHG also buys carbon offsets to compensate for the pollution from their natural gas use. 


Mayor Menino's 6th Annual Green Awards: The City of Boston will honor  "businesses, residents and community leaders who are at the forefront of sustainability, from energy and water conservation, providing the healthiest and most sustainable food choices, to green building and bike friendly practices." Some of our Boston hotels have already won the Green Businesses Award and Bike Friendly Business Award.


If your hotel is interested in applying for it this year, you can find more information here. The application is due on March 16. If you want me to write a letter of support, or help in any other way, please contact me.


Workshop: Environmentally Sound Mattress Management: This April 17 workshop at Hotel Northampton covers mattress management, reuse and recycling. See this invitation  for more information.   


Mass Save Partners with Lighting Distributors: As you know, Mass Save has contracts with lighting distributors to offer discounted LED and fluorescent bulbs. Several of them come to BGT meetings, including Grainger and Munro Distributing. The parameters of the program and a list of the qualified lighting distributors can be found at this website.


ARTICLES, January 13 and February 3.

These interviews are about how to purchase and serve fish that is local, fresh, sustainable and popular with customers. The articles contain some recipes, too.


There's Much to Consider When Pondering Purchase of Amenity Dispensers  

Glenn Hasek, Green Lodging News, February 9.  

This is a great article about the current state and debate about amenity dispensers. BGT members Ray Burger of Pineapple Hospitality and Rachael Solem of Irving House at Harvard and Harding House are quoted.


Are We Seeing The Tipping Point for Amenities Dispensers?  

Ray Burger, Hotel Interactive, February 15.  



March 8: The Lenox Hotel 

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See you March 8 at The Lenox!