September 15, 2015:  Year 5; Edition 18
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Awesome Photos of NOVA Open 2015! 
All Thanks to CJ Kinder! 

Thanks to the amazing efforts of CJ Kinder and her photography team, we have hundreds of photos of all the events at NOVA Open 2015! 

All photos will soon be organized by event, but feel free to look at them in advance at this link on Flickr!
2015 Warhammer 40K WINNERS:

 Grand Tournament

  • Champion - Aaron Aleong
  • Battlemaster - Andrew Gonyo
  • Virtuoso - Dane Koszka
  • Ren Man: Sascha Edelkraut
  • Bracket 2: Andrew Gonyo
  • Bracket 3: Joseph Harmon
  • Bracket 4: Ben Herrera
  • Bracket 5: Joshua Dearth
  • Bracket 6: Andy Kopach
  • Bracket 7: Frank Smith
  • Bracket 8: Richard Jennens
  • Bracket 9: Kris Rader
  • Bracket 10: Randolf Van Drach
  • Arbiter of the Balance: Jonathan Schoenherr
  • First Crusader: Dan Boyd
  • Virtuoso: Dave Robertson
  • Protagonists: Charles Craig, Vincent Milano, Jason Sniffen
  • Antagonists: Crain Valvano, Jonathan Schoenherr, John Stiening
  • Palm of Martyrs: Kris Ayura
  • Mark of the Fallen: Craig Valvano

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2015 Age of Sigmar Winners:
  • Achievement Virtuoso:  Timothy Boegler
  • Renaissance Man:  Norbert Linke
  • Best Painted:  Eric Landree
  • Tactical Acumen:  Richard Rush
  • Campaign General: Sean Leary
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2015 Infinity Winners:

Hunger Games #1
  • Champion - Wilson Badillo
  • Survivor - JR Gonzalez
  • Black-Hearted - Michael McIlargey
  • Cold-Blooded - Sean Lang
Hunger Games #2
  • Champion - Nicholas Guichon
  • Survivor - Scott Rash
  • Black-Hearted - Sean Lang
  • Cold-Blooded - Michael McIlargey
  • 1st Place - Sean Lang and Wilson Badillo
  • 2nd Place - Nicholas Pasch and Phil Scott
Friday's Classic ITS Tournament
  • 1st Place - Aaron Cooke
  • 2nd Place - Sean Lang
  • 3rd Place - Curt Frydach
  • Renaissance Man - Nicholas Pasch
  • Sportsmanship - Ross Dickson
Saturday's Classic ITS Tournament
  • 1st Place - Chris Seibert
  • 2nd Place - Nicholas Pasch
  • 3rd Place - David Webster
  • Renaissance Man - Wilson Badillo
  • Sportsmanship - Lovell Harmon
Sunday's Spec Ops ITS Tournament
  • 1st Place - Nicholas Pasch
  • 2nd Place - David Webster
  • 3rd Place - Curt Frydach
  • Renaissance Man - Michael Sibilia
  • Sportsmanship - Matt Hannon
Convention Warriors
  • Grand Champion - Nicholas Pasch
  • Master Tactician - David Webster
  • Best Painted Army - Wilson Badillo
  • Heart of Gold - Matt Hannon
  • Iron Man - Adam Masashin
Terrain Contest
  • 1st Place - Sean Lang
  • 2nd Place - Wilson Badillo
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2015 Warmachine/Hordes Winners:
  • Tierany - Harrison Hare
  • Team -  Liam Piver, Lawson Bennett, Anthony Fisch
  • Hardcore - Dutch
  • SR - Larry Paladin
  • WTB - James Sandor
  • Iron Gauntlet - Ryan Chirboga
  • Masters - Trevor Attridge
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2015 Malifaux Winners:

  • Master of Malifaux: Duncan Bilz
  • Doppelganger: Dean Bilz
  • Zoriada's Apprentice: Sebastian Padrino
  • Voodoo Doll: Mike Felix
  • The Molly: Jacob Fitzpatrick
Story Encounter
  • Most Influential: Chris Knierien
  • Kinda Influential: Chris Harkins
  • Star Thearter: Chris Harins
Enforcer Brawl
  • Arena Champion: Chris Harkins
  • Most Bloody: Andrew Mongeau
Henchmen Hardcore
  • Most Hardcore: Mike Felix
  • Kinda Hardcore: Jeremy Chamblee
Secret Achievement League
  • Non-Stop Gamer: John Hathcock
  • Completionist: Mark Henderson
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2015 X-Wing Winners:

X-Wing Championship
  • Champion: Jon Messmore
  • 2nd Place: Preston Bitzer
  • 3rd Place: Bob Randall
Narrative Campaign
  • Galatic Fame: Blair Howell
  • Galactic Infamy: Rob Weick
  • Rebel Hero of the Rebellion: Ed Horne
  • Rebel Strategist: James Upton
  • Rebel Ace: Jordan Mechanic
  • Imperial Emperor's Finest: Chris Jordan
  • Imperial Stratagist: Michael Emrich
  • Imperial Ace: Sean Howard
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2015 Lord of the Rings Winners:

LOTR Grand Tournament
  • Lord of the Rings Grand Champion: Thomas Harrison
  • Grand Tournament 2nd Place: Damian O'Byrne
  • Grand Tournament 3rd Place: James Clark
LOTR Events
  • Doubles: Thomas Harrison and Damian O'Byrne 
  • Chaos in Arda: Alexander Louviere
  • Middle Earth's Deadliest Heroes: Evan Iverson
  • Mordor's Arena Champion: Brian Killian
  • Best Painted Army: Robert Kruze
  • Player Favorite Evil Army: Austin Becht
  • Player Favorite Good Army: Kevin Curtin
  • Most Unbroken: Jacob Hall
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2015 Blood Bowl Winners:

Darkness Fouls
  • Tournament Champion: Lawrence Cutlip-Mason
  • Runner-Up: Dave Arvelo
  • Call-a-Lawyer! winner(most casualties): Nathaniel Ball
  • Best Sport: Marc Zuckerman
  • Tournament Champion: Nate Beem
  • Runner-Up: Nathanial Ball
  • Call-a-Lawyer! winner(most casualties): Matthew Kelly
  • Best Sportsman: Logan Baranowitz
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2015 Dropzone Commander Winners:

Dropzone Tournament

1st - Joe Trueblood
2nd - Cody Sheppard
3rd - Jeffrey Kolodner

Dropzone Painting

1st - Joe Trueblood
2nd - Scott Simoneau
2015 Tabletop Olympics:

Most Points:  The Perfect Strategy
Highest Average: NOVA Squadron
Single Most Points:  Evan Slagle

2015 Capital Palette:
2015 Capital Palette

Best Weathered:  Marc Raley

Best Lit Army: Joe Johnson
Best Lit single figure: Joe Johnson
Best Lit display board: Sam Thorn

Historical SM 1st: Rhodes Davis
Historical SM 2nd: Richard Rush
Historical SM 3rd: Rob Chandler

Historical Collection 1st: John Stiening
Historical Collection 2nd: John Stiening
Historical Collection 3rd: Richard Rush

Historical Large 1st: John Stiening
Historical Large 2nd: Frank Behrens
Historical Large 3rd: Rob Chandler

Fantasy Small 1st: Nick Pasch
Fantasy Small 2nd: Caleb Wissenback
Fantasy Small 3rd: Melisa Powell

Fantasy Collection 1st: Mike Schaefer (Shades)
Fantasy Collection 2nd: Jennifer Wojcik
Fantasy Collection 3rd: Rhodes Davis

Fantasy Large 1st: Melisa Powell
Fantasy Large 2nd: Mike Schaefer (Shades)
Fantasy Large 3rd: Jimmy Livingston

Science Fiction Small 1st: Nick Pasch
Science Fiction Small 2nd: Jeff Jenkins
Science Fiction Small 3rd: Melisa Powell

Science Fiction Collection 1st: Nick Pasch
Science Fiction Collection 2nd: Mark Bailey
Science Fiction Collection 3rd: John Stiening

Science Fiction Large 1st: Caleb Wissenback
Science Fiction Large 2nd: Marc Raley
Science Fiction Large 3rd: Ron Gamble
Best in show: Caleb Wissenback
Fan Favorite: Caleb Wissenback

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