NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Newsletter
Issue #1

Dear NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) Supporters, 

Welcome!  The NOCF was created to raise funds for charitable causes throughout the world by giving tabletop wargamers an outlet for their compassion and generosity. We hope you will participate in this year's 2015 online charity raffle season. There are just 25 days remaining until the drawing for the armies and collection listed below and we have some amazing armies and collections for you to choose from!

  • You need not be present to win with the online raffles. The NOCF will ship to our winners - anywhere in the world with a deliverable address!
  • The NOCF donates at least 95% of funds raised directly to the charitable cause named; the remaining 5% is used to support our operating costs.

If you are able to attend the NOVA Open (September 3-6), you will also be able to enjoy opportunities to participate in our Silent Auction, meet some of our incredible artists, buy chances to win studio minis, and celebrate for charity in the Foundation Lounge.  

The basic history of the Sons of Orar was lost to Imperial records, but it is known that they revere Orar, the legendary Ultramarines Captain who ascended to mythic status in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy.
 The Sons of Orar claim the titular Orar as theirspiritual patriarch, 
and are listed in the Lexicon 
as a successor chapter to the Ultramarines, though this history is lost to the sands of time. Following the exampleof their sire chapter, the Sons of Orar have a wide 
range of battle strategies at their disposal. They rely on the Codex Astartes for their general combat makeup, and stand as some of the greatest generalists of the Imperium. The Imperial Fists might be better at siege warfare, the Aurora chapter might be better with heavy armor, but the Sons of Orar can match their efforts with competence. 


The Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc are known for being among the most influential Eldar, sending out agents to act as eyes and ears across the galaxy. This makes the Alaitoc among the most knowledgeable forces in the 41st millennium, although they aren't eager to share their information with anyone, shunning contact with those 

races they deem "inferior." Even for Eldar society, the Alaitoc are highly structured. While this is the presented tradition, the younger generations of Eldar are growing increasingly dissatisfied. To this end, Craftworld Alaitoc has produced a number of world-roaming Rangers, called Starstriders. While outcast from the Eldar as a whole, they continue to take up arms in the name of Craftworld Alaitoc.

The Armies for the Charity Raffle


Alongside the Blitzkrieg Supplement, the Polish Batalion Piechoty

stands as a remarkably adaptable army, worthy of attention. First of note is the core; each company can comprise up to four platoons, meaning that there could be as many as 49 infantry teams in one element. At the same time, while all units are deployed,

the platoons can act independently of each another.      

Supporting the infantry, a battery 
of options (pun intended) can be brought to bear against an opposing force. Anti-tank guns, cavalry, light tanks, and scouts 
are all available to the Batalion Piechoty. A Batalion Piechoty player can also take advantage of four artillery batteries, in addition to an armored train. Given that artillery can double as an anti-tank measure, and that cavalry and tanks add to the army's mobility, the Batalion Piechoty has options other than being a meat-grinder force.


The Nova Open Charitable Foundation is pleased to add another game to its growing list of charity raffle items in the form of the Wild West/Victorian Horror game, Malifaux. This 7-Crew Collection is brought to the community by Stiff Neck Studioonce again leading the support for tabletop wargamers in support of charitable causes! 

The Bayou Boss
Also included and not yet pictured: Merris LaCroix

Proceeds from this raffle will support Fisher House Foundation.

The Thunder (Misaki Crew)
Two Additional Katanaka Snipers included with The Thunder!

Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux, donated all models for this unique raffle. Capt. Wes Cogdal, owner and lead artist of Stiff Neck Studio, worked with his studio of artists to create seven Malifaux crews for seven lucky winners in this year's charity raffles.

The Miners and Steamfitters Union (Ramos Crew)

As with the other raffles, winnings will be shipped worldwide (though you can take them with you from the NOVA if you attend). Drawings will be performed during the NOVA final award ceremony ON September 6.

Hide and Seek (Dreamer Crew)
*Special "Purple-Edition" Merris LaCroix - pictured here - has been retweaked
to Gremlin Green and is included with The Bayou Boss above

Also as with the other raffles, KR MultiCase has generously donated a foam-included carrying case for each crew!

Salvage and Logistics (Leviticus Crew)

Here's how it will work: In the order in which they are drawn, winners will receive one of the following 7 different Malifaux Crews (which may include a few additional fun items)

Herald of Obliteration (Tara Crew)

Visit our website, NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, to buy tickets for chances to win one of these Malifaux Crews!

The Guild's Justice (Lady Justice Crew)

Silent Auction!

The NOVA Open CHARITABLE FOUNDATION (NOCF) will host a Silent Auction at the 2015 NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention from September 3 - September 6. Please join us as you must be present to bid on and win in the Silent Auction! Stop into the Foundation Lounge in the Regency Parlor (Suite 1850): proceeds support the NOCF and  Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Also, there will be FREE speaker presentations during the convention.

   10 FLORIAN STITZ PRINTS, Framed & Signed by the Artist!

Eldar Craftworld Gaming Table, Bob Likins & Adrienne Geffert

Ancient Treeman by Jennifer Tallman
Imperial Knight, Arawn Nicholson

Maelee Set, Bombshell Miniatures
Lucky Jack, David Faust-Du Sablon

NOCF's Foundation Lounge
Drink for a Cause!

At the NOVA Open Convention (9/3-6/2015), the NOCF will host a charity lounge where you can come to share beverages and good fellowship. Drink cocktails for charity and beer for a better cause! We will also have other food 
and drink available. 

The Lounge opens Wednesday, September 3rd at 9:00pm and closes Sunday, September 6th. Last call every 
evening will be at 1:00am. 

All the profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Research 
Foundation and NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. 
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