Critical Funding Issue for our area hospitals that can limit your access to health care!  Please read and help!
May 2015
Our friends at Nemours Children's Hospital need your help!
Due to a fight in the state legislature, Nemours and other hospitals stand to lose funding that helps them care for many children with complex medical conditions.  

The funding, called LIP is set to expire on June 30th and it is uncertain if anything will replace the funds.  If it is not replaced, Nemours would lose $10 million. 

This would create significant hardship for families; families who are already struggling.  Many will be forced to leave the region or the state for care.  Some may not be able to access care at all.  

Would you be willing to send an email to state lawmakers asking them to fully replace the LIP program? 

Below are some messages that you could weave into your email but you are welcome to personalize the message.

Key Messages for Legislators: 
  • My family relies on a team for Nemours Children's Hospital (or another hospital) to provide care to my (son/daughter, etc.) 
  • I understand that if Florida legislators do not fully replace the Low Income Pool (LIP), Nemours Children's hospital will have to make deep cuts to services which benefit my family and thousands of others. 
  • Any disruption to my child's care would create an enormous hardship for us. 
  • Historically legislators have seen helping medically-complex children as their duty.  Floridians have seen this as your obligation. 
  • I strongly urge you to show the leadership that citizens expect and fully replace the LIP program. 

Please take a moment to send your representative an email today!  It only takes a minute and our families need our help.