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Many organizations can reduce their energy costs thousands and in some cases millions of dollars through "rate tariff analysis".  Our feature article "eDiscoveri Services" discusses several additional methods to successfuly reduce energy costs. If you find this information helpful, please forward to a colleague.


eDiscoveri Services
Typically when an organizations decides to reduce their energy costs they focus on how to reduce their energy consumption.  This is a logical first step and there are many low cost/no cost methods of reducing energy consumption such as changing thermostat settings, turning lights off in unoccupied areas, turning off equipment when not in use, etc.  Many energy consumption reduction projects such as installing more efficient lighting, smaller motors, energy management systems and more efficient HVAC systems can be costly.  
There are several other techniques used by eDiscoveri that focus on the cost of energy versus energy consumption.  Many of these techniques are low cost/no cost for the organization.  Rate Tariff Analysis is an excellent method to easily reduce an organization's energy costs.  Typically the process of rate tariff analysis involves a review of the organization's energy invoices for at least one year, a rate comparison between multiple rate tariffs, review of the rate comparisons, negotiating a new contract with the energy utility, possible installation of new metering, and a switch to the new rate tariff. 
Other techniques include:
  • Utility Bill Auditing 
  • Tax Exemptions & Deductions
  • Utility Rebates
  • PJM Demand Response Programs
  • Account Totalization
  • Contract Minimum Demand Adjustment
  • Facilities Charge Adjustment
  • Energy Audits

eDiscoveri is also prepared to help organizations with Utility Negotiations, Utilities Management and Budget Development. Please call eDiscoveri and we will help you "discover energy solutions" to reduce your energy costs. 

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