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Utility costs for electricity, natural gas, water & sewer, fuel oil and coal are trending upwards.  Whether you are an energy engineer, accountant, purchasing agent or manager, these increased utility costs grab your attention.  Our feature article "A+ Energy Education" encourages readers to hone their energy skills and provides a list of upcoming training venues. If you find this information helpful, please forward to a colleague.


A+ Energy Education
Students are heading back to school.  My grandchildren went back to school today.  I always looked forward to the start of a new school year.  It was a time to meet new friends, get up to date with old friends and learn new subjects.  Do we have the same enthusiasm to keep up to date with our energy education?  When was the last time you attended a local dinner meeting with an energy related topic or attended a conference?  Now is the time to look forward a few months to opportunities to hone our energy skills.  Many organizations such as the Association of Energy Engineers, IEEE, ASHRAE, Association for Energy Economics, the Green Building Council, utilities and universities offer local to International training programs and conferences.  Many of these meetings are free or a minimal cost to cover a meal.  Here is a list of energy related training programs for your consideration:
"Impact of Growing Oil and Gas Production on Energy Analysis", 20 September 2013, and  
"Emerging Energy Policy Approaches in the Administration's Second Term", 18 October 2013.  The National Capital Area Chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics, Carmine's Restaurant, Washington, DC.  
"Sustainable Forest Management Field Trip", 17 October 2013.  Dunlap & Partners.  Richmond, VA.
"World Energy Engineering Conference",  25 - 27 September 2013.  WEEC.  Washington, DC.
"DCRA's 2nd Annual Green Building Symposium & Expo", 24 September 2013. U.S. Green Building Council National Capital Region Chapter.  Galludet University, Washington, DC.  
"Our Electric Utility" and "Demand Response Can Fund Your Other Energy Saving Projects", 11 September 2013.  Association of Energy Engineers South Eastern Virginia Chapter.  Hampton, VA.
"Designing & Financing Sustainable Buildings", 4 November 2013.   ASHRAE Richmond Chapter.  Richmond, VA.
"25th Annual Environmental Virginia Symposium", 8 - 10 April 2014.  VMI Center for Leadership & Ethics.  Lexington, VA.
eDiscoveri offers a range of energy training programs that cover topics such as the Electric Grid, Utility Overview & Regulation, Reliability & PQ, Rate Schedules, Utility Agreements, Demand Response, New Service Connections and Energy Management Programs.  Contact me at rwrussell2@eDiscoveri.com for an energy training proposal.
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