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September 2013
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What Will They Think of Next? Google Glasses!

Google is working on "Google Glass" - The titanium-framed wearable computer that has the tech world tripping over itself in a mad dash for Glass access. Ten thousand or more Google Glass units are now shipping to beta testers and winners of the If I Had Glass contest -- for a $1,500 price tag. But the big what, why, and how questions remain.



The answer, for now, is simple: Google Glass is Google on your face. These early frames ship with the ability to take the very most recent communications from your smartphone or Google accounts and show them to you in a head-up display.  


What does Google Glass actually do?  

Glass takes photos and videos, sends text messages, engages in FaceTime-like Google Hangouts, makes phone calls, searches Google, and gets turn-by-turn navigation with maps. It can show the weather, the time, and headlines from The New York Times that have been pushed to the device, with spoken headline summaries.  


It looks like Google Glass -- the consumer version -- will arrive sometime in 2014.  


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First Day of Fall - September 22!

The first day of fall is September 22nd and many Coloradoans like to venture out and see the beautiful fall colors. Here are some of the top scenic drives around Colorado to enjoy.

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This Week in History
September 16 - 20

September 16:
- 1908 Buick Motor Company head William Crapo Durant spends $2,000 to incorporate General Motors in New Jersey. Durant, a high-school dropout, had made his fortune building horse-drawn carriages.
- 1993 Frasier Debuts on NBC.

September 17:
- 1787 U.S. Constitution signed.
- 1983 Vanessa Williams becomes first black Miss America.

September 18:

- 1975 Newspaper heiress and wanted fugitive Patty Hearst is captured in a San Francisco apartment and arrested for armed robbery.

September 19:
- 1881 President Garfield succumbs to shooting wounds.
- 1990 Goodfellas Opens.

September 20:
- 1519 Magellan sets out.
- 1946 First Cannes Film Festival.

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