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May 2013
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This Week in History
May 6 - 10

May 6:
- 1994 English Channel tunnel opens cutting travel time between England and France to a swift 35 minutes & eventually between London and Paris to two-and-a-half hours.
- 2004 Final episode of Friends airs on NBC.

May 7:
- 1998 Daimler-Benz announces purchase of Chrysler Corp.
- 1965 "Satisfaction" comes to Keith Richards. The opening riff of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

May 8:
- 1988 Woman convicted for tampering with Excedrin. Stella Nickell is convicted on two counts of murder by a Seattle, Washington, jury. She was the first person to be found guilty of violating the Federal Anti-Tampering Act after putting cyanide in Excedrin capsules in an effort to kill her husband.
- 1963 Sean Connery stars in his first Bond movie, Dr. No.

May 9:
- 1960 FDA approves the birth control pill.
- 1971 Last Honeymooners episode airs

May 10:
- 1924 J. Edgar Hoover begins his legacy with the FBI.
- 1869 First transcontinental railroad is completed. For the first time in American history, railways linked together east and west, the realization of a dream that began two decades earlier.
Reduce Your 30yr Loan Term By 6 Years!

I try not to bore anyone with Real Estate information however, I want to be sure that everyone has this useful tip for reducing the number of years you are paying your mortgage. For those of us who just can't seem to pay an extra mortgage payment every year...give this a try.

Pay your mortgage bi-weekly! Bi-weekly programs can be setup through your current loan servicing company (Chase, WellsFargo, BOA, etc) and may have an initial set-up fee of $100 - $250 and sometimes free if you also have a bank account with the lender.

Bi-weekly payments does NOT mean you pay the mortgage amount twice, rather you pay half on the 1st and the other half on the 15th.
(Example: $1,000 monthly payment = $500 every other week or bi-weekly)

With the bi-weekly mortgage plan, every year one additional mortgage payment is made. That extra payment goes toward the principal of the loan. Since you are reducing the amount of the loan balance quicker, you are also reducing the amount of interest charged over the life of the loan.

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