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September/ 2012

Dear SAS User,



MWSUG in Minneapolis last week was a great success!  I saw many SAS users I have known for years, and I met many new ones as well.  I even ran into some fans of The Missing Semicolon.


I had the privilege of co-chairing the BI Applications and Architecture section, along with Arlen Harmoning.  We were lucky to have many great papers on SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Grid, and other topics.  The winner of our best speaker award was Kirk Lafler for Top Ten SAS® Performance Tuning Techniques.  You can view all of the MWSUG papers online.


So, now that the business of MWSUG is over for the year, it is time to start thinking about the SAS Global Forum next spring in San Francisco.  The call for papers is open!



Thanks for Reading!

Jennifer First
Vice President


Using Enterprise Guide Effectively


Presented at MWSUG 2012 by Thomas Miron


Enterprise Guide is not just a fancy program editor! EG offers a whole new window onto the power of SAS software. Enterprise Guide requires a different perspective on system design than the use of straight SAS coding. This paper discusses use of the Enterprise Guide environment and features of Enterprise Guide that can make your applications more user friendly and maintainable. We will look at client-server architecture issues, visual v. text layout, and EG best practices.


First Family Secret Santa


How would a SAS family put together 

a long distance secret Santa drawing?


Find Out!


Created and Presented at MWSUG

By: Benjamin First and Andrew First

Dear Miss SASsy:  

Dear Miss SASsy, 


Is there any way to take a SAS dataset and overwrite some of the cells in an Excel worksheet, but not to change cells that might have headers, formulas, or other important information?




A Happy SAS User


Check out the answer 




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Check out this!
Thomas Miron's paper on 

Quick Tip


Avoid sorting to improve the efficiency of your SAS Process


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SAS Efficiencies Lunch and Learn

Presentation Slides  



Coming Up:


Getting the Most Out of 

SAS Enterprise Guide

October 11, 2012,   
Noon Central Time


Introduction to SAS Macros


December 6, 2012,   

Noon Central Time


Quick Tip


Create interactive graphs in Enterprise Guide.  Change your graph without rerunning your data.


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