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Water & Sanitation Tracker 2016
July 2016
On The Ground Report
Jenni Visits CCDO Cambodia

Founder Jenni Lipa made a surprise visit to our team in August. She in turn was pleasantly surprised to see that our Executive Director, Luisa Gentile, working tirelessly to instill a great deal of HR and professionalism into our grassroots organization had made big improvements in a very short time. Luisa has trained our staff to make sure all the documents are organized, all accounting processes are adhered to and maintained our office in tip top condition.
As usual, life is hectic.

Jenni hits the ground running as many tasks need to be accomplished in a short time. Much of the time is spent in the field, at the villages and schools to determine what improvements can still be made. She was excited to be joined by Nika Geyer of iHerb, who has donated funds to our English Classrooms & Computer lab, and was grateful to learn when iHerb announced that they will continue to partner with CCDO and sponsor parts of our education program and campus maintenance.

Khmer Board meetings, a series of interviews for new staff, visits to hotels for our Education Fund Program, annual staff reviews and a special staff luncheon for 24 of our CCDO employees kept Jenni busy when in town.
CCD Staff Lunch
Super Star Students

Cambodian school year is coming to an end and we are very proud to announce that our university student Malis Oeurn finished her first year of chemistry study in Phnom Penh!

She has worked very hard not only in her regular studies, but also in her evening computer and English classes at her safe dorm house provided by Global Children.

Our Education team did an amazing job during school ceremonies at both Kiriminun and Tapang schools presenting the best in class in both Khmer and English programs. Special prizes and certificates were handed out to 32 top students. Additionally, four students, two girls and two boys, received the Best in School Awards. 
Global Giving Educate Campaign 
We had 486 students participating in English classes, sports and library program and only top students are given the privilege of attending computer classes in our small lab. It costs CCDO $135 per year to provide a child with a supplementary education.
We recently had the students of Central Bucks East High School, Pennsylvania help raise funds and pay for the education of their Cambodian counterparts for the entire year! The school has 26 home room classes and each student class adopted a Cambodian Student to fund.

We have a few additional sponsors but still need to fund 455 kids by November, when the new school year starts.

Please consider funding a Cambodian's child education. It's $135 a year (less than 40 cents a day), it will help empower these children and give them the opportunity to become star students like Malis Oeurn one day! 
Thank You for Generous Donations
Our Red Tuk Tuk!

Our new red Tuk Tuk is a wonderful addition to our transportation options. With two tuk tuks, we can now comfortably transport all the soccer teams to their games as well as ferry the staff and volunteers to different locations. Thank you Pepin for donating our new wheels

If you'd like to make a donation to CCDO too, please click on the donate button below to review what are the various donation options! Thank you! 
Celebrating our Volunteers & Visitors
Thank You Daniel & Mee Kheng!
Our longtime Singaporean supporters Daniel & Mee Kheng Chiong came to visit us and their high school scholars. This is the 3rd year that this generous couple have supported 4 scholars, in addition to sending a steady supply of boxes of clothes, especially the coveted jeans, to give to the best students in class. Thank you so much from all of us.
Kudus to Geraldine! 
We are indeed blessed to have Geraldine Burnett, our new Marketing and Communications Volunteer from New Zealand. Geraldine has been instrumental in adding a new dimension of videos to our collection of donor support and is helping train local staff to liaise with hotels for our Education Fund.

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

Cambodian Community Dream Organization