Embracing the Community
Luisa Gentile Maio
During the process of our organization's extension of non-profit registration in our home country, we realized it makes sense for CCDO to align our international name with the official Cambodian name of Cambodian COMMUNITY Dream Organization, Inc. After all, CCDO has always aimed to benefit the whole community, not just children. 
Going into the 10th year of our existence, we hope to accomplish a big transition and that is to see a hands on Cambodian leadership on the ground in Cambodia. The founder, Jenni Lipa, the Board and other Western volunteers will retain advisory, communications and fundraising roles.

To ensure a smooth transition and high degree of professional NGO operations, we are fortunate to have Ms Luisa Gentile Maio on board with us.  Luisa, an experienced strategic planning advisor with an international background on social responsibility, will lead and mentor our team in Cambodia, giving them opportunities to grow and develop in their role and making the CCDO a sustainable and thriving organization. Luisa, a native Italian, now lives in Siem Reap with her husband who works in the field of water filtration and testing.
Water & Sanitation Tracker 2016
May 2016
On The Ground Report
A New Wash Station at Kiriminoen School

A new wash station has been built in memory of Zach Shrieve, a teacher in California, who left his students and his family much too soon. His legacy will live on through the many American students he touched and through helping Cambodian students have daily access to clean water for years to come.
kids at kiri handwashing
Watering garden
Improvements on the ground at TaPang School, all provided for by the local parents and community. New paved driveway, will cut down on the dust in the classrooms and mud during the rainy season. An irrigation system, helps keeps the plants and vegetables growing.
taPang new entrance
PVC Pipe Extension
 A new design for wells that are submerged in water during the rainy season. Our WASH team together with our well builder, Tann Yen, have perfected the design to ensure fresh water during the floods.
Thank You for Generous Donations

A big thanks goes out to...

Central Bucks High School East Class of 2017 from Doylestown PA under the inspiring leadership of advisor Vanessa Power and student Abbie Dalby, has allocated $3,500 to sponsor enrichment classes for 26 students from Ta Pang school. Each one of their homerooms will have a PenPal cultural exchange during the next school year with one of the students. We hope that this is the first of our Cultural Exchange programs with Western Schools.
Central Buck East
Under the new leadership of Scott Brown, CCDO UK has very quickly raised funds and donated 9 water wells through their British, Scottish and Canadian supporters.
Thank you to longtime supporter Gene Dunham from New York for another $1,000 donation. You were there from the very start!

Thank you to Paul Christakos and Andrew Ng for their $1,200 contribution.

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

Cambodian Community Dream Organization