World Water Day

In Celebration of World Water Day on March 22 we are highlighting our Water Well Maintenance program and asking for your support. After building over 1000 water wells in our villages, we are now shifting our priority to ensuring that our wells are functioning well. Learning from the mistakes of many other NGOs, in particular the Africa where it broken wells littered with broken wells litter the landscape, our WASH (Water And Sanitation, Hygiene) team has been working hard to inspect all wells and replace worn parts in all the older wells. Some of the wells need refurbishing and a few need to be completely rebuilt. We are also asking our Cambodian families to contribute $5 towards their well maintenance.

If you agree that this is an important aspect of our sustainable wells and want to help, please click and donate to our Well Maintenance Fund.
Water & Sanitation Tracker 2016
February 2016
On The Ground Report
Our founder and president Jenni returned to Cambodia in February to finalize some exciting new developments.
New Managing Director
We have been waiting patiently for our capable WASH coordinator Bou Sea, who worked for us on a part time basis for the last 3 years, to finally be able to devote his full attention to CCDO. Our staff was delighted with the announcement that he accepted a position of Managing director of CCDO.

It has been our fervent wish that eventually the Cambodians take over running the Cambodian Child's Dream. We have been offering as many opportunities to our team to develop new skills and confidence as possible. We are one step closer to our goal.
New  MD, Bou Sea
Hotel Fund
CCDO Education Fund - New Hotel Initiative
If you are a traveler, you know that many countries and cities impose a tourist tax that supports tourist infrastructure or cultural activities etc. We have been working on an initiative that will ask tourists to voluntarily contribute $1 per room per night into our CCDO Education Fund. We are proud to announce that we have the first two Siem Reap hotels on board.

Cheathata Hotel
and Memoire d'Angkor Hotel have signed an agreement and have their reception staff ready to promote our cause. We hope that many other hotels will join soon and we will be able to generate some funding on a local level. In our brochure, we explain the program and we also offer the guests personalized morning visits to our villages and schools.  
CCDO UK takes on new leadership

After steering the helm of CCDO UK for 5 years, Margaret Jarman has decided to step down as Chairman and will stay on in the organization in an advisory position.

Scott J Brown CBE. (Commander of the order of the British Empire) who served in the Royal Navy for 22 years and retired in March 2015 will take over the leadership reigns of CCDO UK.  
Colin A Fleming with a background in procurement and finance roles, will be engaged as CCDO UK's treasurer.
New Baby for Thong
Our CCDO Family has grown with the addition of a baby boy born to Thong, our Nutrition Coordinator. Congratulations!   
Our 1st fundraiser in Cambodia was a small, intimate affair and a steep learning curve for our staff. Much explanation was needed to figure out the fundraising concepts such as what is a raffle and how it works.

The staff of our host hotel Memoire d'Angkor did a wonderful job decorating their new restaurant and serving appetizers and drinks to our guests.
There were many good raffle prizes donated by local businesses too.

 We were especially proud to showcase an exhibition of photos that highlight our commitment to Cambodian children.
Fundraiser SR
Thank You for Generous Donations
A shout out to the students of Santa Monica High School in California! Under the leadership of Anderson Wille, who started a student club to bring awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in Cambodia, the school successfully raised $500 for two water wells.
Celebrating our Volunteers
Goodbye to Carol
Voted the most positive volunteer of all time, we say goodbye to Carol Duster who returns home. She had so much enthusiasm for our work and her positive encouragement brought out the best in each and every individual.
Welcome to Simona and Luisa
Simona Krasauskiene from Lithuania and studying in Norway, has been an organizational powerhouse for our office. Charts from key inventory to yearly lesson plans are produced and filed. Thank you for your energy.

Luisa Gentile Maio, from Italy, who is our strategic planner consultant, with 15 years of experience in international Corporate Social Responsibility,  is guiding us towards the future with in-depth strategic planning.

Girl Scouts Gold Award Celebration
CCDO's VP Ksenija Olmer was invited to speak at the gold award ceremony for Snigdha Jayavarapu from Pleasanton, California, whose project was a hand washing station and hygiene campaign at Ta Pang Elementary school. Snigdha spent many more than the requisite 80 hours developing and fundraising for the project. She traveled with her mother and sister to Cambodia last summer. She is an inspiring young woman and we wish her well as she starts her university studies in the fall!
Snigdha Gold

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

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