Water & Sanitation Tracker
Only two months left to reach our goal of 1000 wells by the end of this year!
A water well makes a perfect holiday gift for someone special. Please be proactive and order your holiday well early. Every December we are deluged with last minute requests for water wells to be dug and photographed by Christmas Eve. Our Cambodian Construction Elves can do only so much!
Wells needed : 26
Latrines needed: 10
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Wells Built  
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Latrines Built  7      4    15    6      2      16    9   4     7     1

Reports from the Ground
New School Year Starts

Come rain or shine or weekend, the Khmer school year starts on 1 November, which fell on a Sunday this year. It ensured that we had a great turnout of parents in addition to the school children. There were 818 children who attended and received their allotment of books and pens donated by CCDO, which will ensure they can also start with a clean slate and basic supplies.
This start of the school year was very special as we also inaugurated our new iHerb Learning and Cultural Center with the English Classrooms, Computer Lab and Community Center. We had a host of dignitaries from the Education Board attend. The monks duly blessed each of the rooms and were the first to cut the ribbon. Sokun Set, our Cambodian Chairman of the Board cut the ribbon along with the Builder, Mr Prob, who also represented the parents at the school. In speech after speech the parents were encouraged to send their children to school and let them keep on studying and the children were encouraged to study hard. The seeds for a successful school year have been sown.

Uniform Distribution to Poorest Students
On Sat 31st October, the 250 of the poorest village children gathered not for trick or treating but to receive educational treats. They were each given 2 school uniforms so they can attend school. The education system is free, however, the students are obliged to supply their own uniform, shoes, book bag, notebooks and writing utensils. This is often a financial burden on the poor farming families, working only for $2 per day and having to feed a family of 6 or more people. All the clothes these children often possess are one pair of hand me down shorts and a tattered T shirt. Holding brand new uniforms in their hands is a special event for them.

Mr. Sokun Set opening the school.

Sokun Cutting Ribbon
Mr. Sokun Set cutting the ribbon.

Girls Opening
Girls receiving their school packs
Monk Blessing
Monks blessing the school

Studdent hands in air
Our Educational Numbers

We've prepared an infographic to breakdown the number of children attending school next year!

Our First Scholarship High School Graduate Heads to College
Malis Family
Malis Oerun ( second from the left) and her family
Malis Oeurn, (her name means Sweet Jasmine) has graduated from 12th grade with good test results and qualified to receive a government scholarship to study Chemistry at Phnom Penh University. She plans to become a chemistry teacher. Unfortunately the scholarship only covers tuition but not books, clothes, food, lodgings, and transportation. This was an additional $3,000 for the year. The amount is totally impossible for her parents to pay. CCDO stepped up to the plate and a special thanks goes to her personal sponsor Starr Moore who generously gave to top up the "pot".

Through our NGO connections we secured Malis a spot in a Global Children house in Phnom Penh. She will be getting additional English, Computers and Life classes in the afternoon. She will be kept safe, supervised and supported. The chances of her successful graduation are very high. Somang Laor ( Good Luck) to Malis.

Thank you for your generous donations!
A big Thank YOU to Paul Grossman of Helping Humanity Fund who has been an instrumental force in our well maintenance program. He has nudged and niggled until we have proudly gotten our program off the ground. During the summer months our team on the ground inspected all of the older wells, replaced smaller worn parts and made lists of wells that need more work. We have found that 15% of the wells built 7-8 years ago need to be rebuilt and 17% of them need repairs. With a comprehensive maintenance and inspection program in place we hope to bring these numbers down in the future.
Paul has stepped in and has been donating funds for 10 wells at a time to ensure that the gift of water still keeps on flowing.

A thank you to our dedicated supporters Jen Fornay and Jim Zygutis for $1000 donation. We wish you all the best for your impending wedding and looking forward to seeing you as volunteers in Cambodia next year!
Celebrating Volunteers
We have two new volunteers who are here to specifically work on our Women's Program.

Cheyanne Reisner, a graduate of Skidmore University (from USA) will spend 3 months working with the communities. Her focus will be puberty workshops and the domestic violence workshops with emphasis on the males.
Anni Joest (from Germany) will be in Cambodia for 7 months. She is working on her University Degree and her focus will be on the various Women's Programs, especially parenting and women workshops.
Chey & Anni
Cheyane and Anni Jumping for Joy!

Attention all current or former bicycle enthusiasts!
Our CCDO volunteers have been raising funds for a 100 km bike ride to benefit Anti-trafficking programs protecting children in Cambodia. The Bike4Kids Ride on the 5
th December in Siem Reap is an annual event that is gaining momentum in the cycle world. Please sponsor our bikers and consider joining the team next year! Good Luck to Amanda Simpson and her CCDO Biking Team. Click here for sponsorship:

New T Shirt for Preschoolers!
Our volunteer graphic designer Belle Chong did it again. The redesigned preschool T shirt features Cambodian National animals: Kouprey, Giant ibis, and Royal turtle playing in a cardboard box airplane. It epitomizes our learning through play motto. We want our kids to play, learn, and dream big!

Slate NYC Fundraiser a Success!
Our 7th Annual New York Fundraiser was lots of fun! Bringing the event back to our old stomping grounds at Slate NYC got glowing reviews especially on their service, food and drinks. The newly decorated space was very comfortable and people had a chance to mingle and reconnect with other supporters.

The crowd was energized and asked to participate in another fundraising party next June. Thanks to Bob Gans who stepped in at the last moment to be our auctioneer. He had some witty comments and kept the ball rolling.
We raised $24,000 and counting. A very big Thank YOU to our generous donors plus the hotels and resorts that gave to help make our event such a success:
The Peninsula Hong Kong, The Peninsula Shanghai, The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, The Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya in Mexico, The West Bay Club in Turks & Caicos, Morgan's Rock Resort in Nicaragua, Lefay Resort & Spa on Lake Garda in Northern Italy, The Unique Hotel in Sao Paolo & Unique Garden Hotel in Attaiba in Brazil, Montage Hotels, Das Stue Hotel in Berlin with Aigner Restaurant in Berlin, The Refinery Hotel in New York along with Fig & Olive Restaurant NYC, Elio's Restaurant NYC, Ichiro Japanese Restaurant in NYC.
Slate 2015

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

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