Because of our great volunteers and donors who took the time to send favorable comments on CCDO to the Great Non Profits website, we have again - for the third year in a row - received the GREAT NONPROFITS 2015 badge!


On the GLOBAL GIVING website, our Partner Rewards Level has moved from Partner to Leader which means that CCDO is now more likely to be recommended to a corporate partner, featured in GlobalGiving social media, and highlighted in donor communications. We are grateful to all of you who made the effort to nominate us. Thank you for your continued support! 

Water & Sanitation Tracker
Wells needed : 28 
Latrines needed: 20

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Wells Built      8      5    6     5     12    15   4
Latrines Built  7      4   15    6       2    16   9
Proud Announcements
New Accomplishments by UK CCDO

Our fabulous UK partners have reached a great milestone with the 100th water well. It was donated by Darren McQuoid who has been a steadfast supporter. Darren says, "Yes, this is my fourth water well and I'm saving up for number five. After visiting Cambodia and seeing the difference these wells make to peoples' lives, I felt that with a few pounds saved regularly, much more could be achieved".


 Soroptimist International Stourbridge & District have donated four new latrines to complement their four already completed wells.  


Margaret Jarman, Director of CCDO UK, spoke at the Soroptimist International Convention held from July 9th to the 12th in Istanbul. This convention was attended by 1,600 professional women from all over the world.  


Anti-trafficking is something Margaret feels passionate about and her talk, "Modern Day Slavery" included the presentation of CCDO's anti-trafficking comic, Phea's Dream. A thousand of these comic books were sponsored by Soropotimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI). Margaret said that the distribution of this comic to children in our Anti-trafficking Workshops held in Siem Reap has played a large part in raising awareness of this vile crime, and helps in the effort to keep our children safe from the clutches of traffickers.

Margaret Jarman, Director of CCDO UK 


Californians on a Volunteer Mission to Cambodia in January 2016!  

A group from San Francisco will be leaving on January 16th for two weeks of cultural immersion and volunteering in our village schools shaded by the temples of Angkor Wat. If you want to be part of this special experience, see the details here.



Fundraiser in New York


Calling all New Yorkers! Please note that our usual spring fundraiser has been moved to November 2nd this year. This event will be held at State NYC at 54 W 21st Street from 6-9 PM. Please mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting event. You may contact us if you have a particular talent and/or would like to help us or can obtain local prizes for our live action.


Please visit the website for more information


Reports from the Ground

Globalteer's Olympic Games


A special thanks to Memoire D' Angkor Hotel for their sponsorship of our 60-member CCDO Team that represented our organization at the fun "Olympic Games" organized by Globalteers.   


We were assigned the country of USA and competed in many categories. For many of the children, it was a first outing to The Big City of Siem Reap.  

Our volunteer Amber reports:


"The day of the games was fantastic. We looked so smart with our flags and logos representing our sponsor. Our kids did a little chant led by one of the younger boys at the front of the line. I thought they were very endearing and by far one of the loudest and most excited NGO participants.

The children having fun at the Globalteer/s Olympic Games.
The children posing with the team flag, The Star Spangled Banner!
The morning was well organized. It was great to see the children trying out all the events.The older kids did exceptionally well in the kick ball and football events.

The younger kids seemed to take more interest in the wheelbarrow and spoon races but also the football events. Toward the end of the morning when the games had concluded, the outdoor area of Chung Lung Sports Club was turned into two big soccer fields, and every NGO got a chance to compete in a match which was great to watch as both the boys and girls were very enthusiastic. It was a great moment to see the kids just having fun."

Update on our Scholarship Students

Five out of our seven outstanding studios have sponsors for their next school year as they enter high school. These two girls are still hoping for support at the cost of $350 per year. Donations can be made in monthly instalments of $30 a month. Can you share a dollar a day? If you would like to help, please click here.


Monh Ny

Monh Ny likes reading books in both English and Khmer.  She would like to become a teacher and inspire young students. She believes teaching is a good way to support her family and make them proud.  She can be found every day studying hard in the library.


Dam Chem wants to become a chef of Khmer cuisine.  She enjoys creating wonderful dishes for her two younger brothers, her mother and father.  Her favorite dish is Kakor Soup, a spicy sour soup of many different vegetables.

Dam Chem
Thank you for your generous donations!

A big thanks to...  



A special thank you to university student Victoria Valdez from California who has rallied her family and friends (such as Antelope Ambulance Service) and is sponsoring seven wells.   That's an amazing $1,750 raised! Victoria will be visiting us in August and making a video about the well-making process to promote our work at the university and in her community.



Celebrating Volunteers

Bruna Paraiso & Rodrigo Talarico 


 A big shout out to our tireless volunteers in New York. Recently a husband and wife team from Sao Paolo, Brazil joined our efforts. Bruna Paraiso is working on a Google Adword Campaign, so that now CCDO often appears as the first NGO on the Google Search listings. Bruna is also handling the banking and mail while Jenni is in Asia, and her financially talented husband, Rodrigo Talarico, has fine-tuned our financial reports so that they appear on one spread sheet.   Our donors can easily see (to the penny) exactly how their money is being used.

School Construction Update

Thanks to iHerb for continuing their support and providing additional funds to complete the building.  


And another big thanks to our fairy godmother, Vera Campbell, who has allowed $6,000 of her yearly donation to shift towards helping pay for our solar panel installation.


Because of their generosity, the school will be ready for its October opening.


Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

Cambodian Child's Dream Organization