Happy Fathers Day 2

Happy Father's Day from our Khmer fathers to all the fathers around the world!  

We value your hard work supporting families, your guidance, wisdom, and love!


Celebrate and honor your father, grandfather or a special mentor in your life by donating a water well or latrine in his name. We'll send his special greetings with a picture of his sign and benefiting family!

Water & Sanitation Tracker
Wells needed : 43 
Latrines needed: 43

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Wells Built      8      5    6     5     16
Latrines Built  7      4   15    6       4
Report from the Ground
Science Discovery with Kadijah! 

Science comes alive with our New York volunteer, Kadijah Spence! Once again, she is engaging our older English students with the wonders of science by introducing concepts such as biomes of the Earth and literally putting our students on the map by teaching geography.


KadijahKadijah Class


Sports & English go hand in hand with Amber! 


Amber and Jake have taken over the English Class at Kokchan School and are enthusiastically bringing a new level of English immersion to the kids. Amber is using her sporting talents to train our kids for the Globalteer Games in August.
Amber Action
Jake & Amber Teaching


The Betty Appeal 


Will Bike Ride Will Wilkins and Kate Macdonell undertook a cycling trip from Bangkok to Luang Prabang in Laos, a ride of approximately 1400 miles in total.  


Will and Kate loved their time in Cambodia and were so touched by the friendliness of the people, especially taking into account Cambodia's horrendous recent past.


They decided to conduct a fundraiser to build a water well in rural Siem Reap after being inspired by the work CCDO had done in building wells in the area and how it improved the lives and health of families. CCDO UK set up a donation page on Virgin Money Giving and Will and Kate's friends raised an incredible 650 which far exceeded their expectations. That was enough to build two wells and two latrines.


They have decided to dedicate one of the Latrines to "Betty Swumcrack" in memory of their ever present traveling companion".


Thank you for your generous donations!

A big thanks to... 


Maxine Marron, our steadfast supporter, for an outstanding $10,000 donation.  


This ensures our high school scholarship program continuing into the new school year and that we can pay our teachers a living wage and even some small benefits like insurance and maternity leave. We will be selecting a new batch of top secondary school graduating scholars soon and sending out their names for sponsorships.


Maxine says, "We all have so much, much more than we need. We live rich lives by all standards. We should give generously to those less fortunate, who have so little. Education is a way out of poverty!"


We are also grateful to Leslie Johnson who has donated $2000 for 8 water wells to be built in the month of June. Leslie has chosen to honor friends and family as well as some of her dear pets who have departed this world. Please consider making a donation on behalf of a loved one.

Celebrating Volunteers

A big welcome to...

Jake (left) teaching English with fellow volunteer, Amber 

Jake Seemann


Jake jumped on a plane immediately upon graduating from ASU in Phoenix, AZ. He had fundraised for water wells when he was younger and has been dreaming to come back to visit the families and help in the schools. He is filled with enthusiasm for teaching English as well as developing a literal arts program that will include music and creative plays. Watch this space for exciting development.




Trinetta Teaching
Trinetta (left) teaching the class about hygiene 


Trinetta Chong


Trinetta is our Forgotten International fellowship student from Singapore, using her summer break from her graduate school studies at UC Berkley by volunteering with us. For the next 3 months she will be making sense of all our collected data by compiling a data base to include all aspects of our student body activities. She is also working on our WASH Survey and with her help, we will have a better system in place to be able to track the repair status of all our wells.

School Construction Update
Completed Building

The new building is almost complete. The bright orange color of the outside walls will stand out and cheer up the campus. The classrooms are painted a pale off white. We are making good progress with computer donations but are still looking for sponsors for the solar panels and fans so we can run the computer center and the fans.


Please consider donating to complete the building.

If you would like to make a contribution, we need...


  • 12 Ceiling Fans at $55 each 
  • 12 LED Lights at $18 each
  • 6 Solar Panels at $200 each
  • 1 Inverter at $675
  • 8 Batteries at $150

Remember: Ordinary people can do extraordinary things that make a difference in the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

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