Happy Khmer New Year! New Year, New Look!
Happy Khmer New Year!

Chnam Thmey Sok Sabai!

Our students, teacher and staff celebrated their New Year in school playing traditional Khmer games.

Khmer New Year is the most anticipated holiday of the year. The holiday lasts for three days beginning on New Year's Day, which usually falls on April 13 or 14th. It is also the end of the harvesting season where farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor before the rainy season begins. Many people, if they can, take extra time off and travel long distances to visit their families and make special offerings at the temples.

Water & Sanitation Tracker
Wells still needed 64  Latrines still needed 53
                     Jan  Feb Mar Apr  May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct  Nov   Dec 
Wells Built      8      5    6
Latrines Built  7      4   15

Pin Pick-up
Soccer Final and Cleanup

Out of the three CCDO football teams, the under 14 girls made it into the grand final of the 2015 Globalteer Football League at Galaxy Sports Stadium in Siem Reap! All three teams played well and it's easy to see students had an amazing time playing football throughout the season. 

The under 14 girls were down 1-0 at half time but managed to score in the second half to make it a 1 -1 game at full time. Crowds gathered around to watch an intense penalty shoot-out which we only just lost.


Soccer Ice-Creams

There were still plenty of smiles from the girls as they got involved in the trash pick-up competition which was organized by CCDO Cambodian staff to clean up the outdoor stadium. Each NGO football team was given 3 trash bags and offered a prize for the most garbage collected. The kids did so well filling up all their bags to the brim, it was too difficult to judge the winner and it was only fair that they all got something. Over 100 ice cream popsicles were given out after the cleanup to all the teams.The cost of this was a mere $30 and it went a long way to help reinforce the important message about keeping a clean environment and that cleanliness is important for health.


Baggylove Thanks

Thank you for your Generous Donations!

10 New Desks In Honor of Noah Peretz' Bar Mitzvah by his proud grandparents David and Eilleen Peretz.  


200 School bags from Amanda, David & BAGGYLOVE customers.

"One bag one love!" - The bags were created in Hong Kong with a special logo: Dream Study Succeed! The bags were given as special prize in our English classes to the students with top three test scores and to the most improved students.


$1500 for Computers from Frank & Carol Deford and Louise Hu for our new Computer Lab.
If you would like to make a contribution too, we need...
  • 50 more desks for our new English classroom. Each desk costs $50. 
  • 11 more computers.  Each costs $300
  • 4 more computer stations. Each costs $400
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Thank you for your kind and generous support!
Book Report

Book Report

To encourage our students to read, write and speak more English we have introduced the concept of making book reports in Level 3 English classes. The students rise to the challenge and make lovely group reports each Friday.


Introduction of the Student Teacher Conference

Our English students did quite well on their third test (and not one single student failed). After the results were announced, we introduced another new concept - the Student Teacher Conference. The students with lower test results had a meeting with their teachers to discuss the possible obstacles to their learning. Many said they don't have enough time to study as they have to take care of cows, pigs or younger siblings. We can't help with the cows and pigs, but we do wish we could have more preschool classes to help with the sibling care. We run two preschools and they are filled to the brim. 

Summer Fellow
Trinetta crop

We are excited to announce our Forgotten International Summer Fellow - Trinetta Chong. Trinetta is a Singapore native and a UC Berkeley Masters of Public Policy student. She will be spending her summer evaluating and reporting on our programs on the ground. Thank you Forgotten International for providing the financial support to the graduate student volunteers around the world and in Cambodia.


New Building 6 April
Progress at New School Building...
The roof is almost completed with the tiles in position. The floor tiles are next to be installed with a green beige tile in the classrooms and a non-slip terra-cotta tile in the corridors. We are still looking for funding for the solar panels.
We are on schedule for completion in May.
Thank you for your continued support!
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