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Let's remember this Sunday, how lucky we are to have clean water.
Wells still needed 70  Latrines still needed 68
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Wells Built         8         5
Latrines Built     7         4



We celebrated March 8- International Women's Day in our schools by dedicating our English lessons on that day to discussion about women's rights and equality. While Cambodian women certainly face many challenges, we are proud to see an equal participation of girls and boys in our schools. In effect more girls continue their education and most of our high school scholarship recipients are girls. Unfortunately many boys drop out of school as soon as they are strong enough to help support their families by doing construction or farm work.


Here is a short report from Pin Sok, our Education Coordinator:

It was fun that students to get involved on the 'International Women's Day'. Students wrote sentences, drawing and coloring pictures on flip-chart with fun to make several posters. And then after that when students finished their drawing, teachers and I told them about some of the briefly histories of princess Neang Neak and Phnom Bros, Phnom Srey (Man Mountain and Women Mountain) of the powerful female legends. Then teachers and students walked around the school with yelling and shouting 'Women's Day'! 'Women's Day'!


Womens Day LeaderWomen Men Equal



Seeing so much improvement on the ground is always exciting. Our English and Sports programs are amazing along with WASH Program. One of the most joyful moments is interacting with our 15 scholarship Scholarship with rice students. They are now in high school and receive a 50Kg bag of rice each month to help feed their families so that they can finish high school and not be forced into working in the field. We pay for their monthly tuition fees and give them clothes and books.  The students asked if they could study English on Sundays with our English teachers as  the sparse English provided in high school was not as high a level. So, Sun Dutch, one of our teachers, agreed to give up his only day off to teach the students. He has since added 10 more students to his class. These are the future leaders of Cambodia, lets give them every opportunity to succeed.




Nurse Leakna from our partner Lotus Kids Club Organization kindly came out to Ta Pang school and conducted extensive First Aid training for teacher representatives of all our schools. Each school also has a replenished and comprehensive first aid kit with supplies brought in by January volunteers with help from Med Share non profit in California.




A big shout out goes to our newest batch of volunteers.

Maduri Vassaramo from England, is helping with English classes, correcting their pronunciation. She is also guiding our librarian Sombon in compiling a computer database of all our library books and resources. Lastly she is conducting detailed campus evaluations with suggestions for improvements.

Peter Gatt from Australia is helping our sports coaches by teaching them new exercises, activities, and developing strategies for soccer training and tactics for more wins in the sports leagues.


We are glad to welcome visitors from around the world and if possible take advantage of their skills and knowledge.


Yvonne Arden and her friend Connie from the USA stopped by on their Asian trip and quickly shared some teaching techniques from their arsenal of teacher training profession. We were delighted to receive a long email from them with positive impressions.
See excerpt:

"Seeing the morning preparations for the breakfast and watching the students take responsibility for so many tasks was an amazing start of the day.
Watching the students caring for each other, observing their concern for each other as well as the environment surrounding them was a treat to observe. Creating the gardens to add more nourishment to the rice dishes is a real kudos for this school. Watching the students work in the gardens rein
forced the concept of community learning both inside and outside the walls of the classrooms.  Speaking of classrooms, I was delighted with the COLORFUL preschool rooms with beautifully painted walls, brightly colored mats, colorful furniture and the smiling children.  Would that the other classrooms could reflect this same brightness and colorful atmosphere. I often see younger children having this special atmosphere and the older children being in more stark environments.  When Connie and I did a fun demo with songs, actions, and labeled pictures, I so wished that room could have been as brightly decorated!
Kudos to all those who have given so generously that these students can receive an education and become change agents in their own communities.  Visiting the small library, I was impressed with the organization and labeling of materials.  Would that this room could become larger and overflowing with reading/writing materials for the students to share and learn from. The morning spent at Ta Pang school was a privilege and honor. My sincerest thank you to each of you who made this experience a reality for me.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart. 

                                                                             Yvonne Arden, Educational Consultant"


After seeing our work first hand in Cambodia, one of our visitors, Daniel Chiong from Singapore has become a staunch supporter of CCDO. He is regularly tackling different issues, be it supporting teacher and student educational materials or giving out scholarships. This  time he collected 60 pieces of clothing and shipped it to our office for distribution to our students. They were given out to top students as an added incentive and reward for their diligent work.


We have been lucky to have had some wonderful help and insight by Carat volunteers on our media outreach. Carat is part of Aegis Dentsu Group, a world leading independent media planning & buying specialist and the market-leader in digital and non-traditional media solutions. Now our New York volunteers are taking their commitment to a new level by sponsoring a company wide campaign to collect funds for our water wells and latrines. Thank you Kaitlyn and Karen!



Kassi Mettler, a high school senior in Walnut Creek, California has been collecting change from her peers and spreading awareness of our work. She is proud to sponsor a new well.



The first donations from our Amansara partnership program are coming in and we are very pleased with the generous response from the guests. Our wells and sanitation program has been highlighted in the hotel's community outreach brochure. We are proud of our reputation and trust put into our work by Amansara.


March 16 Building

Our contractor is building in record time.  The roof wetting ceremony will be held before Khmer New Year in Mid April.

Plans for the official opening date is mid June.  We can't teach in an empty classroom, please help us fund the basic equipment needed.


1 Desk for 2 students= $45

1 Whiteboard = $95

1 Storage Cabinets = $150

1 Teachers Station and Chair = $200

1 Computer Station = $300


Please click here to donate  as 416 students will benefit from your generosity.





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