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Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2015? Our New Year's Resolutions are simple: Lose weight and exercise more! Ha, just kidding, we know that such lofty goals are unattainable!


But we do know, that with your help, we can and will achieve some more important goals in 2015:

  • Build our 1000th well (only 79 more to go)

  • Build our 200th latrine (only 72 more to go)

  • .Build a new school building at Ta Pang School for English, computers and cultural classes.

  • Continue to feed and educate even more Cambodian kids, so they can dream big!


    When thinking of New Year's Resolutions, we certainly encourage you to fulfill your personal goals, read more, exercise more or lose a few pounds, if that is what you feel you need. What we need is for you to decide to become a real philanthropist and make the world a better place in 2015. Just as exercise and dieting take commitment and dedication, so does philanthropy. Become an informed donor by checking out Charity Navigator for some 4 star highest ranked charities, or save time and effort and donate to CCDO as we are a 4 star rated charity on Charity Navigator for the last three years as well as Top-Rated Nonprofit with Great Nonprofits. You already know the great work that we accomplish.  


  • As we are all well aware exercise and dieting are not a one-time shot but require persistence and repetition to be truly effective. Some will opt to do ten crunches a day or take two Pilates classes a week. Whatever you opt to do, we ask you to become an effective philanthropist by giving a recurrent monthly donation in 2015. It is easy to set up, just click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.   


Or, if you would rather commit to regularly donating your time, please become our Ambassador in your community. We ask you to commit to spreading the word and advocating for our cause by reaching out to your local service organizations, schools, places of worship and friends. Plan on hosting a Valentine's Party or a Christmas Cookie Exchange with CCDO as a beneficiary. We will help you formulate an effective plan and support you every step of the way. Please email us at:



See our children's dreams and wishes for the New Year and become a DREAM GIVER!


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