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April 6
IPD @ Ross 

April 1

Community Service Day 
This year's organizations:
- The Ark
- Ann Arbor Farmers Market
- Clean Energy Coalition
- FAR Theraputic Arts and Recreation 

April 10-12
Tauber's Executive Forum @ INFORMS 2016 Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research

May 12-13
Positive Business Conference @ Ross

May 21-24
Meet Tauber at IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2016 
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Tauber bloggers 
At a formal business meal, will your manners prove delightful, or disastrous?
Tomtsa Chishi (MSCM '17) shares what he learned about dining etiquette.

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Paying attention to the little things pays off
At BorgWarner headquarters with their 2015 SPOTLIGHT! prize, L to R: Stephan Altmeyer (BorgWarner Manager, Global Advanced Quality), Fan Fan (MSCM '15), Sarah Klemsz (MSCM '15) and Kendall Moyer (BSE/MSE ChE '16).
 "BorgWarner has many different types of each of the small components that go into their core assembly, but there's no traceability system, so there's no way to tell at the end of the process if the correct parts were used..."
- Sarah Klemsz (MSCM '15) 
BorgWarner Turbo Systems tasked its 2015 Tauber team with solving its small parts inventory management and tracking challenges. The team's plan could save BorgWarner $10.61m annually - and earned them 2nd place at SPOTLIGHT!

Learn how Turbo Systems can now achieve 100% control and traceability of components.

Maersk GM examines his evolving management style
Olivier Kazandjian (MBA '04) and his family enjoy the view from the Brooklyn Bridge.
"...I learned in the last 12 years that management is not only managing down but also managing up. To do so, I had to learn something that is not very easy for a French person: be concise and precise." 
- Olivier Kazandjian (MBA '04), GM, Maersk Line

Tauber's global reputation for operations excellence lured French citizen Olivier Kazandjian across the Atlantic to earn his MBA, and set him on a new path.

Olivier shares his journey from his Tauber experience to leading transformation programs for Maersk.

Prof Talbot shares his passion for continuous learning
Prof. Emeritus Brian Talbot shares his insights from four decades of teaching and research as a Tauber team project advisor. 
"I decided I really liked teaching and the academic life style so I gave up a good job at P&G for an uncertain future in a PhD program."
- Brian Talbot, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration and of Operations and Management Science

Generations of U-M grads are grateful Professor Talbot made the choice to teach.  Tauber teams now benefit from Talbot's current research on development of heuristic and optimal solution procedures for production and manpower planning, vehicle loading and resource-constrained scheduling.

The 2015 Clean Energy Coalition Tauber Community Service Day team on site.
April 1 marks Tauber's 5th annual Community Service Day.  Tauber students, staff, and Industry Advisory Board members will donate their time to analyze operations challenges and recommend optimal solutions for four different SE Michigan organizations dedicated to supporting and improving their community.

Learn about the impact Tauber teams have been able to make in just one day.

Tauber students get ready to go global
 Alison Levy (MBA '17) and Chhavi Chaudhry (BSE/MSE-IOE '17) got right to work for their team sponsor Dow at the 2016 Kickoff dinner.
Tauber launched 32 team projects sponsored by 23 top global firms at the 2016 Kickoff dinner.  New sponsors include Cribmaster, Fresenius, and Tesla.

In addition to working in the U.S., Tauber students will be traveling to Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  Follow their journey as students share their experiences on Tauber bloggers.  You can also keep up to date by following @umtauber on Twitter or Facebook
Andrew proudly wears Michigan blue at the 2016 Pit Crew Challenge.  His team placed first in their round!  L to R: Osbert Fu (MSE-IOE '17), Vikram Raghavan (MEng Auto/MSCM '17), Lauren Bilbo (BSE/MSE-EE '17), and Andrew Poterala (BSE-ME/MSE-IOE '17).
"I always wanted to be able to be the bridge between the business and engineering environments.... I realized [Tauber] would also expose me to some of the brightest minds, most impactful ideas, and strongest alumni groups U-M has to offer."
- Andrew Poterala (BSE-ME/MSE-IOE '17)

Andrew Poterala has divided loyalties.  He has been an MSU athletics fan since birth, but now he is loving the academic opportunities he's found at U-M.

Learn how Andrew's campus experience is preparing him for his team project at Precision Castparts.

"As a recipient of the award, I was able to spend time doing what I love in my final year of school instead of worrying about financials. I spent my time mentoring undergraduate students and coordinating a volunteer abroad trip to Malawi."
- Melissa Sweeney (BSE-MSE/MSE-IOE '16)
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Tauber Alumni Board  
President Andrew Burgess (MBA '11)
Vice President Ankur Agurwal (MSCM '14)
Mentorship Chair Joshua Ma (BSE/MSE-IOE '15)
Networking Chair Jim Beaver (MSCM '12)
Scholarship Fund Chair Geoff Phillips (MBA '98)

Positive Business Conference @ Ross

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