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Save the dates
Get ready to vote - one-handed!  This year's Integrated Product Development challenge requires students to redesign a household device to be operable with only one hand.

Save the date for IPD and other opportunities to connect with Tauber students and alums:

IPD voting online

April 6
IPD @ Ross 

April 1

Community Service Day 
This year's organizations:
- The Ark
- Ann Arbor Farmers Market
- Clean Energy Coalition
- FAR Theraputic Arts and Recreation 

April 10-12
Tauber's Executive Forum @ INFORMS 2016 Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research  
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The Tauber Team Experience
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Chhavi takes us through the Pit Crew Challenge, and it's not what she thought it would be.
See how she does!
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Tauber professor in the Top 40 Under 40
Prof. Damien Beil develops mathematical models to analyze complex problems in procurement.
"Ross' incredible connections with companies through programs like the Tauber Institute for Global Operations were invaluable in helping me get current on industry issues and challenges, and really shaped my research and teaching."
- Prof. Damian Beil

Learn more about Prof. Beil, recently appointed Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at Ross, and named one of the Top 40 Professors Under 40 by PoetsandQuants.com.

Continuous improvement is always possible
TBT @ the Big House, Fall 2013.  L to R: Alexandria Western (BorgWarner Thermal project), BorgWarner VP Scott Gallett, Stella Bi (Thermal), Chen He (BorgWarner Turbo project), Jamie Ma (Turbo), and former Industry Co-Director Al Woodliff.
Stella Bi (MSCM '13) values the global exposure and practical experience she gained from her Tauber team project with BorgWarner Thermal - and now applies that experience to her new role as Global Commodity Manager for BorgWarner Morse Systems.
Catch up with Stella, and learn how she employs "continuous persistence" to show that "continuous improvement is always possible."

Andy Crews of AutoFair Honda took home the 2015 TIME Dealer of the Year award.
Tauber will be at the awards ceremony when Ally Financial, TIME, and the National Automobile Dealers Association team up to announce the 2016 TIME Dealer of the Year on April 1 in Las Vegas.

Tauber faculty have been entrusted with selecting the four regional finalists from an impressive array of nominees.  Competitors are evaluated both on the business practices in their dealerships and on their contribution to their community.  Learn more.

A-MAIZE-ING victory at the Pit Crew Challenge
Victory for Team A-MAIZE-ING!  L to R: Anand Vasudevan (MSE-IOE), Ishan Khandelwal (MBA), Misaki Nozawa (MSE-ME), and Julian Chen (MSCM)
Air guns screaming, Tauber students raced against the clock - and each other - in the annual Pit Crew Challenge.  The team building exercise takes students out of their comfort zone, as they work together to rotate real 75-pound race car tires as quickly as possible.

This year, first place went to Team A-MAIZE-ING, boasting a time of 12.04 seconds.  Next to cross the finish line were the Cheetahs with 12.54 seconds, the Speed Turtles with 13.15 seconds, and Close-listed with 14.13 seconds.

See more photos, and check out this snapchat story filed by #UMSocial.

Sinha's survey says: demand is down for free and fast
Preliminary results from Tauber Co-Director Sinha's annual ecommerce survey indicate fewer consumers are demanding free and fast delivery.
"For the long-term health of ecommerce companies, this is a good trend."
 - Tauber Co-director Amitabh Sinha

Preliminary results from Prof. Sinha's annual ecommerce survey indicate the number of customers who requested free shipping dropped from 65 percent to 48 percent in the past year, while demand for same-day delivery also decreased.

Learn more about the results in his blog,
Ecommerce thoughts from Ann Arbor.
Bevin Mathew (MSE-IOE '17) builds better connections at Tauber's new networking module.
"... Analyzing your process flow when you wake up in the morning, and making small adjustments to the way you do things can buy you precious minutes every day.  The possibilities are endless."
- Bevin Mathew (MSE-IOE '17)

Bevin Mathew sees Operations applications everywhere he looks.  The chance to combine his love of engineering with the opportunity to work with business students convinced Bevin to take a break from Toyota India and pursue his MSE-IOE at U-M.

Find out more about Bevin, and learn why he considers Michigan winters a plus!

The Tauber Alumni Board often hears from Tauber students that they would like an alumni mentor.  After completing an alumni mentorship pilot program this winter, we are excited to take the program into phase two with additional mentorship opportunities available this summer.

One of the biggest challenges with developing a mentorship program is defining the mentor relationship.  What does mentorship mean to you?  How has a mentor influenced your career path?  Join the conversation in the Tauber LinkedIn Group.
TAB President:  Andrew Burgess (MBA '11)
TAB Vice President:  Ankur Agurwal (MSCM '14)
TAB Student Mentorship Chair:  Joshua Ma (EGL:BSE/MSE-IOE '15)
TAB Alumni Networking Chair:  Jim Beaver (MSCM '12)
TAB Alumni Scholarship Fund Chair:  Geoff Phillips (MBA '98)