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Find inspiration in health care supply chain 
From student to mentor_ Shastry _far R_ with the 2015 Cardinal Health Tauber Team at SPOTLIGHT_
From student to mentor: Shastry (far R) with the 2015 Cardinal Health Tauber Team at SPOTLIGHT!
"I not only work for a living, but contribute to society. The lives of so many patients can benefit from the work we do in health care."
- Chandrashekar Shastry (MSCM '13)

Get inspired with Chandrashekar Shastry, whose passion for finding ways to increase efficiency in health care first brought him to Tauber.  Now, as Manager of Services Development at OptiFreight Logistics at Cardinal Health, Shastry works to improve freight management for health systems, and he has become a mentor for Tauber students.

Prof. Hyun-Soo Ahn applauds the accomplishments of 2015 MSCM graduates.
Prof. Hyun-Soo Ahn applauds the accomplishments of 2015 MSCM graduates.
"I graduated from IOE department at U of M. So coming back was like coming home."
- Professor Hyun-Soo Ahn

Dr. Hyun-Soo Ahn serves both as Professor of Technology and Operations at Ross and as
Faculty Director of the Master in Supply Chain Management Program. He has an remarkable record of student placement, and has received several teaching awards based on student votes.

Learn more about Dr. Ahn and his research - and find out where you can sample his favorite beats.

2015 Pepsico Tauber Team Member Lavanya Divi _MSCM _15_ picked up some product history while solving supply chain problems for PepsiCo.
2015 Pepsico Tauber Team Member Lavanya Divi (MSCM '15) picked up some product history while solving supply chain problems for PepsiCo.
When PepsiCo North America needed help refreshing its inefficient warehouse network, it turned to the Tauber team of Lavanya Divi (MSCM '15) and Tanu Sharma (MSCM '15).

Read how the team helped PepsiCo create a plan that provided a more accurate warehouse space model, increased overall supply chain efficiency, and predicted infrastructure-related bottlenecks.
New for 2016:  Tesla, Fresenius, Cribmaster, MMSDC, Volkswagen
Who will win the 2016 SPOTLIGHT_ awards_  Companies are vying for the chance to compete.
Who will win the 2016 SPOTLIGHT! awards?  Companies are vying for the chance to compete.
Tauber team projects reflect the growing scope of operations theory, and the greater understanding of the importance of supply chain management to a wide variety of enterprises.  New companies presenting potential projects for 2016 include Tesla Motors, Fresenius, Cribmaster, Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC), and Volkswagen.

Increasingly Tauber students take on team projects that require advanced data analytics, sustainability projections, and technologies such as 3D printing and RFID.
Take a look at the range of last year's Tauber team projects.

Max Boykin _BSE-IOE _16_ is intent on problem solving during Tauber_s new Networking Module.
Max Boykin (BSE-IOE '16) is intent on problem solving during Tauber's new Networking Module.
"I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, investment banking analyst, management consultant and the manager of the New York Mets."
- Maxwell Boykin (BSE-IOE '16)

Max Boykin's diverse interests led him to the Engineering Global Leadership Program and to Tauber, where he is the now President of the Student Advisory Board.

Find out why Tauber is a great fit for a guy who wants to do it all - and learn how joining a Global Action Program in Rwanda strengthened Max's admiration for operations professionals worldwide.

2015 MSCM Graduates

Congratulations to our December 2015 Masters of Supply Chain Management graduates:  Kaushik Acharya, Neeraj Anand, Archis Awate, Yu-Mei Chang, Ramesh Chavan, Shrikant Chothave, Lavanya Divi, Jingyang Du, Fan Fan, Taabish Faraz, Anil Godavarthy, Christina Greaves, Aniket Gur, Ashlyn Gurley (MSCM &MS Natural Resources), Prajwal Bhaskar Joshi, Sarah Klemsz, Julie (Hyun Chu) Kong, Shobhit Kumar, Angelita LiuVarun Mudegowdra Basavaraj, Kamala Purnima Pisipati, Dinesh Saini, Phillip Scavulli, Aditya Seshnath, Tanu Sharma, Gururajan Vijayan, Ruoxin Wang, Qian Wu, and Rico Yuepan Zhang.

And kudos also to our newest Engineering Global Leadership graduates Akul Bali (BSE-EE & MSE-IOE) and Joe Menzia (BSE-IOE & MSE-IOE)!

 See more photos of the MSCM commencement on Tauber's flickr page.

TAB President:  Andrew Burgess (MBA '11)

TAB Vice President:  Ankur Agurwal (MSCM '14)
Alumni Networking Chair:  Jim Beaver (MSCM '12) 

Alumni Scholarship Fund Chair:  Geoff Phillips (MBA '98)

Student Mentorship Chair: 
Joshua Ma (EGL:BSE/MSE-IOE '15)