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I write these words as we enter the mysteries of the Easter Triduum (Paschal Triduum or The Three Days) whereby we recall and relive the passion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Thus, Episcopal Praying Communities throughout San Joaquin will for the next three days engage in some of our church's richest liturgies.  And so, I cast my thoughts on particular unforgettable and poignant liturgical moments from the past.  I remember the moment of washing the feet of another and stripping the space clear on Maundy or Holy Thursday.  I recount sitting in an almost uncomfortably silent and progressively darkened space during Tenebrae on Good Friday only to be startled, better said, and shaken at my foundations by an abrupt clanging noise.  And I recall standing before the New Fire and lighting candles hence returning light to our darkened space and reaffirming Baptismal Vows on Holy Saturday.  And so I pause and bring to mind and heart many more images from these Three Extraordinary Days.  The thing is, and perhaps oddly enough, as we enter the mysteries of the Triduum, I find myself somewhat preoccupied by the events earlier in the day on this Holy Thursday.

This morning I gathered with Canon Kate, our Chancellor-Michael Glass, Rev Lynn Morlan from St. Anne's, Stockton and Lea Isetti also from St. Anne's at St. John's, Stockton.  Today, we received the keys of this church and in the immortal words of that great theologian Forrest Gump, "That's all I'll say about that."  However, what I will say is that as we walked in and around this, for some amongst us, familiar yet oddly unfamiliar place, I couldn't help but think about the triduum.  More particularly, what kept coming back to me throughout the course of the day and during our extensive walk-about was the empty tomb.  You see, that's precisely what it felt like to me.  And don't misunderstand, it wasn't/isn't remotely empty, there are candlesticks and vestments and prayer books, all there.  Just as the tomb wasn't completely empty either, I hasten to add.  I suspect the reason I found the image so compelling was because of the invitation I have experienced over the years by way of entering and dwelling in the empty tomb.  I believe the original tomb was emptied so that it could be filled with love, God's love and the love of God's people.  I'm certainly not suggesting that St. John's has been devoid of love over the last seven years.  I trust it has been loved greatly.  But what I do pray is that we are able to fill and surround St. John's, Stockton with love for as long as God would have us do.

Episcopalians in and of San Joaquin retained St. John's on Holy Thursday.  On Easter Day at 10:30am, doors will be opened, Eucharist will be celebrated, and love will fill this holy space.   


Blessings for Easter
Bishop David



"Participating in God's Reconciling Love"

Women's Retreat...


Women's Retreat

May 2-4, 2014


IMPORTANT: Registrations are due now!


What is a Retreat?


In the last few years the word "retreat" seems to have entered the popular culture, most especially in the world of business. They are for the most part "team-building" exercises (games), opportunities to "network" in a less structured, formal environment. They are often goal-oriented activities for the improvement of morale, the betterment of the company or firm. This now pervasive understanding of retreat, has profoundly influenced what we imagine when we hear the word, and ironically colored the word's original meaning and the activity bearing its name; in fact, parish or vestry retreats, have begun to look more and more like those in the business world - work weekends, with measurable goals and tasks.

 In the traditional sense, a retreat, in reality, is called so because is an opportunity to retreat from the daily rounds of our lives, from the things and distractions that keep our priorities out of balance, our values out of kilter. A retreat is an opportunity to step aside, even if for a short time, from the lies we may tell ourselves about our self-importance, or the indispensability of our work; funnily enough, the absolute reverse of the corporate retreat. A traditional retreat is comprised usually of addresses centered around a particular theme, also periods of communal prayer. However, the bulk of the time is usually devoted to personal prayer, reflection and silence, or private sessions of spiritual direction. The temptation to depart from silence is perhaps the greatest in a retreat. This temptation honestly contemplated, may unmask for us the ways in which we use speech and conversation to silence our own inner voices, as well a way to avoid facing at ourselves.

 On 2-4 May the Diocesan Women's Retreat will be hosted at ECCO. Its theme is Living and Dying into Resurrection...Now, and as last year will be led by Fr. Luis Rodriguez. It will be an opportunity for prayer, reflection, silence, and mediation, exploring resurrection not as a past event or future hope, but a present reality. Consider taking
this invitation to retreat into the beauty of nature, away from the normal "run of things", and hopefully discern the still small voice of God with and abroad.

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People News...
Congratulations go to Jan Dunlap!

Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, has appointed Jan Dunlap of Bakersfield to the 12-member Joint Standing Committee on Nominations, an interim body of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Jan is to serve until the next General Convention in July of 2015. The Standing Committee on Nominations is tasked to create a slate of nominees to be presented for election at General Convention includingTrustees of the Church Pension Fund, Members of the Executive Council, the Secretary of the House of Deputies, the Treasurer of the General Convention, Trustees of the General Theological Seminary and the Board of Examining Chaplains. Jan will attend her first committee meeting in Chicago this June.  Jan is serving as a Lay Deputy for the Diocese of San Joaquin for General Convention 2015.  She has previously served as Deputy in 2009 and 2012.
From the Office of Public Affairs...


Scholarship applications now accepted for Episcopal Church grants


 [March 31, 2014] Applications are now being accepted for the 2014-2015 awarding of educational scholarships from The Episcopal Church, according to Samuel A. McDonald, Director of Mission/Deputy Chief Operating Officer and convener of the Scholarship Committee.


"As a result of bequests, The Episcopal Church makes available a modest number of scholarships that assist students primarily enrolled in theological education and training," explained Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre, Episcopal Church Director of Investment Management and Banking  "Funding for the program is derived from annual income of designated trust funds established by generous donors."


Scholarships are available for ethnic communities, children of missionaries, bishops and clergy, and other particular wide-ranging eligibility for education and training.

The amounts of the scholarships vary according to the availability of payouts from the funds.  The maximum is $5000.  


The lists of trust funds and scholarships as well as key information are here. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read each trust and identify in the application those trust funds that best fit their own profile.

Requirements for applying for the scholarships include: the applicant must be an Episcopalian, must be a member of The Episcopal Church, and must have the endorsement of his/her bishop.


Application form is available here.


Applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee which includes The Episcopal Church Director of Mission, the Director of Human Resources Management, representatives of various ministries, and the Treasurer's office.  


Deadline for applications is April 30. Only complete applications will be considered.


For information contact Terry Foster,  



Share your Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter experiences, images with the entire Church


[April 1, 2014] The Episcopal Church invites Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter photos and videos to appear in the stained glass on the home page and elsewhere of The Episcopal Church website  


Upload photos here:


Upload videos here:


Palm Sunday is April 13; Holy Thursday is April 17;  

Good Friday is April 18; Easter is April 20.


"We have received lots of Ash Wednesday and Lenten observance photos and videos on," noted Anne Rudig, Director of Communication. "We look forward to photo and video submissions for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. is a container for the whole church. We'd love to showcase what your church is doing."  


For more information contact Barry Merer, Manager, Web & Social Media Services,   

From the Diocesan Office...

Since you have asked....


Bishop David now has an email and it is: 



for the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, Bishop, Canon, and Administrator is to go to the current address: 1528 Oakdale Road, Modesto, CA 95355



Time sensitive material can be emailed to



Whats going on...

Want to know what is happening in the Diocese of San Joaquin?

    Diocesan Council Teleconference Meeting, April 29, 2014, 4:30pm


    4th Annual Women's Retreat, May 2-4, ECCO, Oakhurst, CA


    Diocesan Council Teleconference Meeting, May 15, 2014, 5:30 pm


    Standing Committee Teleconference Meeting, May 15, 2014, 7:00pm  


    78th General Convention, June 25-July 3, Salt Lake City, Utah 


    Annual Convention, October 24-25, 2014, St. Paul's, Modesto

   Click on the link below to see more upcoming events and meetings around the diocese.



From Our Parishes and Missions...






Noon --  The Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday


Passion Gospel, Solemn Collects, Veneration of the Holy Cross,

and The Mass of the Pre-Sanctified

5 -- 5:30 pm  Confessions are heard in the church at the Altar Rail

6 pm  The Way of the Cross



(6 pm Saturday Evening)


The Lighting of the New Fire

Singing of the Exaultet

Holy Sabbath Prophecies

Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Blessing of the Water

Holy Baptism

Asperges during the singing of a Litany of the Saints







 St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

414 Oak Street,

San Andreas, CA



 May 3, 2014  



Christ The King will host their annual Spring Tea on Saturday, May 3 beginning at 11:00 am. Reservations and tickets are available by calling the church office or from a church member. Click here for for flyer for details and to post in your church.

 May 16-17, 2014
Friday and Saturday 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bakersfield

Join Bishop David Rice
for a Weekend with an Internationally Known Visionary, 
Author, Lecturer, & Entrepreneur 
Fr. Eric Law, Episcopal Priest

Friday, March 16
Check-in 4pm Breakfast 8-9am
Dinner 5pm Session I 9-11:30am 
Program 6-8pm
Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Check-in 4pm Breakfast 8-9am
Dinner 5pm Session I 9-11:30am
Program 6-8pm Lunch 11:30-12:30
Session II 12:30-2:30
Break 2:30-2:45
Session III 3-5pm
Dinner 5-6pm
Session IV 6-7:30pm 
Registration form online at
 Click here for flyer to post.   
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