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Issue 21 
June 2013
Dependent Children Studying Full Time?
Let Your Insurer Know!

Summer has just begun, but it is already time to think ahead if you have a dependent son or daughter between the ages of 21 and 25 who will be studying full time this fall.

You are able to keep dependents in this situation on your benefit plan, but you must inform your insurance carrier.  Each carrier has a slightly different form and process, so it is important that you check in with your Montridge service representative to ensure you follow the correct protocol.

If your child will be attending school out of the country, they can still remain on your benefit plan.  However, it is important to contact MSP to request an extension on travel coverage for academic purposes.  Contact your Montridge service representative for more information.

Manitoba Plan Members:
Changes to Retail Sales Tax      
Effective July 1, 2013, the Manitoba Retail Sales Tax has increased from 7% to 8% and will be applied to all Group insurance premiums excluding Guaranteed Standard Issue policies for all residents of Manitoba.

If you have employees in Manitoba, we recommend that you inform them about the RST rate increase.   


Benefits by Design - Quarterly Updates     
Provider Connect: Changes to Dental Pre-Determinations & Paramedical Direct Billing 

In conjunction with the launch of Green Shield's Provider Connect, dental pre-determinations will only be sent to the employee directly.  Previously, two copies were sent: one to the dental office and one to the employee.

However, dental providers are now able to register for the Provider Connect portal.  This free service will allow them to log in and view/retrieve all dental pre-determinations that were generated from their office for the last 13 months.

Additionally, paramedical practitioners (massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.) can also register for this portal to perform direct billing, similar to that of a dental office.

Dentists and Paramedical Practitioners can register at:  
Great-West Life - Quarterly Updates   

New GroupNet Text Feature Offers
Even More Convenience

Great-West Life has added another feature to their GroupNet for Plan Members website and mobile app: GroupNet Text.

Plan members can text certain key words to 204-289-1667 to receive immediate information that is specific to their benefits. For example, by texting CHIRO, plan members will receive an instant text back with information on Chiropractic coverage. 

Plan members can sign up via the Your Profile tab on the GroupNet for Plan Member website.  

GWL Enhances Disability Management Process

To provide improved communication and disability management efficiency, GWL is setting up a new claim intake process for Short Term Disability (STD) and Early Referral Services (ERS) claims.

The new procedure will allow earlier communication in the claims process to ensure plan members and administrators are well informed.  A case manager will now be available to review submitted disability claims within 24 hours of receipt. 

A pilot of the new process showed an improvement of more than 20% in decision time for STD claims, and a 35% improvement in rehabilitation turnaround time on claims needing this specialized service. 

The new process will be set up in each Disability Management Office into early 2014.  No disruption to current service is anticipated.    

Manulife - Quarterly Updates   

New Dental Adjudication Rules Coming
November 2013

As part of Manulife's ongoing focus on claims management, the following dental administrative practices will be incorporated into the automated claims system on November 1, 2013: 


> Desensitization will no longer be eligible for benefit coverage when performed at a hygiene appointment;


> Charges for hemorrhage control will not be considered covered expenses when oral surgery, periodontal surgery, basic restorative services or endodontic services (root canal) are billed on the same date;


> Only one periodontal appliance (upper or lower) will be eligible when both are submitted within 60 days of one another. In addition, Manulife will not approve periodontal appliances for children aged 16 and under.


If you have any questions on these new dental adjudication rules, don't hesitate to contact your Montridge advisor.


Manulife Aligns With TELUS Health to Offer eClaims Portal


In collaboration with TELUS Health, Manulife will be launching an eClaims portal in early 2014, which will enable allied health care providers (including physiotherapists, chiropractors, vision care providers, etc.) to submit claims online on behalf of patients.


Plan members will need to be registered for the Manulife Plan Member Secure Site in order to take advantage of this service.  Watch for more information and updates towards the end of 2013! 

Desjardins - Quarterly Updates   

Desjardins Moves to Mandatory Generic Substitution Plan

Like many others in the industry, Desjardins is implementing mandatory generic substitution drug plans for all clients at the time of renewal.  This new measure will help contain drug plan costs, prevent misuse of drug plans, and encourage plan members to use their drugs properly, choose generic drugs and shop around. 

This new procedure will go into effect on October 1, 2013.  Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Montridge advisor.    
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