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Fall 2012 Volume 3, Issue 4
Special 25 Year Anniversary Issue  
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Mini-symposium on Future of Dairy Products Science and Technology Innovation
DPTC History
Annual IAAC Meeting
DPTC Open House
Alton Brown at Cal Poly
Alumni/Industry Picnic
Alumni/Industry Picnic
Upcoming DPTC Short Courses


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DPTC Celebrates 25 Years

25 yr DPTC logo       

Director's Message:


It was so great to see so many of you take some time from your very busy schedule to join us for the 25 year DPTC celebration!   And for those who could not join us, read the many articles in this newsletter to catch up on what you missed.


Twenty five years ago the State's dairy industry hatched an idea...


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A Look Back at DPTC History
Original DPTC Lab
Original DPTC Lab 


A dramatic shift in funding of dairy research had its genesis in the establishment of National Dairy Promotion and Research Board through 1983 Congressional act. The national board took a major step in fashioning a revitalized dairy foods research program by establishing the national dairy centers.


The states dairy industry hatched the idea that the center for research, development, and outreach at Cal Poly was needed in order to support the states growing dairy industry and to help train future generations of dairy industry leaders.    


Lark Carter, Dean of Agriculture at the time and then Department Head, Gene Starkey spent a lot of time going to Sacramento and meeting with dairy industry people along with legislators to get acceptance of the idea and to get funding. "Phil (Tong) had the dream. He was the one who had the vision and our job was perceived to be to get the roadblocks out of the way so that he could fulfill his dream," according to Carter.

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Annual IAAC Meeting Held in Conjunction with 25 Year DPTC Anniversary
IAAC Members
Pictured in photo: from left to right (Jen Kimmel, Don McMahon, Eric Bastian, Erika Smith, Amy Lammert, Tim Lukavsky, Richard Merrill, Rafael Jimenez, Phil Tong, Geoff Smithers, Bhanu Prasad, Tedd Struckmeyer, Divya Reddy, Rajiv Dave, Nana Farkye, Bill Graves, Mike Nygaard, John Lyne, Dave Barbano.

Before the official kick-off of the 25 Year Celebration events, DPTC's 17 member Industry Associates Advisory Council held their annual meeting.  The meeting was an opportunity for DPTC and industry to exchange ideas and information.  Specifically, DPTC staff and students provided IAAC members an update on both DPTC and
IAAC members listen to presentations by DPTC faculty.
University research activities and new information on plans for DPTC's building expansion and renovation, professorships, and lab sponsorships.  IAAC members were also able to talk directly to student and staff researchers and observe the conduct of the research in the laboratories.  In the DPTC applications laboratory, the IAAC members were treated to the latest DPTC prototypes featuring new food uses for dairy ingredients.

Eric Bastian, Director of Research and Development,Glanbia Foods, Inc. decided to become an IAAC member because of the faculty. "I am confident in what they do and want to be a part of what is going on here at the Dairy Products Technology Center. The primary output from the university is people. They put out a good student here. Finding the right p
eople to bring in that creative element into the innovation process can be a challenge." 
Student explaining research project to IAAC members
DPTC graduate student Hadi Eshpari discussing current research with Geoff Smithers, Erika Smith, Bill Graves, and Dave Barbano  

Erika Smith, Director of Research and Development, General Mills, Inc. stated, "You have a great faculty and research program here. For us to be competitive we need to know what research is going on in the dairy industry, we feel like this center particularly is well partnered with dried dairy ingredient manufactures and solving their problems."  In addition she commented, "We want to stay close to the students here because we feel like they could be really good potential employees for General Mills with their dairy background."      



If your organization is interested in becoming a member of IAAC, please directly contact Phil Tong. 


Mini-symposium on Dairy Products Technology and Future Innovation Opportunities
Mini Symposium
Dr. Rafael Jimenez addresses the attendees of the Mini-Symposium

On Thursday, October 25th as part of our 25 Year Celebration, the Dairy Products Technology Center (DPTC) held a mini symposium on Dairy Products Technology and Future Innovation Opportunities. It was organized by Dr. Rafael Jiménez-Flores and held at the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly campus. Leaders from leading Universities and Industry provided their insights on the future of the dairy industry.


U.S. Dairy Industry Leaders Give Views of Dairy Products Technology and Future Innovation Opportunities:   Long-term Partnership, Leadership, Globalization, and Changing Consumer Needs are Keys.   


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   DPTC Open House


Current and former staff and students
Sean Vink, Julie Herring, Jerry Mattas, Stacy Fuller and
Sandy Wallace at DPTC Open House
On Friday, October 26th the DPTC hosted an Open House. It included tours, lab demonstrations, free ice cream, and drawings for Cal Poly Cheese Gift Packs. Many former faculty, staff, alumni, as well industry supporters and the public were on hand to get an up close look at the facilities and information on the work is currently going on at the center. Drawings of a proposed expansion of the facilities that support the DPTC were unveiled. "We need to update and expand our facilities to accommodate a new Masters in Professional Studies program. Additionally the new space will enhance our abilities in dairy foods research and applications work as well as improve our ability to deliver an expanded program of training and industry outreach", said Tong. 


DPTC Applications Lab
DPTC applications lab showcased prototypes during 25 Year Celebration Open House 

The Applications Lab showcased two new prototypes: the Strawberry Protein Bite and the Savory Italian Protein Ball. The Strawberry Protein Bite is a sweet and healthy snack for kids and adults, the sweet and sour bite is similar to a fruit snack but it also provides 5 grams of protein per serving compared to a typical fruit snack that provides 1 gram of protein per serving. The Savory Italian Protein Ball is similar to a meatball but it contains no meat products. The Italian Protein Ball is made with whey protein and is a great alternative for people trying to lower their meat intake.    


Food Network's Alton Brown Comes to Campus
As part of the 25 Year Celebration, Alton Brown, the Food Network's favorite foodie, was on campus for two special events. The DPTC, Cal Poly Arts, and ASI hosted the events. The first one was a free event for the students. "The student session for Alton Brown was a huge success. Nearly 800 students came to listen to him speak and meet him afterwards. I was also pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and funny Alton was. Overall, it was a great event," according to Sarah McAtee, ASI Events Outreach Supervisor. That sentiment was echoed by Emma Sandquist, a 2nd Year Food Science Major, "The whole event became an exciting social connection as well as an inspirational moment for students working hard to enter the field. His humor, open discussion, his confidence for a field not well understood by the public reinforced something we already knew; we love food, we love science and we love what we're learning."
Alton Brown Student Event
Alton Brown addressing a packed audience of 800 students in the Multi-Activity Center of the Student Recreation Center (event was co-sponsored by Associated Students, Inc., Cal Poly Arts, and the DPTC.

He later gave a performance at the Performing Arts Center outlining his Top 10 Myths of Food Science. "Alton Brown's presentation on his top 10 food science myths was very enlightening and sparked conversation within the audience, which was very easy for us since Alton's humorous charisma was so welcoming. It was a great and fun celebration of the DPTC," said Geoffrey Elliot a second year dairy science student. According to Alton Brown, if he was left on island and only had one food it would be cheese! Alton Brown blends the science and art of food folklore and comedy making him the perfect complement to the week's events.

Alton Brown Reception
Alton Brown at pre-performance reception

Pre-performance reception for DPTC guests with Alton Brown

Prior to the evening performance the University President, Jeffery Armstrong addressed guests at a 25 year DPTC reception. "I've been told over and over again and now I've seen it, that Cal Poly grads take 6-12 months less training and it's all because of the dedication of our faculty and our staff here at the university and the Dairy Products Technology Center." He went on to say, "The success of the Dairy Products Technology Center as a byproduct of collaboration... that's the way we are looking at the future. For Cal Poly to continue to be the best, to continue to turn out these resourceful professionals and innovative leaders we've got to collaborate even more and we have to solidify these partnerships."

Dr. Phil Tong reflected on the event, "This was a special evening to have university leaders, industry leaders, and our DPTC family together for the evening. Having President Armstrong spend the evening with us and to speak so highly of the DPTC team, its value to the university, and site the DPTC as a prime example of Cal Poly's "learn by doing" philosophy and partnership with industry was extremely gratifying to me."  
25 Year Celebration Concludes with Picnic

On Saturday the celebration concluded with an alumni/industry picnic. It was chances for all to sit back enjoy some great BBQ (provided by the Animal Science Department), reminisce and catch up with old friends. 

"It was great to see so many students return to Cal Poly to join us for this celebration, to learn of their professional success, and to hear they are living happy and productive lives," expressed Dr. Tong. He went on to state, "It was a special celebration that in some ways was very nostalgic and other ways full of excitement for the future of the DPTC. I am proud that we were able to take an idea and then 25 years later showcase the impressive array of education, training and research accomplishments of the DPTC. But even more, I am excited about the solid foundation we have established to do much more to serve our State's and our nation's dairy industry in the next 25 years."  

For additional coverage of the DPTC 25 Year Anniversary events visit our website at:: 
DPTC Partners

The Cal Poly Dairy Products Technology Center appreciates the tremendous support (i.e., time, expertise, project financial support, equipment donations, project collaboration, ingredients, plant and people access, etc.) of/for our research and outreach activities over the last 25 years from the following organizations*:

American Cheese Society, American Jersey Cattle Association, ALPMA, American Dairy Products Institute,APV Inc., Bon Gran Inc., C3RP -Office of Naval Research. Marine Corps USA, Cacique Cheese Inc., California Creamery Operator's Association, California Dairies Inc., California Dairy Industry Association, California Dairy Research Foundation, California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, California Milk Advisory Board, California State University - Agricultural Research Initiative, Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa, Challenge Dairy Products, Cheese Research and Education Fund (CREF), China Agricultural University, Chr. Hansen's, Inc., CIAD Mexico, Clorox, Cornell University, Dairy America Inc., Dairy Council of California, Dairy Farmers of America, Dairy Foods Magazine Inc., Dairy Institute of California, Dairy Management Inc., Dairy Research Institute, Danisco Inc., Dean Foods Inc., DSM, Fair Oaks Farms, Filtration Engineering, Gerber Foods USA, Glanbia Inc., Grande Cheese, General Mills Inc., Guidry Foundation, Hilmar Cheese Company, Inner Mongolia University, Kelco USA, Klenzade-Ecolab Inc., Kraft Inc., Land O'Lakes Inc., Laval University, Leprino Foods Company, Marquez Bros., Massey University, Mississippi State University, Maddox Dairy, National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, Nestle Inc. Niro Inc., North Carolina State University, Novozymes, Nutrasweet Company, Ohio State University, Oregon State University, Pinkberry Inc., Public Broadcasting System, Dragonfly TV - Modern Marvels, Raskas Foods, Riddet Institute- Massey University, New Zealand, Rizo-Lopez Foods (Don Francisco), Rondele Foods, Safeway Inc., Saputo Inc., Scott Turbine Mixer Inc., Schreiber Foods Inc., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sorrento Cheese Company Inc., Starbucks Inc., Tetra Pak, The History Channel, The University of Hong Kong, United States Dairy Export Council, United States Department of Agriculture, USDA-ERRS, University College Cork, Ireland, University of California- Davis, University of California- Los Angeles, University of Guelph, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Utah State University, Victoria University, Australia, Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association, World Minerals USA

*Our apologies if an organization was accidentally not included in this acknowledgment. If this is brought to our attention we will correct for future recognition.      

Upcoming DPTC Short Courses
 15th Annual Dairy Ingredients Symposium 
February 21-22, 2013
Location: The Stanford Court Renaissance, San Francisco

25th Annual Cheese Short Course I

March 19-22, 2013 

Location: Cal Poly Dairy Products Technology Center, San Luis Obispo, CA 


16th Annual Dairy Science and Technology Basics for the Farmstead/Artisan Cheesemaker

September 17-21, 2013 

Location: Cal Poly Dairy Products Technology Center, San Luis Obispo, CA


2nd Global Cheese Technology Forum
October 22-23, 2013 

Location: Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV 


For questions or comments regarding this newsletter please contact Laurie Jacobson at: ljacobso@calpoly.edu