Pacific Masters Coaches Special Bulletin




An unique opportunity has arisen for Pacific Masters to host another extended Coaches Clinic this fall. The last time an event of this type was offered was the Excel Weekend in 2011. 

The two-day clinic, timed in conjunction with the Annual Meeting at St. Mary's College in Moraga on Sunday, November 9, would begin on Saturday November 8 and carry over into Sunday morning.

A location (the library in Lafayette) is being reserved, a number of top coaches and outstanding speakers have committed to the clinic and a basic agenda is already in place. 

What we'd like briefly from you is additional input as to which topics and timelines you're most interested in.

Please take the time to take this brief survey. Help us plan and present a relevant, contemporary and educational event.

Thank you for your time and input, 


Stu Kahn, Davis Aquatic Masters
Cokie Lepinski, Swynnuts Masters
Kerry O'Brien, Walnut Creek Masters