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6 February 2014
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USF Valentine's Affair
Coaches Clinic
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Splash and Dash
The City Mile
Officials needed for USMS Championships
Coach of the Year
Go the Distance
Jon Steiner Memorial Mile
Intensive Training Camp
Rolling Hills Sprint Clinic
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010





Class of 2014 Inductees to the International Swimming Hall of Fame were announced. They include Grant Hackett (AUS), Agnes Kovacs (HUN) and Tom Malchow (USA); Diver Peng Bo (CHN); Synchronized Swimmers Penny and Vicky Vilagos (CAN); Water Polo Players Carlo Silipo (ITA) and Karen Kuipers (NED); Coaches Charlotte Davis (USA) and Jozsef Nagy (HUN, USA, CAN, SPN); Open Water Swimmers Jon Erikson (USA) and Sandra Bucha (USA); Bruce S. Hopping (USA), Norman Sarsfield (GBR) and Chuck Weilgus (USA) will be recognized as Contributors. 


For those who will be traveling to southeastern Florida, please go see ISHOF. They will be leaving Ft Lauderdale by Fall. A new home has not yet been announced



USMS One Hour Postal . The time  when you can swim the Hour Swim was extended an extra ten days because of the extreme weather conditions experienced during the month of January throughout the country. The USMS Long Distance Committee has extended from January 31st to February 10th the date by which all swims must be completed for the 2014 USMS 1-Hour Postal National Championship.

Entries will still be due by February 10, 2014. For those swimmers whose birthday occurs between February 1st and February 10th, their age will be their age of record as of January 31, 2014. For everyone else, it will still be as of the day they swam, and results will be compiled accordingly. This extension shall apply to all swimmers regardless of their LMSC.




I saw Coach Stu Kahn of Davis Aquatic Masters give a lecture on the freestyle at the PacMasters annual meeting. He reviewed tapes of great swimmers swimming  the crawl and then pointed out what they were doing and how that improved their stroke. Stu will be one of the lead coaches at the Albany Coaches Clinic on 15 February and for our members at the north end of the state, Stu will be the primary coach at the Crescent City Clinic. If you are interested in learning more about the freestyle, you can learn a lot from Coach Stu.



I was out of the water for a couple of weeks with the grunge (I don't know if it was the flu or not). It felt so good to get back into the water, at least for the first 20 laps. After about 20 laps, I fell behind my lane mates. It did take a few days to get back in the groove. I did find out that many of my team mates have been out of the water because of the flu, but it sure felt good to be back in the water.



As we get back into the short course yards season, remember to read the USMS swimming stoke rules. If you are swimming the IM, when you touch at the end of the backstroke leg, you must be on your back (you are NOT making a backstroke turn). 


For those who have gotten lazy in their turns, remember both hands must  touch the wall simultaneously. A one hand touch gets you a ticket.



Congratulations to the Olympic Club who totally filled up the heats for The Olympic Club 1500. Ninety-six swimmers entered the meet and there were more who tried to register. For those who want to test their distance skills (and get a time for nationals) there is The City Mile (see below).



Fun Fitness and Competition



Michael W Moore 

The USF Valentine's Affair 
The 22nd USF Valentine's Affair (San Francisco) is the second year of all the sprint events (All the 50's and 100's) that will take place on Sunday, 9 February 2014. You must register on-line for this event (on-line registration closes at 11:59PM Friday, 7 February). Note that for the first time, the USF Valentines Affair will be on a Sunday and NOT a Saturday. [ Meet info  Registration ]
Coach Clinic
Freestyle and Backstroke -
Albany - Crescent City
Pacific Masters Swimming is holding its first Coaching Clinic of the New Year at the Albany Aquatic Center on Saturday 15 February. The clinic will work on the long axis strokes - the freestyle and backstroke. The clinic  will be led by Stu Kahn (DAM) and Cokie Lepinski (Swymnut Masters). Coaches are free and for Masters swimmers it is only $25.00 for the 3 1/2 hour clinic.
There will be a Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic at the Fred Endert Pool in Crescent City on Sunday 2 March. Coaches are free and Masters swimmers are $25.00
Pacific Masters Video Library
One of the benefits of being a member of Pacific Masters is the opportunity to borrow DVDs from the Pacific Masters Video Library. Pacific Masters has many DVDs about the sport and science of swimming. There is a refundable deposit if you wish to borrow a DVD or set.
DVD subjects include the fours competitive stroke, plus there are DVDs on Drills, starts and finishes and posture and balance.
The Salinas Valley Splash and Dash
The Second Annual Salinas Valley Aquatics Masters Splash and Dash Short Course Yards Meet will be held on Saturday 22 February 2014 at the Salinas Aquatic Center in Salinas. The on-line  pre-entry deadline is 20 February. For those who would like to make a weekend of it, Monterey is only a few miles away and has great hotels and restaurants. [ Meet info  Registration ]
The City Mile 
The 2nd City Mile will be held at City College of San Francisco on Sunday, 23 February. The swimmer's whose pre-entry time comes closest to that swimmers actual time will be awarded a gift certificate of $25.00. Any swimmer who establishes a new meet record for their age group will receive a special certificate suitable for framing.[ Meet info  Registration ]
Officials needed 
The 2014 USMS Spring National Championships will be held at the George Haines Santa Clara Swim Center, May 1-4. National Championships are known for great competition, camaraderie and just generally a place to have a good time.
The meet needs certified officials to help at the meet. If you are interested in being an assigned official, you must fill out an application by 15 Feburary. Application for other deck officials  is due by 1 May.
2013 PacMasters Coach of the Year

Please consider nominating your coach for the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award. Submissions should include a nomination letter along with a maximum of four support letters. A description of the award along with the nomination and selection process can be found in the Pacific Masters Administrative Handbook. An excerpt of the relevant section can be downloaded [ Excerpt ]


Nominations for Pacific Masters Coach of the Year should be sent to the Pacific Masters Chair and are due Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 6 PM.  

2014 Go the Distance

Go the Distance is a self-directed program intended to encourage Masters swimmers to regularly exercise and track their progress. Last year 445 PacMasters swimmers swam over 94,000 miles with the Manatee Masters having the most number of swimmers participating, 37. There's no time limit for the distance milestones, except that they must be achieved in the calendar year. Speed doesn't count-just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself.


The program is on the honor system-you track the distance you swim. Daily, weekly, or monthly, enter that information into your online Fitness Log (FLOG). When you achieve certain milestones, you'll be recognized on the U.S. Masters Swimming website and receive special prizes from Nike Swim, the sponsor for the event.

Jon Steiner
Memorial Mile 
Tamalpias Masters is sponsoring the Jon Steiner Memorial Mile. This event is unusual as there is no set entry fee - You pay what you want with 50% of the proceeds donated to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. 
The event is named after the events founder Jon Steiner, who died of lung cancer six years ago. Swimmers can swim the event in a yards, 50 meter pool or 25 meter pool.
Swimmers can swim the event anytime between 1 January and 28 February with entries postmarked by 12 March 2014.
Intensive Training Camp 
The Walnut Creek Masters will be conducting their 27th Annual Intensive Training Camp February 28th - March 1st. The ITC is nationally recognized as the longest running camp in USMS. A limit of 50 swimmers arrive from all over the country for 2-1/2 days dedicated to enhancing your competitive swimming performance through strenuous conditioning, stroke and distance specificity,  stroke technique instruction and video analysis, and socializing all in an atmosphere conducive to serious swim training.
There will be two in-water training sessions per day.  The morning practice will be a general conditioning session, with afternoon sessions split into Distance, Mid-Distance, and Sprint specialties.  Mid-Distance and Sprint practices will be very accommodating to both freestyle and all non-free strokes.  Here, the coaching staff will strive to meet your specific needs in training for your best events.  Each morning session will conclude with a hearty breakfast.
Rolling Hills Sprint Clinic 
Rolling Hills will be holding a Sprint Freestyle Swim Clinic on Saturday 22 February at the Rolling Hills Club in Novato. The clinic will include lecture with video presentation, drills, pool and dry land drills, live video taking and review. Scott Williams will be the head coach and the cost is $50. For more information contact Eric van Boer
More on the calendar 
Up coming meets include:
  The CALM Spring Short Course meet 9 March [ Registration ]
  The Rinconada Meet on 15 March  [ Registration ]
  Swim For Change - Fresno