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07 October  2013

 Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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Keller Cove Results
Sacramento Pentathlon
Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
PacMasters SCM Championships
Thoughts and Prayers
By the Numbers
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010






Service Awards

 Pacific Masters honors its volunteers and members with its service awards. The 2013 service awards will be  presented at this years November annual meeting.The four awards include The Contributor of the Year;  The Appreciation Award, Distinguished Service Award and the Personal Achievement Award. The awards are normally chosen at the October meeting and the award is presented at the annual meeting. Please feel free to send your nomination to any member of the executive committee, the chairman, the admin vice chair or the registrar.


The discussion of the Service Awards is in our Guide to Operations


End of Year Fee Discount

The membership year in Pacific Masters/United States Masters Swimming is from 1 January to 31 December. For those who join in September or October, the membership fee drops from $48.00 to $38.00.


Open Water Points Competition
The unofficial Open Water Points Competition results are posted. Please check your point total, to be sure the points have been totaled correctly. There were 17 events and each swimmers seven best swims are the ones that are tallied. There were 1300 swimmers who competed in at least one event, and 1110 of those swimmers earned points.



Fun Fitness and Competition



Michael W Moore 

Richmond Plunge
4th Annual Swim for Kids
The results of the Richmond Plunge's Keller Cove Open Water Swim have been posted.  This was the last open water event of the year. Thanks to all the Richmond Plunge volunteers who worked hard for the event.
The results of the  Sacramento Pentathlon have been posted on the website. Thanks to Andy Brenan and the Sacramento Masters for organizing the meet.
Coaches Clinic
 There is an upcoming four hour clinic on the freestyle and backstroke at the College of San Mateo. Two hours in the class room followed by two hours in the pool. The clinic will be lead by Tom Reudy of San Mateo Athletic Club and Cokie Lepinski of Swymnut Masters. The date is Sunday 20 October 2013 and starts at 9am.
For swimmers who want to improve their strokes and have plenty of time to practice to perfect the stroke, this is a great time for a clinic.
Pacific Masters
Short Course Meters Championships 
Entries are Closed
The Pacific Masters 2013 Short Course Meters Championships will be held this upcoming weekend at the Clarke Swim Center, Heather Farm, Walnut Creek.
The meet is held in very deep water. The meet  is usually fast. There are 365 swimmers signed up for the meet. While meet entries have closed, you can come to cheer your fellow swimmers at the championships.
Live results will be on the Pacific Masters Website at 
Thoughts and Prayers 

Harrison and Lois Race's daughter passed away suddenly in August. Harrison and Lois have been meet officials at many of our meets.


George Cleveland spent five days in the hospital in September, George has also been a meet official at many of our meets. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Pacific Masters by the Number 

As of 6 Ocbober, Pacific Masters had just over 11,200 members. Clubs with over 100 members include:


1 DAM 677 

2 STAN 553 

3 WCM 494 

4 TCAM 456 

5 MELO 352 

6 CRUZ 313 

7 MVM 295 

8 USF 285 

9 NBA 262 

10 TEME 260 

11 SCSC 242 

12 MAAC 230 

13 TSUN 228

14 SMM 211 

15 DC 209 

16 TOC 207 

17 MAM 206 

18 TVM 202 

19 BAY 193 

20 SERC 187 

21 SNM 186 

22 BAC 183 

23 PCCM 157 

24 RAMS 130 

25 CALM 127 

26 AAM 126 

27 RINC 110 

28 QSS 107

 29 SRM 105