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5 May  2013

 Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010




Coaches Appreciation Week

Sunday, 5 May starts the new Pacific Masters tradition - Coaches Appreciation Week. This  week to show your coach your appreciation for all the work the coach has done for you over the past year. A card, a handshake or just a heartfelt thank you I am sure will be greatly appreciated.

In the lastest issue of Swimmer Magazine, Coach Stu Kahn had an article on the Freestyle and how it should be swum. And in another article, both coaches Stu Kahn and Cokie Lepinski were interviewed on 'The Science and Psychology of Coaching."

Open Water
The first three open water swim have been posted.The Spring Lake swim will be on the 18th of May in Santa Rosa (see below). The Davis Aquatic Masters Lake Berryessa is 1 June. The Lake Del Valle Open Water weekend in 8-9 June. It features Pacific's two Long Distance open water swim's, the 10K and 5K and this year it will have the US Masters Swimming One Mile Championships.
We are extremely fortunate in Pacific to have many open water venues to swim and to compete. The  PacMasters Committee also was able to put resources into the open water program so that we could have a full open water season.
USMS Nationals
The US Masters Swimming Spring Nationals will be held at the IUPUI Natatorium, Indianapolis, Indiana this week. You can follow your friends and teammates who are competing by going to either the US Masters Swimming web site or the you can download results to your mobile device using the "Meet Mobile" application. Both will have the heat results.
The Pacific Masters office will be have limited service Wednesday through Friday as our registrar will be competing at Nationals.
Dead in the Water 
Glenda Carroll, the past PacMasters Open Water chair, has written a just published novel "Dead in the Water." 
It is available on Amazon and is described on the page as  "Meet Trisha Carson -- No money. No man. No mojo. Trisha is sitting in the hot summer sun at the edge of a cool Sierra lake. She thinks she is a witness to an accidental drowning at an open water swim race. What else can it be? An elite athlete doesn't sprint away from the pack, stop, never to move again. But then, a week later, another swimmer know more for her beauty than athletic ability drives her car off a 20-foot cliff into the Pacific Ocean. Only Trisha believes the accidents aren't so accidental. Naively she asks too many questions to precisely the wrong people. Her suspicions are dismissed by friends and family. But her inquiries continue and lead to an expanding web of intrigue, revenge and danger."
Glenda said she used many of the PacMasters open water venues in her book and that one might be able think they recognize swimmers - of course, it is a work of fiction and all characters bear no resemblance  to any person alive  or passed away.


Fun, fitness and competition
Michael Moore


Spring Lake  Open Water 
The Spring Lake Open Water Swim kicks off the Pacific Masters Open Water season on Saturday 18 May. Swimmers can swim in the one mile loop or 500 meter swim. The pre-registration deadline is 11 May.The lake is near Santa Rosa California. The Meet is always well run and a lot of fun.
Senior Games Registration deadline 8 May 
The Swimming part of the Bay Area Senior Games will be on 18 May at the Avery Aquatic Center, Stanford University. You must be fifty to compete in the senior games.
The registration deadline is 8 May 2013. The Bay Area Senior games is the last short course yards meet in Pacific the 2012-2013 SCY competition year.
Lake Berryessa 
The 31st Annual Lake Berryessa Open Water will be on Saturday 1 June. The meet is one of the best attended and most competitive meets in the open water points competition. There are two events - the two mile event and the one mile event. Swimmers can swim either or both events .
Mail early registration postmark deadline is 16 May and the on-line deadline is 30 May 2013. You can order picnics and commemorative merchandise  on-line.
US Masters Swimming
One Mile Championships
and other swims - Lake Del Valle 
Tri Valley Masters is hosting the United States Masters Swimming One Mile Championships at beautiful Lake Del Valle on Sunday 9 June
. The Open Water Committee has again chosen Lake Del Valle for a national championships.
Also on the lake that weekend, will be 5k and 10K  Open Water Swim on Saturday 8 June. There is a combined limit of 225 swimmers for the two concurrent swim. Last year it sold out early and there were many disappointed open water swimmers - register early so you will not miss out.
Besides the one mile championships on Sunday, there will be a 2.5K swim. This is a good place to bring the kids to picnic after the swim.
A PacMasters Extra
Fremont Hills Master Swim Team 

by Glenda Carroll

Wanted:  Small, friendly, relaxed Masters team that swims long course all year round and is coached by an Olympic swimmer.


If this is your dream team, check out the Fremont Hills Masters Swim Team, located in Los Altos Hills, Ca. The 50-meter pool is located at the Fremont Hills Country Club and the Masters team is open to non-country club members. There are one to three workouts a day, seven days a week.


The head coach of this low key team is Dana Kirk, a 200 meter butterflier on the 2004 Olympic team, who understands the complicated minds and lives of adult swimmers. [ More ]

National Championships
2012 Marriott USMS Summer Nationals 


The United States Masters Swimming Long Course Championships return to Southern California. The Summer Nationals will be at the Marguerite Aquatics Center Center, Mission Viejo, California 7-11 August. Registration has already opened.

By the Numbers
Pacific Masters 


On Sunday afternoon 5 May, Pacific Masters Swimming had 9,062 registered members. The largest clubs include:


DAM 570
STAN 450
WCM 433
TCAM 386
MELO 280
MVM 256
CRUZ 251
USF 229
NBA 217
SCSC 212
TEME 205
MAM 194
TSUN 192
TVM 180
DC 174
MAAC 173
SMM 167
BAY 166
TOC 164
SERC 161
BAC 151
SNM 144
PCCM 128
CALM 115
AAM 113
RAMS 107
SRM 96


Thanks to all the coaches of these clubs for the work that they do.