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From the Chairman


A New Pacific Masters Swimming Tradition, Coach Appreciation Week.


Whatever the reason we start Masters swimming, many of us depend on our coaches to keep us coming back to the pool. Whether it is providing stroke instruction to help us improve or stay injury free, workouts that are interesting and challenging, or a word of encouragement when we are feeling down, our coaches are an essential element of our swimming routine. Despite their importance, it is easy to take them for granted and forget to thank them for their efforts. For this reason Pacific Masters Swimming has established Coach Appreciation Week designated as the week beginning with the first Sunday in May. The inaugural Pacific Masters Coach Appreciation Week will be May 5 to 11, 2013.


While we encourage our members to regularly thank their coaches, during Coach Appreciation Week we hope swimmers and clubs will make an extra effort to show their appreciation. Here are some ideas:


For individuals:

  • A card or email telling the coach how his/her instruction helped you accomplish a goal
  • A gift card or certificate for coffee, ice cream, a movie, a meal, etc
  • Flowers, candy, book, wine or another special treat you think your coach will enjoy


For clubs:

  • A breakfast, lunch or dinner to honor the coach
  • A massage or spa day
  • A certificate for a weekend away or a special meal with his/her partner


Please consider Coach Appreciation Week as an opportunity to let your coach know how much you value his/her efforts.


Just keep swimming,


Peter Guadagni

Chair, Pacific Masters Swimming