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16 April  2013

 Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
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Fremont Hills Masters
Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
Breaststroke and Butterfly Clinic
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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Our hearts and prayers go out those individuals who were injured or maimed at the Boston bombings as well as to the families of those who were killed or injured. It is very sad that in this time sporting events has become at target for those despicable individuals who instigate these actions.

As chairman Peter Guadagni reported the Pacific Masters Committee decided to stop sending a newsletter insert into Swimmer Magazine. Instead we are putting more resources into our website and email blast. Glenda Carroll has written an article about Fremont Hills Swim Team and their coach Dana Kirk.The first few paragraphs will be in The Update with a link to the website, for the rest of the piece. Enjoy.
 The Open Water season is almost upon us. Open Water Chair, Phyllis Quinn is putting the finishing touches on the season. The Spring Lake swim will be on the 18th of May in Santa Rosa (see below). Bill McCracken, race director of the US Masters Swimming One Mile Championships at Lake Del Valle  has arranged with Sports Basement a special offer (see below)
The PacMasters April meet will be Wednesday. It is a conference call - all teams are asked to send a representative and all members are invited to attend. Contact our registrar, Nancy Ridout for telephone number and pass code.
Fun, fitness and competition
Michael Moore


2013 PacMasters Coach of the Year

by Cokie Lepinski
PacMasters Coaches Chair
Congratulations to Coach Tom Reudy of the San Mateo Masters. Coach Tom was this year's recipient of the Pac Masters Coach of The Year. To say that his team loves him does not due justice to the depth of how they feel about him. In two short years as coach there, Tom has really infused a lot of excitement and energy into this team. Here is one paragraph describing Tom. "As a coach, Tom is knowledgeable, focused and intense without being over-bearing. His outstanding understanding of 
[ More  - Continue to Web page
2012 PacMasters
Swimmers of the Year 
At the Short Course Championships on April  6th, Thirty PacMasters swimmers were recognized for their excellent swimming performace during 2013.
From these Age Group Swimmers of the Year, the Overall Female and  the Overall Male Swimmer of the Year were selected by the PacMasters Swim Committee at its March meeting.  For 2012, the Overall Swimmers of the Year were Laura Val,of Tamalpias and Richard Todd, Tuolumne County Aquatic Masters.  [ List of Swimmers and Picture
A PacMasters Extra
Fremont Hills Master Swim Team 

by Glenda Carroll

Wanted:  Small, friendly, relaxed Masters team that swims long course all year round and is coached by an Olympic swimmer.


If this is your dream team, check out the Fremont Hills Masters Swim Team, located in Los Altos Hills, Ca. The 50-meter pool is located at the Fremont Hills Country Club and the Masters team is open to non-country club members. There are one to three workouts a day, seven days a week.


The head coach of this low key team is Dana Kirk, a 200 meter butterflier on the 2004 Olympic team, who understands the complicated minds and lives of adult swimmers. [ More ]

Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
Lodi, California
This Sunday 
Pacific Masters clinics are designed to help Masters swim coaches strengthen their coaching skills in identifying and correcting stroke deficiencies through a 2-hour classroom presentation (swimmers included) covering stroke mechanics, swimming drills, tips and techniques. Coaches then head to the deck where the swimmers look to improve their own abilities. 
In the 2-hour pool session, swimmers are led through a series of drills and easy laps, receiving instant feedback from these coaches. This clinic is led by USMS Coaches of the Year   Kerry O'Brien - 1987 (Walnut Creek Masters) and Stu Kahn -2012 (Davis Aquatic Masters). These two coaches are enthusiastic, passionate and know stroke technique inside and out. You definitely want to sign up early for this one! 
The Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic will be held Sunday 21 April at the Lodi Swim Club, Tokay High School Lodi, California
Breaststroke and Butterfly Clinic
Mountain View, California 
In addtion to the long axis stroke clinic that is being held in Lodi, PacMasters is having a two hour clinic on the short axis strokes in Mountain View. 
In the 2-hour pool session, swimmers are led through a series of drills and easy laps, receiving instant feedback from these coaches. This clinic is led by USMS Coach of the Year   Scott Williams - 2004 (Rollling Hills Mud Sharks) and Cokie Lepinski (2011 PacMasters Coach of the Year). 
The Butterfly and Breaststroke Clinic will be held Sunday 4 May  at the Eagle Park Pool, Mountain View, California.
Spring Lake  Open Water 
The Spring Lake Open Water Swim kicks off the Pacific Masters Open Water season on Saturday 18 May. Swimmers can swim in the one mile loop or 500 meter swim. The pre-registration deadline is 11 May.The lake is near Santa Rosa California. The Meet is always well run and a lot of fun.
US Masters Swimming
One Mile Championships
and other swims - Lake Del Valle 
Tri Valley Masters is hosting the United States Masters Swimming One Mile Championships at beautiful Lake Del Valle on Sunday 9 June
. The Open Water Committee has again chosen Lake Del Valle for a national championships.
Also on the lake that weekend, will be 5k and 10K  Open Water Swim on Saturday 8 June. There is a combined limit of 225 swimmers for the two concurrent swim. Last year it sold out early and there were many disappointed open water swimmers - register early so you will not miss out.
Besides the one mile championships on Sunday, there will be a 2.5K swim. This is a good place to bring the kids to picnic after the swim.
Race Director Bill McCracken has arranged with Sports Basement a special offer. If you shop at Sports Basement this Friday through Sunday and show them your PacMasters card when making a purchase, you will get a discount code for $5.00 off this years race entry, and 10% of your purchase will go to the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation. Bill will also be at the Walnut Creek store on Saturday between 3 to 5 pm to answer any questions about the event.
Pacific Masters
Top Ten Swimmers
USMS released its 2012 list of Top Ten Swimmers. This list is far to large to list in this report. You can go to the USMS web site to see the Pacific Masters list for
Pacific had over 1,600 swims that made the top ten in the US last year. Congratulations to all swimmers who made a top ten time in their age group.