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10 April  2013

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010




Pacific Masters ended its short course yards season with its Championships at Soda Aquatic Center. The Age Group Swimmers of the Year were recognized, as well as the male swimmer of year and the female swimmer of the year (more next week). And Tom Reudy, the Head Coach of the San Mateo Masters was chosen the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year - (more next week.)
Many results of 2012 are just being published. Laura Val was selected as one of the top 12 Masters Swimmers in 2012. Hugh Wilder was an honorable nominee. (see below). 
Cokie Lepinski, our coaches chair, has scheduled two more clinics for coaches and swimmers. One for long axis strokes and one for short axis strokes.
The PacMasters April meet will be next week. It is a conference call - all teams are asked to send a representative and all members are invited to attend. Contact our registrar, Nancy Ridout for telephone number and pass code.
Fun, fitness and competition
Michael Moore


PacMasters Short Course Yard Championships
5-7 April 
Pacific Masters Championships were held at the Soda Aquatic Center, Campolindo High School, Moraga, California, this past weekend. Over 600 registered for the meet which was held over three days.
Laura Val broke her own national record in the 200 Freestyle.
The large team overall was won by home team Walnut Creek Masters. with Davis Aquatic Masters taking first in the medium team and Rolling Hills Mud Sharks taking the small team combined.
Thanks to Meet Director Chris Stewart, Coach Kerry O'Brien and the Walnut Creek Masters for organizing the meet.
Swimming World's
Top World Masters 

For the ninth straight year Swimming World has named it Top 12 World Masters and for the seventh straight year Laura Val has been one of the top dozen.
Also in this years dozen include cover swimmer Bob Strand, former Olympic Club swimmer, and Karlyn Pipes who frequently comes to northern California to compete or give clinics.
Santa Rosa Flower Power's Hugh Wilder was a runner up in the voting. Congratulations to all who made the list.
(Also in the magazine, Santa Rosa Masters Flower Power Coach Hermine Terhorst wrote an article Aging Up Well that also appears in the April edition).
Ultimate Open Water Clinic
13 April 

Learn open water swim secrets!  Training for an open water swim? Pacific will be hosting a long course national championships.  Whether it be a triathlon, charity event, lake, bay or ocean swim, NOW is the time to improve your open water skills!  Learn the latest open water swim techniques with tips for EVERY LEVEL of open water swimmer!
The Ultimate Open Water Clinic will be at Rolling Hills Club in Novato, Saturday 13 April from 8-11am.
Remember this year the One Mile National Championships is being held in Pacific. Scott Williams along with Laureen Welting are featured coaches! [ Registration ]
Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
Lodi, California 
Pacific Masters clinics are designed to help Masters swim coaches strengthen their coaching skills in identifying and correcting stroke deficiencies through a 2-hour classroom presentation (swimmers included) covering stroke mechanics, swimming drills, tips and techniques. Coaches then head to the deck where the swimmers look to improve their own abilities. 
In the 2-hour pool session, swimmers are led through a series of drills and easy laps, receiving instant feedback from these coaches. This clinic is led by USMS Coaches of the Year   Kerry O'Brien - 1987 (Walnut Creek Masters) and Stu Kahn -2012 (Davis Aquatic Masters). These two coaches are enthusiastic, passionate and know stroke technique inside and out. You definitely want to sign up early for this one! 
The Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic will be held Sunday 21 April at the Lodi Swim Club, Tokay High School Lodi, California
Breaststroke and Butterfly Clinic
Mountain View, California 
In addtion to the long axis stroke clinic that is being held in Lodi, PacMasters is having a two hour clinic on the short axis strokes in Mountain View. 
In the 2-hour pool session, swimmers are led through a series of drills and easy laps, receiving instant feedback from these coaches. This clinic is led by USMS Coach of the Year   Scott Williams - 2004 (Rollling Hills Mud Sharks) and Cokie Lepinski (2011 PacMasters Coach of the Year). 
The Butterfly and Breaststroke Clinic will be held Sunday 4 May  at the Eagle Park Pool, Mountain View, California.
Bay Area Senior Games
Stanford, California 
The Bay Area Senior Games are again being held at Stanford University. Swimming will be on Saturday May 18th. You must register by May 8th.
The Senior Games are somewhat laid back so that if you want to get out of your comfort zone to try something new, there are may events. Bocce is offered. Feats of Strength that include Dynomometer Hand Grip Strength, Standing Long Jump and the Farmers Walk. For those who want to try something different, there is a list of Sport Resources on their web site. 
FINA 2012
Top Ten 
FINA, the international governing body of aquatic sports has published its 2012 Masters Top Ten. Also on the website is the All Time Top Ten list.
Congratulations to all the swimmers who are on either list. 
Pacific Masters
by the numbers 
On 9 April 2013 Pacific Masters had 8642 swimmers registered in our LMSC. We have registered 128 clubs. Pacific continues to be the largest regional governing body of United States Masters Swimming.
The largest clubs include:
DAM 556
STAN 432
WCM 426
TCAM 377
MELO 273
CRUZ 244
MVM 244
USF 221
NBA 208
SCSC 201
TEME 190
MAM 188
TSUN 187
TVM 172
DC 166
MAAC 164
BAY 162
SMM 161
SERC 155
BAC 146
TOC 141
SNM 138
PCCM 117
CALM 113
AAM 111
RAMS 105
SRM 95
RINC 87 
Pacific Masters
All American Swimmers 
USMS released its 2012 list of All American Swimmers. These are swimmers who had the top time in at least one event during 2012. Pacific was able to place at least one swimmer in each age group except Women 70-74 and Men 45-49.
Pacific Masters Swimmers who made this list include:
Course Age         Name    Age   Club  
Long Distance W18-24 Lizzy G Miller 24 CRUZ
Long Distance W25-29 Meredith A West 27 MMSW
Long Distance W35-39 Heidi S George 35 UNAT
Long Distance W50-54 Kathy R Morlan 53 VACA
Long Distance W60-64 Laura B Val 60 TAM
Long Distance W70-74 Nancy J Ridout 70 TAM
Long Distance M18-24 Payne M Montgomery 21 STAN
Long Distance M30-34 Brandon E Johnson 31 UNAT
Long Distance M35-39 Michael Kiedel 36 SMM
Long Distance M35-39 Brad J Schindler 39 TUTE
Long Distance M50-54 Mike W Carr 51 SRM
Long Distance M55-59 Sandy M Mac Donald 57 SMST
Long Distance M60-64 Kim S Ridinger 61 USF
Long Distance M70-74 Allan L Cartwright 70 LNM
Long Distance M70-74 Barry A Fasbender 74 STAN
Pool W19-24 Nicole K Doi 21 TVM
Pool W19-24 Katherine Raatz 24 TOC
Pool W19-24 Luane Rowe 22 TVM
Pool W19-24 Dana Vollmer 24 ECAM
Pool W25-29 Laura M Davis 27 WCM
Pool W25-29 Meg B Gill 27 TOC
Pool W25-29 Dana J Kirk 27 FREM
Pool W25-29 Christina A McGowan 25 WCM
Pool W25-29 Fiona O'Donnell-McCarthy 25 TOC
Pool W25-29 Erin P Reilly 27 TOC
Pool W30-34 Naoko Watanabe 30 TOC
Pool W35-39 Shanna L Guzman 36 TOC
Pool W35-39 Annette E Salmeen 37 WCM
Pool W35-39 Allison M Wagner 35 TOC
Pool W40-44 Jody L Smith 43 STAN
Pool W40-44 Alison H Zamanian 41 WCM
Pool W45-49 Lucille R Glassman 49 FREM
Pool W45-49 Lisa A Ward 48 WCM
Pool W50-54 Suzanne M Heim-Bowen 54 WCM
Pool W50-54 Jill S Hernandez 51 CHIC
Pool W50-54 Jana Matena 50 MELO
Pool W50-54 Marguerite Meyer 53 TOC
Pool W55-59 Barbara L Jones 56 MELO
Pool W60-64 Laura B Val 60 TAM
Pool W65-69 Daniela Barnea 67 STAN
Pool W65-69 Ruth Y Shaps 65 MAM
Pool W65-69 Linda R Shoenberger 65 TAM
Pool W70-74 Susan L Munn 73 DAM
Pool W70-74 Nancy J Ridout 70 TAM
Pool W80-84 Ann M Hirsch 81 WCM
Pool W95-99 Audrey H Etienne 96 SMM
Pool M19-24 Wayland Chang 20 USF
Pool M19-24 Wilfred R Garcia 22 MVM
Pool M19-24 Alex Navarro 22 SMM
Pool M25-29 Brett T Bannan 29 MELO
Pool M25-29 John W Dorr 29 TOC
Pool M25-29 Mark A Eckert 26 TOC
Pool M25-29 Andy Grant 27 ECAM
Pool M25-29 BJ Johnson 25 STAN
Pool M25-29 Gary John Mullen 26 SCSC
Pool M25-29 Dash I Rothberg 26 USF
Pool M30-34 Gary N Marshall 30 TOC
Pool M30-34 Jeff F Natalizio 30 SCAM
Pool M35-39 Matthew B Gilman 36 STAN
Pool M35-39 Michael Kiedel 37 SMM
Pool M40-44 Greg Tull 44 TAM
Pool M50-54 Bill Mc Cracken 51 TVM
Pool M55-59 Paul V Carter 55 TOC
Pool M55-59 Philipp A Djang 56 RHMS
Pool M60-64 Jim Clemmons 62 MAM
Pool M65-69 Richard Burns 68 TAM
Pool M65-69 James R DeLacy 65 WCM
Pool M65-69 Edward Rudloff 65 TOC
Pool M65-69 Hugh Wilder 65 SRM
Pool M70-74 Richard T Todd 70 TCAM
Pool M75-79 Barry A Fasbender 75 STAN
Pool M80-84 Ashley O Jones 80 AAM
Pool M90-94 Howard M McKinley 91 TOC
Pacific Masters
Top Ten Swimmers
USMS released its 2012 list of Top Ten Swimmers. This list is far to large to list in this report. You can go to the USMS web site to see the Pacific Masters list for
Pacific had over 1,600 swims that made the top ten in the US last year. Congratulations to all swimmers who made a top ten time in their age group.