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March 14,  2013

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USF March Madness
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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Have you ever seen the perfect swim or have you ever swum the perfect swim? I don't know if it is possible,  is there  something that can be improved to make the swim better - in that case the swim is not perfect. But have you ever had a great swim. I know as swimmers we would never talk about it. In the locker room, one always hears about the aches and pains of getting older, or the problems of not being able to practice as much as we should. Have you ever had a swim when you said "on this day, the stars were aligned just right and I swam about as well as I could."


It does not have to be a record swim or even a personal best. It is that swim when perhaps you were not feeling well that day, but you dove in the water the way you wanted to, you hit all your turns, you went at the speed you wanted to swim, the arms and legs burned with lactic acid build up, the lungs wanted more air yet you swam on and when you hit the wall, you thought there it is - I had a great swim - on this day that is all there is.


Here's to more of those swims.


Fun, Fitness and Competition


Kind Regards


Michael Moore 


16 March 
The Rinconada Spring Meet will be on Saturday 16 March. For the distance swimmer, you can swim the 1000 free or the 1650 Butterfly (the 1650 fly is a special event and is only open to the first 14 registrants). [ Registration ]
Rules of Swimming
John King, our Officials chair, would like to have a workshop on the technical rules of swimming on a Wednesday evening in the south bay area. The workshop would go over the technical rules of our sport, describing what is allowed and what is not. For those who are interested in becoming a deck official, this would be the place to learn about what swimmers can legally do in a meet. If you are interested, please contact John King to let him know you are interested.
PacMasters Pool Records
SCM Top Ten 
The current PacMasters Pool Records have been post on our web site. There 
Thanks to Nancy Ridout, our Records and Tabulations chair who compiles all those records. There are about 1,700 individual records to track.
The 2012 Short Course Top Ten Short Course Meters has also been posted. Congratulation to all those who made a top ten tim.
CAL Aquatics
10 March 
The results of the CAL Aquatic Masters Meet are now online. It was a great day for swimming, the sun was out and the water was fast.
Thank you to Andrew Cassidy and the Cal Aquatic Masters for organizing the meet and also having bagels and cream cheese in the morning and soup at noon for the swimmers. 
USF March Madness
23 March 
The USF Masters will be celebrating the renovation of the long course pool by hosting the USF March Madness Meet. This meet is all of the 50 and 100's - a place for the sprinters to ply their craft. It will be the last meet before Championships. [ Registration ]
PacMasters Short Course Yard Championships
5-7 April 
Pacific Masters will again be holding the Short Course Yards Championships at the Soda Aquatic Center, Campolindo High School, Moraga, California, 5-7 April 2013
The three day meet  will be held in the 16 lane 25 yard x 50 Meter outdoor pool. Championships are a pre-entry meet and there are no deck entries. The on-line entry deadline is 11:59 pm Wednesday 27 March. [ Registration ]
Meet Director Chris Stewart has arranged a great deal with the Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa. They created a block of rooms, for our  swimmers for $99.00 a night + tax for the Friday and/or Saturday. (They are almost sold out).  All swimmers need to do is phone the hotel's 800 number and let the hotel know they are attending the "Pacific Masters Group Block."  The 800 number (800) 368-2468.
Ultimate Open Water Clinic
13 April 

Learn open water swim secrets!  Training for an open water swim? Pacific will be hosting a long course national championships.  Whether it be a triathlon, charity event, lake, bay or ocean swim, NOW is the time to improve your open water skills!  Learn the latest open water swim techniques with tips for EVERY LEVEL of open water swimmer!
The Ultimate Open Water Clinic will be at Rolling Hills Club in Novato, Saturday 13 April from 8-11am.
Remember this year the One Mile National Championships is being held in Pacific. Scott Williams along with Laureen Welting are featured coaches! [ Registration ]
Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic
Lodi, California 
Pacific Masters clinics are designed to help Masters swim coaches strengthen their coaching skills in identifying and correcting stroke deficiencies through a 2-hour classroom presentation (swimmers included) covering stroke mechanics, swimming drills, tips and techniques. Coaches then head to the deck where the swimmers look to improve their own abilities. 
In the 2-hour pool session, swimmers are led through a series of drills and easy laps, receiving instant feedback from these coaches. This clinic is led by USMS Coaches of the Year   Kerry O'Brien - 1987 (Walnut Creek Masters) and Stu Kahn -2012 (Davis Aquatic Masters). These two coaches are enthusiastic, passionate and know stroke technique inside and out. You definitely want to sign up early for this one! 
The Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic will be held Sunday 21 April at the Lodi Swim Club, Tokay High School Lodi, California
Bay Area Senior Games
Stanford, California 
The Bay Area Senior Games are again being held at Stanford University. Swimming will be on Saturday May 18th. You must register by May 8th.
The Senior Games are somewhat laid back so that if you want to get out of your comfort zone to try something new, there are may events. Bocce is offered. Feats of Strength that include Dynomometer Hand Grip Strength, Standing Long Jump and the Farmers Walk. For those who want to try something different, there is a list of Sport Resources on their web site.