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20 November 2012

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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On behalf of Peter Guadagni, chair; Nancy Ridout, registrar; and our executive committee, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

It is also the start of the new Registration Year. Thanks to the over 2,000 swimmers who have re-registered already. If you early register you will be sent an email for discounts for some of our US Masters Swimming sponsors. Now is the time to try those new toys.

The USF Koret Pool is closed for a couple of months, which is why the Valentines Day Affair has turned into March Madness. The pool has been drained and they are working on the plaster. You may see a few itinerant USF swimmers at your pool - be kind.  :-)

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore


Its a new (Registration) year 

It is a new year - for registering for Pacific Masters Swimming / United States Masters Swimming. If you register now you will be registered through 31 December 2013. Thanks to the over 2,000 swimmers who have already registered with PacMasters.


You can register on line by going to 

(This is the preferred method) . You just go to the site, type in your name and birthday and your registration information will appear. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, as sometimes we are sending your Masters swimming information to a secondary (non-preferred) email address.


Or you can go to the Pacific Masters Swimming November December Newsletter and there is a paper registered for you can fill out and send to Nancy Ridout, our Registrar.(Address is on the form)


For those who register early US Masters Swimming sponsors are offering discounts on their products. This is a great time to get that new suit or to purchase a swimming "toy" to try out.


When registering, please consider making a donation to the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the USMasters Swimming Swimming Saves Lives Foundation. The Hall of Fame is the repository of all things swimming - it is a great pleasure to visit when you are in Ft Lauderdale. Swimming Saves Lives  directly support programs that are providing opportunities for adults to swim-adults who might not otherwise have opportunities.


DAM Brute Squad Postal 

The 4th Annual DAM Brute Squad Postal Swim takes place during the month of November. It is the 200 Fly, followed by the 400 IM followed by the 1650 (Others say it is the 300 Fly, 100 Back, 100 Breast and 1750 Freestyle). The cumulative time of all three determine the order of finish. If two or more swimmers report the same cumulative time, a tie will be declared.  
Reno Winners Meet 
The 19th Annual Reno "Winners" Meet will be Saturday 1 December 2012. There is an 11:00am warmup and a Noon start. Entries must be posted by Wednesday 21 November 2012. This is usually one of the smaller Pacific Masters meet and back to back events are not advised.
400 Kick for Time 
The MEMO swimmers are organizing a new postal event - the 400 kick for Time. A swimmer uses a kick board, no stroking into a sway and no flip turns.
National Top Ten 
The preliminary Top 10 listings  for the 2012 long-course meters season, which ran 10/1/11 - 9/30/12, are now available. Please check for inaccuracies and email Mary Beth Windrath, the National Swims Administrator, with potential corrections by Nov 24..
Thoughts and Prayers
Please keep Mike Keck of The Olympic Club in thoughts and prayers. His mother passed away on 6 November.
Upcoming Meets
The first meet of the new year will be the Santa Rosa Flower Power Meet to be held at the indoor Santa Rosa Community College Pool. This is the first pool meet, Pacific has sanctioned in the North Bay Area in a long time.