Pacific Masters Swimming Coaches NewsletterIssue No. 8

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Annual Meeting Flyer



I cannot even begin to express how good it is to be back in the fold of Pacific Masters Swimming! One of my goals upon stepping back into the Coaches Chair position was to bring back the coaches newsletters we produced in 2010 and 2011. We want to keep our coaches updated to news and information specific to coaching. 

Annual Meeting

We'd really love to have you join us at our annual meeting on Sunday, November 11th at the Shadelands Arts Center.  An exciting program is planned including a swim workout at Heather Farms (open only to meeting attendees), renowned swimmer Janet Evans speaking on "Staying Fit and Motivated as We Age", a catered lunch and the Pacific Masters business meeting. In your position as a Masters coach you may be interested in "Strategies and Tactics for Enhancing Your Club" a workshop led by Bill Brenner, the USMS Club & Coach Services Director. The workshop is a great opportunity to gather new ideas and collaborate with other Pac Masters coaches in developing new membership programs.

You can see the flyer with full details on the annual meeting by clicking the link on the left side of the page. 
Pacific Masters needs to reflect the interests of its clubs to continue to thrive and your input is essential to that process. Please take the time to sign up for the meeting today and encourage your team members and team leaders to attend as well. You can sign up for the meeting by following this link:

What to Host A Coaches Clinic?


This next year, we have some exciting plans for our coaches. We are building a series of 4-hour instructional clinics which will be offered throughout various geographical regions of our LMSC. There will be no cost for the coaches to attend. Clinic offerings will be either long axis, short axis or starts/turns. Coaches will have two hours in the classroom and then head to the pool deck where they will work with swimmers to identify and correct stroke deficiencies. The clinics will be lead by veteran coaches from Pacific Masters. If you'd like a clinic in your area, contact me at


USMS-ASCA Coaches Certification

Congratulations to the 56 coaches and swimmers who attended the USMS-ASCA Level 1 & 2 coaches certification courses we hosted September 29th and 30th. A huge thank you to Mountain View Masters and Davis Aquatic Masters for providing us the classrooms for the courses. 


In 2013, I hope to have Pac Masters host another Level 1 & 2 course as well as a Level 3 course. We'll keep you posted!


2012 USMS Coach Of The Year

Congratulations to Stu Kahn, Davis Aquatic Masters, for being selected as this year's US Masters Swimming Coach of The Year. An incredible honor for an incredible coach. Stu has made quite a name for himself, and his team, in the last few years. He and his wife Mary are a formidable duo. If you get the chance to watch him in action on the pool deck or in the classroom, you will be awed by his infectious enthusiasm, passion, and energy for all things swimming. Way to go Stu!




Hope to see many of you at the annual meeting - it is going to be fun!


Cokie Lepinski
Coaches Chair
Pacific Masters Swimming