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22 October  2012

 Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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Annual meeting coming up.

Go to our Facebook social page and join - you may have your 2013 registration fee comp'ed.

In honor of Regina Brittingham, Chico Masters is having a fundraiser to help defeat cancer .

For all the above,  see below.

Go Giants!!

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Pacific Masters Annual Meeting
11 November 
Pacific Masters Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 11 November at the Walnut Creek Shadelands Art Center in Walnut Creek. Janet Evans will be the keynote speaker. Bill Brenner of the USMS National office will be speaking on "Strategies and Tactics for Enhancing Your Club." There is a complimentary catered lunch
Please register before 31 October. (you can register on-line)
Pacific Masters Facebook Social Page
may get you next years registration paid 
The Pacific Masters Committee will pay the registration fee for one Pacific Masters swimmers who has joined the Pacific Masters Facebook Social  page.
Just go to the Pacific Masters Facebook Social Page and sign up to join by noon 31 October. We will pick a member to have their 2013 Pacific Masters Registration fee comp'ed by the Committee.
While you are on the social page, add a picture of your team or team members.
Open Water Points 
All Open Water swimmers are asked to check the open water results page. Please review your results. Swimmers will have until 31 October to report any errors. Report any errors to Marcia Benjamin at Final results will be reported by the end of November.
PacMasters Members on
National Committees
United States Masters Swimming is organized by both the volunteers and a professional staff. Every other year we vote for national Executive Committee. There are many national committees and there are Pacific athletes who serve on those committees. The committee members are to represent all the US Masters Swimmers and are not just Pacific representatives. Below are a list of national Committees and the Pacific members who serve on those committees.

BOD Committees:


Board of Directors:

Jim Clemmons, Oceana

Nancy Ridout, Past President




Finance Committee:

Kildine Harms


Governance Committee: 

Jim Wheeler

Leanne Crittenden (Rules)


Swimming Saves Lives:

Nancy Ridout




507.1.1 Championship Committee:

Jim Clemmons

Barry Fasbender

Michael Moore


507.1.2 Coaches Committee:

Stu Kahn-Vice Chair

Chris Campbell

Cokie Lepinski

Executive Committee: Jody Smith


507.1.3 Fitness Education:

Marcia Anziano-CHAIR

Linda Shoenberger-Vice Chair

Ali Hall

Executive Committee: Jody Smith


507.1.5 Legislation Committee:

Joan Alexander

Peter Guadagni

Jim Shaw


507.1.6 LMSC Development Committee:

Michael Moore-Oceana chair

Leianne Crittenden


507.1.7 Long Distance Committee:

Ali Hall

Phyllis Quinn


507.1.8 Officials Committee:

Ed Saltzman-CHAIR

John King

Caroline Lambert


507.1.9 Open Water Committee

Glenda Carroll

Jim Wheeler


507.1.10 Recognition and Awards Committee:

Rich Burns

Nancy Ridout

Laura Val


507.1.12 Registration Committee:

Nancy Ridout-Oceana


507.1.13 Rules Committee:

Leianne Crittenden-Vice Chair

Barry Fasbender


507.1.14 Sports Medicine and Science Committee:

Executive Committtee: Jody Smith


A description of the committees can be found in the US Masters Swimming rule book 

Chico Masters and Chico AquajetsSponsors Swim Across America fund raiser
Chico Masters Swimming and Chico Aquajets are sponsoring a Swim Across America Fund Raising event on Thursday 15 November at the In Motion Fitness 1293 E 1st Av, Chico, CA 95926.
The event is called Team Regina Swims Against Cancer. This is named for Regina Brittingham a long time Masters Swimmer who has swum for Walnut Creek and Chico Masters. The goal is to raise $5,000. More information can be found on the Swim Across America - Team Regina Web site.