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20 August 2012

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010



In the results of the Pacific Masters 2012 Long Course Championships I forgot to mention the World records that were broken at meet:
Laura Val broke the 400 LCM Free 4:59.82
  and the 200 IM 2:50.00

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen brom the 100 Back (50-54) 1:11.78

and Paul Carter broke the 100 Fly (55-59) 1:00.356

Also Laura Val was seen doing the breaststroke in a non-IM event (50 M)
at 43.89. Backstroke king Rich Burns did the 200 Fly and in the interest of full disclosure, I was seen doing the 50 Fly as part of a relay. (all I can say about that is the 80/20 rule applies to that event. It felt like 80% of the effort was in the last 20% of the distance).

I wrote about John Coughlin at the PacMasters Long Course Championships held at San Mateo. Rich Burns informed me about a blog John has written a that is a focus on his recovery. It is filled with gentle self deprecating humor.

The Wall Street Journal had an article "Does Swimming Need a New Stroke?" Maybe this is something that Masters can do - have a 50 Meter event where there is no 15 Meter rule in the Back, Breast or Fly.

There was great article about a Oregon woman who survived breast cancer, had a mastectomy ten weeks before Nationals, then came back to win the women's 50-54 100 and 200 Fly at Omaha.

Looking for suggestions: If you have a video that you think should be a video of the week please let me know. The current focus group is the left side of my brain communicating with the right - more help could be used.

Enjoy the summer.

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore


Masters Swimmers 

Every year at the United States Masters Swimming annual convention, we spend a minute remembering our swimming who have gone on thier eternal reward.
If you know of a fellow Masters swimmers who has passed on, please email us the person's name and we will remember him/her at the convention.
2013 PacMasters 

The PacMasters Committee voted to hold the 2013 Short Course Yards Championships at Soda Aquatic Center 5-7 April 2013  to be organized by Walnut Creek Masters.

The Short Course Meters Championships will be held 11-13 October at Walnut Creek's Heather Farms.

Design the 
USMS Rule Book Cover 

Every year USMS has the Rule Book cover contest for the creation of the cover for the next years rule book. Information about the rule book cover submission is on the USMS website. An electronic artwork is due by 1 September.

Both Kerry O'Brien and Michael Moore have had their submissions  selected for the USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition cover..
Cruz Cruise
Rough Water Swim
Modesto Aquatics SCM 

Thanks to the Santa Cruz Lifeguards for the Rough Water Open Water meet; the Santa Cruz Masters for the Cruz Cruise and Modesto Aquatics for their short course meters meet.
Whiskeytown Open Water 
Redding Swim Meet 

Whiskeytown Lake is just outside Redding so plan to drive up the day before. This is a beautiful lake. There's a nice shady picnic area and beach so bring the family. This event is in the early fall and the weather can be either chilly or hot. The lake is a bit cooler than Berryessa (think mid to high 60's). If you plan to do both the 1- and 2-mile events, be prepared to feel a little cold at the start of the 2-mile. Post event snacks.
For those who would like to drive up the day earlier, Redding is having a Short Course Yards Pentathlon. The Meet will start at 11am, so bay area swimmers can leave early to drive up there.
Open Water Meet Sheet

Pacific Masters  has two Facebook sections, the first is the Pacific Masters Social page. Feel free to post information about your team, pictures of your team and even videos. Feel free to post.
There is also the Pacific Masters Swimming in the Sports League section which has more information about Pacific Masters.
Coaches Clinic 

Pacific Masters is proud to offer a USMS/ASCA Masters Coach Certification Level 1 and Level 2 Clinics.


The Clinics will be offered in Mountain View, CA(29 September) and Davis, CA (30 September). You must be a 2012 USMS member to participate in the couse, you must be a member of ASCA to receive certification. There are a number of scholarships available for Pacific Masters coaches, please contact Cokie Lepinski  for details.

Manatee Open 2 x 1 Open Water
15 September

The Manatee Aquatic Masters are again organizing the 2x1 Open Water relay. It will take it place on 15 September at Lake Del Valle. The meet has always been a fun meet. All registered swimmers who compete will be eligible for Pacific Masters Open Water Points.
USMS Board of Directors
Summer Meeting  Minutes 

The United States Masters Swimming Board of Director's Summer Meeting Minutes have been posted on the USMS website. The board reviewed many topics regarding the organization, and is well worth the read for those who are interested in Masters Swimming.
Video of the Week 

Well this week, there is not just one video but five. The video of the week is PacMasters Swimmer and Olympic Gold Medal winner Dana Vollmer on the Late Night Show.

Miss Franklin was on the Tonight Show:

and Ryan Lochte was on the Tonight Show