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22 May  2012
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2001- 2010




Sometimes it is just about being in the water.

Four years ago at Perth, I was not feeling well. It was a long trip to Perth, which really is at the end of the earth. I had been taking some medicine which did not agree with me and and I thought there was a dark cloud that was over my head.

I saw a swimmer I knew from the USMS House of Delegates and told her I was feeling lousing and was going to bag the 800 Free. She talked me into at least just swimming the event, after all it was an 8,000 mile trip.

I said OK. The cloud was over my head when I was in the marshaling area and when they took us to the blocks. The ref blew the long whistle, it was time to jump in the water. The minute my feet hit the water, the cloud went away. It was summer again. I swam ok and the time would have been better if I had read the rules to see that the lap counter goes down in number not increase - I only looked at the lap counter only once about half way through and was off by two laps.

It felt great just to be in the water.

I remembered that last week. I did not sleep well and was in a quandary if I really wanted to swim. The mind won out over the body and I took the three minute walk to the pool. Heard from the coach on what the days workout would be. When I jumped in the water, it was Perth all over again. The cloud went away.

Sometime it feels good just to swim  and enjoy the water.

Have fun

Fun, fitness and competition


Michael Moore
Lake Berryessa


One of the biggest swims of the year,  Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim  is a very popular swim that brings in the crowds. You'll find masters swimmers, age groupers and triathletes. Water temp is comfortable. But you never know what conditions will be like at the start of the swim.  Plenty of parking and a shuttle runs frequently to haul you and your stuff from the parking lots. Bring a chair because the grass is full of foxtails and there are only a few picnic tables to sit at. You can pre-order a lunch...or bring your own food.
OnLine Registration Deadline 31 May. 
2012 USMS Summer Championships


The US Masters 2012 Summer National Championships are in Omaha, Nebraska 5-9 July. Registration has already begun. The meet will be in the same pool as the USA Swimming Olympic Trials.
The registration deadline is 31 May.
Thoughts and Prayers
Bill Page 1940-2012 


Bill Page of Stanford Masters passed away on 3 May 2012 at his home him Medford, OR. Dr Page, after retiring from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation practicing family medicine worked in underserved areas across the US and New Zealand.
Bill swam for both Rinconada and Stanford, he had 43 top ten swims, and had two top ten times, both in the 400 IM.
2014 USMS Open Water Championships  
The 2014 US Masters Swimming Long Distance Committee is looking for host to organize the 2014 US Masters Swimming Open Water Championships. The west is scheduled to have the one mile swim and the >3/<6 mile swim. If any open water meet host would like to bid for the either event, please contact our Open Water Chair Glenda Carroll for more information. 
PacMasters Swimmers going to 
FINA Worlds - Riccione 
Athletes who are going to FINA Worlds in Riccione are asked to look at the Facebook Page .  There is also a team dinner on 13 June. If you are interested contact Kristin Gary.
For the swimmers going to Riccione, have fun. It has great food and great scenery. Ciao!
US Masters 2014 Short Course Championships

The US Masters Swimming Championship Committee is looking for bidders on the west coast for the 2014 Spring Championships. The meet normally attracts between 1500 to 2,000 athletes.
For a meet organizing the spring nationals, the club should have 
  1. At least a 50 meter pool
  2. Another pool for warm up
  3. The Ability to organize a high level meet.
If your club is interested or if you would like further information, please contact either Barry Fasbender or Michael Moore, both members of the Championship Committee.
Pacific Masters
by the Numbers 

Pacific Masters now has 9,283 registered members, a significant increase over last year at this time. Below is a list of clubs that have over 100 members. There are currently just over 15,200 on the Pac Masters mailing list.


DAM 585 

STAN 470 

WCM 433 

TCAM 431 

MELO 318

USF 298 

SCSC 262 

CRUZ 253 

MVM 235 

MAM 209 

TEME 199 

TSUN 181 

MAAC 175

SERC 175 

TOC 172 

TVM 170 

NBA 167 

SCAM 161 

BAC 157 

DC 156 

BAY 145 

PCAM 144 

SMM 139 

SNM 133 

RAMS 118 

AAM 110 

RINC 103