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10 May  2012
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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The Open Water Season is almost here. Spring Lake is the first open water meet.

Pacific Masters is offering Open Water 101 and Open Water 201. If you register by Friday evening, there is a discount. There is no deck entry registration, so register soon.

Pacific Masters Monthly meeting is Wednesday 15 May at Heather Farms, Walnut Creek. There is a light buffet that begins at 7pm and the meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

Have fun

Fun, fitness and competition


Michael Moore
Wine Country Senior Games


The Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games will be held in Santa Rosa 9 June. The meet will be at the Santa Rosa Junior College. It is a sanctioned meet, where there will be separate heats for Masters Swimmers and non-masters swimmers.
There is no race day registration and registration closes 20 May.
Spring Lake Open Water 


The first open water meet of the season is the Spring Lake One Mile. It is a one mile look. There is also the 500 meter swim. The meet begins at 9am on Saturday 19 May. You can deck enter, but reentry is recommended.
Open Water 101 and 201


Pacific Masters is proud to offer two clinic for the open water swimmers. Open Water 101 is for the novice open water swimmer (the swimmer must be able to swim 1/2 mile in 30 minutes or less). Open Water 201 is for a swimmer who has completed at least two open water swims of 1/2 mile or more.
Lake Berryessa


One of the biggest swims of the year.  Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim  is a very popular swim that brings in the crowds. You'll find masters swimmers, age groupers and triathletes. Water temp is comfortable. But you never know what conditions will be like at the start of the swim.  Plenty of parking and a shuttle runs frequently to haul you and your stuff from the parking lots. Bring a chair because the grass is full of foxtails and there are only a few picnic tables to sit at. You can pre-order a lunch...or bring your own food.
2012 USMS Summer Championships


The US Masters 2012 Summer National Championships are in Omaha, Nebraska 5-9 July. Registration has already begun. The meet will be in the same pool as the USA Swimming Olympic Trials.
The first registration deadline is 8 May (lower registration fee) with the final registration deadline 31 May.
USMS to give Grants to College Swimmers
The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, the charitable arm of USMS, with a purpose of encouraging more adults to choose swimming as part of their health, fitness, and lifestyle, will be giving five, $1,000 grants to college swimmers. The grants are for the 2012-2013 academic year. 
Applicants must be 18 years or older, must be swimming for a college club program, must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and will be required to submit a 150-word essay why they like swimming. NCAA athletes must check with their compliance departments before applying. 
The application deadline is June 22, 2012. Swimmers receiving grants will be notified the week of July 23, 2012. Grant recipients will be required to attend the USMS annual convention September 14-16, 2012 in Greensboro, N.C. USMS will pay for the registration, airfare and hotel for the grant recipients. 
The application process is online at
Pacific Masters Newsletter
Electronic Edition - May June 

The May June edition of the Pacific Masters Newsletter has been posted. The newsletter contains the Chairman's letter, meet sheets through the beginning of July  and other items of interest to Pacific Masters Swimming.


As it has been announced in the previous Newsletter, this newsletter will NOT be inserted into your copy of USMS Swimmer. This is an electronic copy of the newsletter, you must download it.
2014 USMS Open Water Championships  
The 2014 US Masters Swimming Long Distance Committee is looking for host to organize the 2014 US Masters Swimming Open Water Championships. The west is scheduled to have the one mile swim and the >3/<6 mile swim. If any open water meet host would like to bid for the either event, please contact our Open Water Chair Glenda Carroll for more information. 
US Masters 2014 Short Course Championships

The US Masters Swimming Championship Committee is looking for bidders on the west coast for the 2014 Spring Championships. The meet normally attracts between 1500 to 2,000 athletes.
For a meet organizing the spring nationals, the club should have 
  1. At least a 50 meter pool
  2. Another pool for warm up
  3. The Ability to organize a high level meet.
If your club is interested or if you would like further information, please contact either Barry Fasbender or Michael Moore, both members of the Championship Committee.
US Masters Swimming
Proposing Rules Changes 

The deadline for submitting proposed USMS rules and legislative changes is fast approaching. At its May board meeting, Pacific Masters will be selecting items it would like to have considered at this year's convention. If there are changes you would like to see in the USMS rule book, please send them to me at or Nancy Ridout at You should also be prepared to make a short presentation (3 to 5 min) on why your idea will improve Masters Swimming. As a largely volunteer organization, we depend on the efforts and ideas of our members.