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10 December 2011
Earliest sunset of the year
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New Registration Year
Reno Winners Meet
10 K Clinic
Thoughts and prayers
International Swimming Hall of Fame
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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The holiday season is upon us. I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas and New Years.

For those of you who have re-registered for Masters swimming, thank you. For those who register before 15 January US Masters Swimming has arranged a special program from USMS sponsors (information is in your re-registration packet).

These few days are the earliest sunsets of the year. Sunrise will become later and later until about the 6 th of January. This year winter solstice is 22 December, the day with the least amount of sun light in the northern hemisphere.

Have fun!!

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore
New Registration Year


Our new registration year started 1 Novmeber. Swimmers can register on line at You can register any time 24/7. Currently we have  over 3,700 swimmers registered for 2012
If your club has reregistered you can register with your club. If your club has not registered for 2012, you cannot register with your club, until the club registers.


Reno Winners Meet


The  Reno Winners meet was held on Saturday December 3rd. Results of the meet have been posted. Thanks to Steve Lintz, Gwen Shonkwiler and the Sierra Nevada Masters for organizing the meet.
10 K Clinic


 Pacific Masters is sponsoring a clinic for those who are thinking about competing in a 10K Open Water Event. The dryland workshop will include how to approach trianing, feeding during the race, race day preparation and recovering after the race. 
Thoughts and Prayers


 Nancy Ridout's 98 year-old step-mother passed away last week. Please keep Nancy and her mother in your thoughts and prayers.
International Swimming 
Hall of Fame 


Last week, I visited theInternational Swimming Hall of Fame, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Hall is a repository for many of the artifacts and memorabilia of aquatic sports. 
I was  very fortunate to be there the day Greg Louganis brought his two Olympic gold medals to the Hall for exhibition in a diving diorama. It was an honor to meet Greg, one of the greatest divers of all time.
The hall is a repository for all things swimming, included in the hall are swimsuits from the past hundred years. One woman's woolen suit weighs 25 lbs. It also has suits that Johnny Wessmuller wore and replicas of suits that Ronald Reagan wore.
In the back is a couple of rooms with books and films about swimming.The films are in the process of being copied into a digital format, but it is a slow process. Many of the films are in 8mm.
Among the items in the back is the 1968 monograph by Ransom J. Arthur "Swimming and Cardiobascular Fitness in the Older Age Group and Swim Training in the Older Age Group." It was one of the founding documents about swim training for the older age group (swimmers over 30.) (Thanks to Bruce Wigo of the Hall who gave me a copy of the monograph). 
The Hall is listed on our membership form if you care to donate money. Another way to support to Hall and its mission would be to become an International Swimming Hall of Fame member -