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16 May 2011
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Open Water Suits
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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The Open Water season is coming upon us. The 2011 Open Water Season starts this Saturday with the Spring Lake Open Water Swim in Santa Rosa, California The one mile meet is followed by the Lake Berryessa Meet and the Lake Del Valle events coming up in June. 

Q Swimwear will be sponsoring the Open Water Points competition. The winner of each age group (two divisions) will be eligible to receive a Q Swimwear swim suit of the swimmers choice. There will be winners in both  Cat 1 swim suits and Cat 2  swim suits. (You can only win one division. More information below).

The Excel Weekend is coming up fast. For coaches this a great chance to network with other coaches. For swimmings there are great coaches there to help you improve your stroke . Olympian Rowdy Gaines will be working with the coaches on Friday and Saturday morning. Swimmers will get to meet and talk with Rowdy on Saturday. Coach David Durden of Cal Berkeley will work on Advanced Techniques for Competitors in the 50m pool on Sunday. 

For Triathletes, Tri-California, the producers of the Alcatraz Challenge Swims, S.F. Triathlon at Alcatraz and S. F. Triathlon at Treasure Island  has a great offer for Pacific Masters swimmers - For those who are swimming the Alcatraz Challenge Swim this weekend there is a $20 discount see below.

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore

Pacific Masters May Meeting: 
Pacific Masters May monthly meeting at Heather Farms.

Pacific Masters May meeting will be held at Heather Farms 18 May 2011. There is a buffet at 7:00 pm followed by meeting at 7:30. All clubs are invited to send a representative and all members are invited to attend.

Q Swimwear Sponsors
Open Water Points Competition: 
The Open Water Points Competition will have a new sponsor in Q Swimwear. Each

Pacific Masters is proud to announce that Q Swimwear will be sponsoring the Open Water Points Competition. Q Swimwear provides unique and cutting edge swimming products to enhance the competitive swimmers enjoyment of the sport.


 The winner of each division age group will receive a Q Swimwear swimsuit of the swimmers choice. The swimmer can choose a regular swimsuit or  one of their suits designed for competition.

Open Water Swimming
Suit Rules
Open Water Points Competition: 
Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Points Competition will have two divisions: Category 1 Suits and Category 2 Suits.

Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Points Competition has two divisions for 2011; Category 1 Suits and Category 2 Suits. For a description of Cat 1 and Cat 2 suits go to  Updated description of the competition can be found at

Spring Lake One Mile Swim: 
Santa Rosa California May 21

Spring Lake A one mile loop. Water temp is normally in the mid 60's, but last year, it was closer to 70 degrees. There are some weeds. This swim is always very well run; they will have you out of there by 11:00 am, even if you stay for the awards. Parking is easy. Nice green lawn to sit on. Post event snacks provided.  

Lake Berryessa: 
Saturday June 4. Lake Berryessa is part of the US Masters Swimming H2Open Series of four open water event across the United States.

One of the biggest swims of the year. Once again, Lake Berryessa is part of a USMS open water series, USMS H2Open.  This is a very popular swim that brings in the crowds. You'll find Masters swimmers, age groupers and triathletes. 


Water temp is comfortable. But you never know what conditions will be like at the start of the swim.  Plenty of parking and a shuttle runs frequently to haul you and your stuff from the parking lots. Bring a chair because the grass is full of foxtails and there are only a few picnic tables to sit at. You can pre-order a lunch...or bring your own food.  [ Registration ]

Lake Del Valle: 
Sunday June 12. 0.75 mile  and 2.5K

Lake Del Valle is always a great swim.  Beautiful location.  Expect a crowd.  On the drawing board for this year:  an elite division and on-line registration.  The 1.5 mile swim is being stretched by about 100 yards = 2.5K. If you're new to open water swimming, try the mile swim. It's run first.  For a good workout, do both. Plenty of parking. A good place to bring your kids: they have a swimming area that is roped off. Post event snacks provided. 

Founders Day Long Course Meet: 
One hunderd and two hundred LCM events.

A new long course meet for Pacific Masters at the new College of San Mateo pool on 26 June - details to follow.

Pacific Masters Excel Weekend

A clinic designed to challenge your mind with information and ideas while infusing new energy and excitement into your swimming and coaching - 10-12 June. 

Olympian Rowdy Gaines to be keynote speaker for coaches conference. He will also meet with swimmers on deck and in the water  early Saturday afternoon.

Be sure to save the weekend as this will be a great time for coaches to meet and network with other masters coaches from the area. For swimmers, it is the time to work on technique in preparation for the Long Course Championships that will be coming up soon after or for that open water swim.


Coaches Chair Cokie Lepinski and her committee have been working dilligently  to bring an exciting  weekend for coaches and swimmers at the Excel Weekend - Focusing on Technique and Heart


Olympian Rowdy Gaines will be the keynote speaker for the coaches conference, in the early afternoon he will meet with swimmers on the deck an in the water.


Cal Berkeley Coach David Duden will be working with swimmers on Advanced Techniques for Competitors. Coach Duden had a must success season this year as Cal won both the NCAA Division 1 Mens and Womens Swimming Championships.


The Number of spaces is LIMITED for both coaches and swimmers. If you would like to attend, you should register as soon as possible as the space will fill up quickly. For the swimmer wanting to improve their technique, this is the place to be.


Detail are on the Excel Weekend website.

Join Pacific Masters Linked in

The Pacific Masters Swimming has a group in Linked in. All Pacific Masters Swimmers are invited to join the group, however, you must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the group. This is a place where our members can network - so far over 50 members have joined

US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in Page where member can network. Pacific Masters has social media events in Facebook, Twitter and now Linked in. 
USA Swimming National Championships
coming to Stanford 

The USA Swimming National and Junior National Championships are coming to Palo Alto this summer. The competitors are America's elite swimmers who will represent the USA in the Olympics and other international events.

The competitions will be held at Stanford University Aug 2-6 and Aug 8-12 respectively. We anticipate 2,000 swimmers, 4,000 friends and family and 1,500 spectators daily. These events are a key part of gearing up for the 2012 Olympics Games in London. Swimming is among the hottest sports today and these races will be broadcast live on NBC.


You can show your support for USA Swimming with a small donation and have your club's name listed on the Friends of Swimming pages. For details, please contact either John Guislin or Helen Mendel


It is anticipated that this event will sell out, so please goto  to get your tickets today. 

Tri-California Promotion

Tri-California is offering Pacific Masters members a discount on many of their events this year. Tri-California produces of the Alcatraz Challenge Swim, S.F Triathlon at Alcatraz and the S.F. Triathlon at Treasure Island have agreed to give Pacifc Masters members a $20.00 discount to individual members of Pacific Masters. Their first event is the  Alacatraz Challenge Swim on 22 May and the next event is the Alcatrax Challenge Aquathhlon and Swim is 17 July. The promotion code is PacMasters2011. For more information go to . or directly to Tri-California .