Understanding Search Engine Optimization
May, 2015 

Did you miss us? April ran away with us and suddenly May is nearly done, too. So we are playing a bit of catch up with this edition focused on search engine optimization for websites. Below we offer a few quick tips for identifying search engine expertise and some basic steps to take to ensure your website is ready to be "discovered" by Google and Bing.
How to Recognize Search Engine Optimization Expertise


teacup-laptop-man.jpg Today, optimizing your website for search engines requires a delicate balance between content production, website technology and internet marketing best practices. The main concern is helping search engines recognize that your site has "quality content" and "a good user experience." The following can help you determine whether your preferred SEO provider is up-to-date on industry trends or still using unsightly practices from years past. Read More


9-Item Checklist for a Search Engine-Friendly Website 

Google Bing Yahoo! The technological side of SEO is more important than ever now. While search engines continue to tweak their definitions of what constitutes "quality content" for the average web user, their definition of "a good user experience" as well as the list of technical data they prefer has remained relatively stable.


The following is a 9-item checklist... Read More 

These days, if people don't already know you, they will find you through a search engine or learn about you from their friends on social media. Taking steps to ensure you are easily discovered can be the difference between a new opportunity arriving on your website or the opportunity landing on someone else's. 

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California Contract Cities Association

Tripepi Smith is a Gold Level partner with the California Contract Cities Association. We provide content development support for the monthly newsletter and social media support for the Association's social media outlets. Recently, Tripepi Smith delivered a new website for CCCA that gives this influential group a quality face on the Internet that reflects its heritage and influence. Click here to learn more about CCCA. 

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Civic Business Journal reports on the people, companies and solutions that make local government in California more effective.   


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