Releases and Pitches: Bring Your Traditional Media "A" Game
September, 2014 

Connecting with reporters and the media remains an important part of any communications strategy. Yes, social media and the Internet have diminished the impact of newspapers and television, but those channels of communication still remain valuable. In this edition we offer some of our wisdom on pitching stories and executing press releases.
Tips for Writing a Good Press Release


Before you start writing a news release, imagine yourself in a reporter's shoes.  When they pick up a news release, reporters will immediately be thinking:  How is this interesting and relevant to my audience?  And if so, why should I 
write this story now?  If the news release has a timing element, human story, and policy/action component that directly and positively answers those questions, the probability that the reporter will be interested in doing a story will be high. 
Pointers for Pitching Stories to the Media


The key to successfully pitching the media is preparation.  Before you pick up the phone, be prepared to answer two implicit questions from the reporter:  How is what you are pitching interesting and relevant to my audience?  If it is interesting and relevant, why should I publish this story now?  Read more...


Connecting with traditional media channels and working with them to tell interesting stories remains important. If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.

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