Tell Your Story 
July, 2014 

To engage with potential clients or customers, you have to capture their attention in a world of distraction. The best way to do that is with a story. 

But how best to craft your story? And what stories should you tell? These decisions are what merge the craft of storytelling with the art of marketing. In this month's newsletter we share a few thoughts on the topic of telling your story and telling it well. 
4 Steps to Marketing Yourself With a Story 


Everyone loves a good story. 
Maybe it's the little kid hiding deep inside us all, or maybe we just like to be entertained. Whatever the reason, storytelling is a key part of marketing yourself or your organization. Here are four simple steps to help you tell your story in a way that will capture the attention of potential clients and customers.

1. Find Your Story

Why do you do what you do? This is the kernel of your story. Perhaps you work for a bond financing organization because you love being the person who facilitates new development in growing cities. Or maybe there is no greater joy in your life than watching a child learn something new. Figure out what your passion is, and the rest of the story will flow. Read more...
Finding Stories to Tell


Sharing company news on a regular basis is critical to the growth of any organization, be it a tiny mom-and-pop grocery, or multi-million dollar soda company. Though the scale may be different, the concept is very much the same. To stay at the front of your customer or client's mind, you have to give them something to talk about. 

But What If We Don't Have Anything To Say?

This is a question we hear often, and our response is always the same: You have plenty to say - you just don't realize it because you're steeped in the day-to-day operations. To help you gain a little perspective on the situation, try these tricks:

Bring in an outsider. Hire a professional marketer to sit in on general meetings. We often do this with clients who are surprised when, at the end of the meeting, we have a list of story ideas: a new product about to be launched, a new team member, a new partnership. All stories.

Check in with your accountant. While you would never want to share your financial data, this is a great place to remind yourself of a new client, someone new on the payroll, or that ticket you bought to an upcoming conference. Read more...


Storytelling is a delicate art. Embracing stories to market your organization can be even more so. If you could use a little help telling the world what you've been up to, drop us a line. Our team of professionals is standing by. 

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Tripepi Smith has been engaged by the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC) to provide marketing and communications support. MISAC is comprised of IT professionals working in cities and other local government agencies throughout California. 

MISAC supports an understanding of the use and impact of information technology within local agencies as a whole and strives for the advancement of information systems through professionalism and high ethical standards. Over 500 technology workers from 250 California local government agencies are members of MISAC.

Tripepi Smith's scope of work includes a redesign of the MISAC logo, addressing collateral material needs, and creating a new look for the MISAC website. The engagement is being led by TSA president Ryder Todd Smith and Senior Business Analyst Karalee Watson.


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