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June, 2014 

Logo. Mission Statement. Color Scheme. Everything associated with an organization, from its official font to the way the receptionist answers the phone, is part of its brand. Knowing your brand, and creating an identity to go with it, is critical to the success of any endeavor. Read on to learn more about brand and identity, and what you can do to make the most of both. 
Brand and Identity: Understanding the Difference 

To understand the difference between brand and identity, imagine a person named Joe. The image of Joe that you see in your mind - be it a bald muscle builder or meek librarian - is Joe's identity. It is the clothes he wears, the style of his hair, and the creases (or lack thereof) in his pants. The most simplified version of Joe - his face - could be considered his

logo. It is the most recognizable part of his identity, but it is only a part. 

Simple enough. So what is Joe's brand?

You can't know Joe's brand by simply picturing him in your mind. His brand is everything about him. Does he drive a Hummer or a Prius? Is he a vegetarian or a BBQ king? Is he a recent college grad or is he planning to retire? All of these facts make up Joe's brand.

The same holds true for organizations.
Logo Design


Your logo is the most recognizable part of your organization's identity. It must represent you all by itself, while at the same time imparting your overall brand. It hints at company culture. It suggests organizational attitude. It quietly reminds everyone who sees it that you are standing by, ready for their call.   
For all these reasons, we firmly believe that logo design should be left to the professionals. Funds spent on a professional logo design are funds well spent. You don't have to hire us, but please, hire someone. Once you do, and you are considering your options, here are a few things you should think about:

Buck the Trends. Don't worry about what everyone else in your industry is doing. Trendy logos get stale fast. For a glimpse of the design trends that will be tired a year from now, check out A professional logo designer will work with you to examine your brand and then develop a design that represent you well for years to come.
Shape and Scale. One of the reasons you need a logo is so that you can put it on things. Read more...


If you're considering an overhaul of your identity, take some time to consider what your brand is. A good marketing consultant will help you design an identity that works with your brand, so that the two can work in tandem to build your organization in the mind of your target audience.

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