Cutting Through With a Message 
May, 2014 

Effective marketing requires the creation and deployment of quality messages.  Your words must be meaningful, concise and compelling if you hope to reach your audience.  Read on for some tips and insights about writing content that can cut through the forest of ineffective messages and get straight to the point.
You Can Quote Me on That 


Whether it's authoring press releases, endorsing an organization you sponsor, or talking to the media, chances are, at some point, you will be asked to provide a quote. Forgoing the chance to be quoted is a missed opportunity to communicate what is important about your organization's brand and mission.


However, while many of us love to talk about what we do, it can be surprisingly challenging to articulate our thoughts in a concise and compelling way. Next time the occasion arises, review these helpful tips to get you headed in the right direction:


1- Link your quote to an initiative at your organization or an issue that your potential clients deal with regularly. No one likes shameless self-promotion, but if you are being quoted, it is expected that you share your insights and expertise. When endorsing an organization, consider why you want to be affiliated with that organization. Everyone is a "proud supporter" of these organizations, but what draws their members to them? What do they offer and how can you add value to their membership? Consider this when offering your quote.  
5 Tips for Message Delivery

It doesn't matter if you are sending a tweet, writing a blog post, or distributing a good old fashioned print newsletter to your audience, a quality message that resonates with your audience is always the goal. Here are five tips for effective messaging whether in the form of a 140 character tweet or a 500 word news-style article.


1 - A picture is worth 1,000 words. Pictures are a great way to snag your reader's attention. An image can help you convey your message with less words, or serve as a tool to draw your reader in and drive them to click to read the rest of the story on your website. Facebook and Twitter postings with images receive over 100% more engagement than the average post. Read more...  
We know that marketing is critical to businesses, associations, and local governments. Tripepi Smith offers services that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy and implement a new communication plan. If you are a looking to improve your organization's current marketing strategies, give us a call to learn what Tripepi Smith can do for you.  

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Ryder Todd Smith
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Tripepi Smith at CCCA Annual Municipal Seminar

Tripepi Smith & Associates president, Ryder Todd Smith, is attending the California Contract Cities Association 55th Annual Municipal Seminar in Indian Wells. This year's theme is "Reshaping the Municipal Economy: Is Diversity a Part of Your Community Portfolio?" It is the fifth year Tripepi Smith is participating in this major annual event. Track him down at the conference on his cell at (626) 536-2173.

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Tripepi Smith & Associates was contracted by the City in 2013 to help with strategic communications. The scope of work included community outreach on a new tree preservation ordinance.


La Ca�ada Flintridge is a wonderful community. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the City and residents on enhancing communications and supporting community engagement.  


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